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Data Set Name Rodent Research 9 (RR9) Environmental Monitoring and Acceleration Data, SpaceX Dragon Launch Vehicle
Data Set Description

This portion of the Rodent Research 9 data collection contains environmental and acceleration data pertaining to the SpaceX CRS-12 Dragon vehicle as it carried the Rodent Research payload to the International Space Station and back down to Earth. The following environmental and acceleration data are included:
- A reference document for the data collection
- For ascent: Dragon body acceleration (m/s^2) values
- For ascent and descent: cabin pressure (psia), temperature readings from cabin air and duct sensors (degrees Celsius), relative humidity readings from cabin air and duct sensors (percent RH), partial pressure of carbon dioxide (psia), and partial pressure of oxygen (psia)

Level of Processing Raw - Multiple digital formats
Data Files [Available offline] + Order Dataset
Data Collection Site(s) SpaceX Dragon
Data Source Project
Responsible NASA Official The NASA representative responsible for providing this information is:
Johnson Space Center LSDA Office
Project Manager: Pamela A. Bieri