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Data Set Name Newt Larvae Endolymphatic Sac, R+5
Data Set Description This graph depicts the presence of externally visible stones in the endolymphatic sac of newt larvae, on larvae fixed the fifth day after recovery (R+3).

Examination of 121 flight and ground control larvae fixed and embedded on days R+0, R+3 and R+5 reveals that the appearance of otoconia in the endolymphatic sac was significantly accelerated in the larvae reared in microgravity. At R+5, 70% of flight and 21% of ground control larvae had visible stones.
Level of Processing Analyzed - Image (JPG/JPEG)
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Growth, rate; Neurospora crassa, culture; Race tube, mm/hr.
Morphology; Otoconia, vestibule, newt; Electron microscope (descriptive, counts)
Data Collection Site(s) NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC)
Data Source Experiment
Measurement or Analysis Technique
+ STS-65
Responsible NASA Official The NASA representative responsible for providing this information is:
Ames Research Center LSDA Level 3
Project Manager: Martha Del Alto