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Metabolic Diagnostic in Space by Full Wearable Respiratory Analysis (MetabolicSpace)
Principal Investigator
Research Area:
Pulmonary physiology
Species Studied
Scientific Name: Homo sapiens Species: Human

Cardio-pulmonary evaluations during exercise onboard the International Space Station (ISS) have typically been done using the Pulmonary Function System (PFS). The PFS is a stationary system that may require the subject to breathe special gas mixtures and exercise at fixed locations.

This experiment is a technology demonstration of a system (MetaSpace) designed to allow cardio-pulmonary evaluations to be performed in space while the subject engages in physical activity with unrestricted mobility.

While wearing a commercial device that has been customized and space qualified, it is expected that the astronaut subject will be able to move freely without the encumbrances of cables, gas lines, and electronic boxes and no special gas mixtures will be required. Parameters measured by the system are expected to be sufficient to accomplish a complete evaluation of exercise performance and metabolism.

The primary objectives of this investigation are to:

  1. Validate the functionality of the wearable system when used by astronaut subjects in microgravity
  2. Gain experience leading to enhancement of the wearable system for future space applications

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Respiratory Function Tests

Data Information
Data Availability
Archiving in progress. Data is not yet available for this experiment.

Exercise device data
Heart rate
Maximal volume
Respiratory exchange rate
Respiratory gas flow rate
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Mission/Study Information
Mission Launch/Start Date Landing/End Date Duration
Expedition 56 06/03/2018 10/04/2018 123 days
Expedition 57 10/04/2018 12/20/2018 77 days

Additional Information
Managing NASA Center
Johnson Space Center (JSC)
Responsible NASA Representative
Johnson Space Center LSDA Office
Project Manager: Pamela A. Bieri
Institutional Support
European Space Agency (ESA)
German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Proposal Date
Proposal Source
Hardware Items