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Growth and Development of Carrot Cells and Embryos in Space (COS 1129-10)
Principal Investigator
Research Area:
Plant biology
Species Studied
Scientific Name: Daucus carota Species: Carrot


A major area of research in space biology has been to ascertain whether plant development can proceed normally and consecutively in the weightless state, especially the salient feature in which a cell gives rise to a multicellular unit and thence to an embryo with shoot and root growing regions. In this study, morphogenetically competent pro-embryonic cells and well developed somatic embryos of carrot at two levels of organization were exposed for 19.5 days to a hypogravity environment.

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Krikorian, A.D. et al.: Growth and Development of Carrot Cells and Embryos in Space. Final Report of U.S. Plant and Radiation Dosimetry Experiments Flown on the Soviet Satellite Cosmos 1129. M.R. Heinrich and K.A. Souza, eds., NASA TM-81288, 1981, pp. 57-121.

Krikorian, A.D. et al.: Growth and Development of Cultured Carrot Cells and Embryos Under Spaceflight Conditions. Advances in Space Research, vol. 1, 1981, pp. 117-127.

Krikorian, A.D.: Embryogenic Plant Cells in Microgravity. American Society for Gravitational and Space Biology Bulletin, vol. 4, no. 2, 1991, pp. 65-72.

Steward, F.C. and A.D. Krikorian: Problems and Potentialities of Cultured Plant Cells in Retrospect and Prospect. Plant Cell Tissue Culture: Principles and Applications, Ohio State University Biosciences Colloquia No. 4, 1979, pp. 221-262.

Cells, cultured
Diffusion chambers, culture
Growth and development
Plant roots
Plant shoots
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Data Information
Data Availability
Archive is complete. No data sets are available for this experiment. Please Contact LSDA if you know of available data for this investigation.

Count, Totipotent cells, carrot, plant, Microscopy
Damage, Developmental abnormalities, carrot tissue, plant, Microscopy
Damage, Developmental abnormalities, wheat, plant, Microscopy
Embryonic growth: plant
Embryonic structures: plant
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Mission/Study Information
Mission Launch/Start Date Landing/End Date Duration
Cosmos 1129 09/25/1979 10/14/1979 19 days

Additional Information
Managing NASA Center
Ames Research Center (ARC)
Responsible NASA Representative
Ames Research Center LSDA Level 3
Project Manager: Sylvain Costes
Institutional Support
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Alternate Experiment Name
Protocol / Approach