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Data Set Name Effect of Microgravity on Afferent Innervation Images
Data Set Description Images taken from quail samples submitted to Dr. Fermin laboratory for analysis, including STS-79 samples. Parts of the embryos returned from the STS-79 flight were shared among many PI, and thus were not available for whole head analyses shown here. Since the samples returned and available after sharing, were only a few pieces of temporal bone the PI includes here representative samples for laboratory, synchronous and flight quails from MIR samples submitted prior to the STS-79 flight but treated equally as the STS-79 samples.
Level of Processing Analyzed - Image
Data Files [Available online]
Data Collection Site(s) Investigator laboratory
Data Source Experiment
+ Mir 18
Asynchronous control
Responsible NASA Official The NASA representative responsible for providing this information is:
Johnson Space Center LSDA Office
Project Manager: Jessica Keune