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The Evaluation of Concentric and Eccentric Skeletal Muscle Contractions Following Space Flight (DSO 477)
Principal Investigator
Research Area:
Muscle physiology
Species Studied
Scientific Name: Homo sapiens Species: Human

Loss of muscle strength and endurance after long exposure to microgravity can interfere with the safe completion of critical tasks during space flight, emergency or routine landing, or during egress. Decreases in leg strength have been documented after Skylab missions as well as after Russian space flights. The objectives of this study were to assess pre flight-to-postflight changes in muscle strength and endurance and to evaluate the effect of in flight exercise on these changes. Changes in muscle performance after missions of shorter or longer duration were compared.

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Day MK, Allen DL, Mohajerani L, Greenisen MC, Roy RR, Edgerton VR. Adaptations of human skeletal muscle fibers to spaceflight. J Gravit Physiol 1995;2(1):47-50.[]

Greenisen MC, Hayes JC, Siconolfi SF, Moore AD. Functional performance evaluation. In: Sawin CF, Taylor GR, Smith WL, editors. Extended Duration Orbiter Medical Project final report 1989-1995. Houston: NASA Johnson Space Center, 1999.

Hayes JC, McBrine JJ, Roper ML, Harris BA, Siconolfi SF, Greenisen MC. Final report. DSO 477: The evaluation of concentric and eccentric skeletal muscle contractions following space flight. Houston: NASA Johnson Space Center, 1992.

Hayes JC. DSO 477: The evaluation of concentric and eccentric skeletal muscle contractions following space flight. In: Results of life sciences DSOs conducted aboard the Shuttle 1991-1993. Houston: NASA Johnson Space Center, 1994:79-92.

Muscle contraction
Muscle, skeletal

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Concentric strength, abdomen
Concentric strength, ankle
Concentric strength, back
Concentric strength, elbow
Concentric strength, knee
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Mission/Study Information
Mission Launch/Start Date Landing/End Date Duration
STS-31 04/24/1990 04/29/1990 5 days
STS-32 01/09/1990 01/20/1990 11 days
STS-34 10/18/1989 10/23/1989 5 days
STS-35 12/02/1990 12/11/1990 9 days
STS-37 04/05/1991 04/11/1991 6 days
STS-38 11/15/1990 11/20/1990 5 days

Additional Information
Managing NASA Center
Johnson Space Center (JSC)
Responsible NASA Representative
Johnson Space Center LSDA Office
Project Manager: Pamela A. Bieri
Institutional Support
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)