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A Systems-Biology Approach to Assessing the Impact of a Centrifugation Model of Spaceflight on Cross-System Communication (80NSSC19K1038)
Research Area:
Species Studied
Scientific Name: Mus musculus Species: Mouse Strain: C57BL/6

We hypothesize that hypergravity-induced changes in gut microbiome, SNS function, and inflammatory activity lead to a breakdown in the communication between distinct physiological systems (as measured by changes in cardiopulmonary control); and that these responses depend on the gravitational environment. Furthermore, we propose that these gravity-dependent deficits can be countered by a combination of prebiotic nutritional supplements that are known to preferentially expand stress protective bacterial species.

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Mission/Study Information
Mission Launch/Start Date Landing/End Date Duration
Ground 05/01/2009 In Progress

Additional Information
Managing NASA Center
Ames Research Center (ARC)
Responsible NASA Representative
Ames Research Center LSDA Level 3
Project Manager: Sylvain Costes
Institutional Support
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Proposal Date
Proposal Source
2016-17 Space Biology (ROSBio) NNH16ZTT001N-FG. App G: Flight and Ground Space Biology Research