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Bed Rest Standard Measures: Reactive Hyperemia and Vasodilation (Vascular Function) (BRSMVF)
Research Area:
Cardiovascular physiology
Species Studied
Scientific Name: Homo sapiens Species: Human

The objective of this measure was to acquire new data on the occurrence of vascular changes during bed rest as measured by responses to reactive hyperemia and sublingual nitroglycerin. The investigators expected to see vascular responses for subjects in bed rest subjects which are similar to those seen in astronauts after spaceflight.

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Platts SH, Martin DS, Stenger MB, Perez SA, Ribeiro LC, Summers R, Meck JV. Cardiovascular Adaptations to Long-Duration Head-Down Bed Rest. Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine, May 2009. 80: Supplement 1, A29-A36. []

Vascular resistance
Administration, sublingual

Base at diastolic
Base at systolic
Blood pressure, diastolic
Blood pressure, systolic
Diameter, anterior tibia (popliteal) artery
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Mission/Study Information
Mission Launch/Start Date Landing/End Date Duration
Campaign 1 08/29/2004 11/21/2004 84 days
Campaign 3 02/20/2005 04/14/2010 5 years, 1 month, 25 days
Campaign 5 04/30/2006 12/23/2007 1 year, 7 months

Additional Information
Managing NASA Center
Johnson Space Center (JSC)
Responsible NASA Representative
Johnson Space Center LSDA Office
Project Manager: Pamela A. Bieri
Institutional Support
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)