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Gravity and Skeletal Growth: II. Morphology and Histochemistry of Bone Cells and Vasculature of the Tibia from Cosmos 1887 (COS 1887-3)
Principal Investigator
Research Area:
Bone and calcium physiology
Species Studied
Scientific Name: Rattus norvegicus Species: Rat Strain: Wistar


In a previous study of animals from Spacelab-3, the osteoblast appeared to be slightly smaller in size following seven days of flight. These osteoblasts were found along the endosteal surface of the diaphyseal bone and tended to have a more uniform size as compared to osteoblasts along the trabeculae in the metaphyseal region of long bones. Therefore, this study concentrated on the cells found within the diaphyseal area of long bones. The objectives here were to investigate the relationships between vascular morphology, lipid accumulation, and osteocyte and osteoblast morphology in weight-bearing long bones.

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Doty, S.B. et al.: Cosmos 1887: Morphology, Histochemistry, and Vasculature of the Growing Rat Tibia. FASEB Journal, vol. 4, no. 1, 1990, pp. 16-23.

Doty, S.B.: Gravity and Skeletal Growth: II. Morphology and Histochemistry of Bone Cells and Vasculature of the Tibia from Cosmos 1887. Final Reports of the U.S. Experiments Flown on the Soviet Biosatellite Cosmos 1887. J.P. Connolly, R.E. Grindeland, and R.W. Ballard, eds., NASA TM-102254, 1990, pp. 123-137.

Doty, S.B.: Localization of Calcium Stimulated Adenosine Triphosphatase Activity in Blood Vessels of the Skeleton. Physiologist, supl., vol. 28, no. 6, 1985, pp. S125-S126.

Bone development

Data Information
Data Availability
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Activity, enzymic, Alkaline phosphatase (AP), tibia, bone, rat, histomorphometry
Bone, vascular space: tibia
Count, Osteoblast, tibia, bone, rat, Histology, microscopy
Count, Osteoclast, tibia, bone, rat, Histology, microscopy
Formation, Bone, in tibia, rat, Microscopy, morphometry
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Mission/Study Information
Mission Launch/Start Date Landing/End Date Duration
Cosmos 1887 09/29/1987 10/11/1987 13 days

Additional Information
Managing NASA Center
Ames Research Center (ARC)
Responsible NASA Representative
Ames Research Center LSDA Level 3
Project Manager: Martha Del Alto
Institutional Support
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
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