Hardware Version

Version Used During the Detailed Supplementary Objective (DSO) Experiments

DSO 316 and DSO 322
The test apparatus consisted of one module, divided into two sections: one section contained the reactor vessel, other fluid filled components, a fluorescent lamp and vessel drive motor; the other section contained the camera, tape supply, control electronics, and power supply. Fluids were double contained: the first level of containment was the reactor vessel and plumbing, and, the second level was a sealed aluminum box with a Lexan window. For this study, the fluid used was water or saline rather than liquid cell culture media, and small beads replaced cells. The two sections were installed on a mounting plate that secured the fluids box and camera to prevent shifting. Pressure equalization between the box and the locker open volume was accomplished across a reinforced hydrophobic membrane mounted in the wall of the box. The entire apparatus fit within one middeck locker.

Experiment Participation
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+ Bioreactor Flow and Particle Trajectory in Microgravity   (DSO 316)

Mission Participation
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+STS-44   (DSO44)
+STS-54   (DSO54)