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Data Set Name Spaceflight Effects on Regeneration in Lower Vertebrates: Molecular-Biology and Cytochemistry Examinations
Data Set Description Data Collection:
- Fixation and processing of regenerating and non-operated tissues for further analysis
- mRNA isolation from selected tissues to be determined
- Use of PCR and gene array analysis, in situ hybridization, immunocyto- and histochemistry methods, PCNA and BrdU assays
- Examinations of blood cells and hematopoietic organs
- Examinations of clonogenic blood-forming cells using quantitative measurements of morphologically unidentifiable compartment of the hemopoietic system
Level of Processing Processed - Microsoft Excel
Data Files [Available online]
Data Collection Site(s) Investigator laboratory
Data Source Experiment
Responsible NASA Official The NASA representative responsible for providing this information is:
Johnson Space Center LSDA Office
Project Manager: Jessica Keune