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Biodex Isokinetic Dynamometer
Hardware Type
Exercise Equipment

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The Isokinetic Dynamometer (Biodex) is commercially available hardware that provides a useful method for performance testing and rehabilitation methods for the ankle, knee, hip, wrist, elbow and shoulder. This hardware features a positioning chair with 360 degrees of rotation, motorized seat height adjustment and stabilization.

The modes of operation for exercise and testing include isokinetic, passive, isometric, isotonic and reactive eccentric. Biofeedback is provided during each assessment. The isokinetic dynamometer can measure net muscle torque for the following movements: Ankle (plantar flexion/dorsiflexion; inversion/eversion), Knee (flexion/extension), Hip (flexion/extension), Wrist (flexion/extension; pronation/supination), Elbow (flexion/extension), and Shoulder (flexion/extension; abduction/adduction; internal/external rotation).

The Biodex has a touch screen interface for quick, easy multi-mode operation; isokinetic, isometric, isotonic, reactive eccentric and passive modes which accommodate torque and speeds values for concentric speed up to 500 deg/sec, eccentric speed up to 300 deg/sec, concentric torque up to 500 ft-lb (680 Nm), eccentric torque up to 400 ft-lb (544 Nm) and passive speed as low as .25 deg/sec (Passive torque as low as 0.5 ft-lb and Isotonic torque as low as 0.5 ft-lb). The Clinical Data Station is Windowsbased utilizing the Biodex Advantage Software, a LCD Flat Panel Touch-Screen Color Monitor with integrated Speakers and a Color Printer.

Versions of this Hardware
+ Version Used During Ground-based Experiments