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Mark III Space Suit
Hardware Type
Space Suit Equipment

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The Mark III Space Suit is a hybrid space suit configuration composed of hard elements, such as a hard upper torso and brief section, and of soft components, such as fabric elbows and knees, designed to handle operating pressures of up to 55.0 kPa (8.0 psi). Another feature of the suit is the use of convolutes and bearings, allowing multi-axial mobility joint systems The shoulder is a rolling convolute with scye (armhole) and upper arm bearing. At the waist, both a bearing and a rolling convolute are used to allow flexion, extension, and rotation. Multiple bearings and convolutes at the hip and thigh allow abduction, adduction, flexion, and extension. The suit is entered through a hatch on the backside of the hard upper torso (rear entry suit) that also accommodates integration of a backpack Portable Life Support System (PLSS). Subjects are stabilized in the suit by shoulder straps. The boots are modified commercial work boots with flexible soles for walking and a convoluted ankle joint for mobility. The Mark III has modular leg, arm, and boot soft-goods components that allow individualized adjustments with metal sizing rings. Foam padding is used to improve fit and avoid pressure or rubbing spots.

Versions of this Hardware
+ Version Used During Extravehicular Activity Experiments
+ Version Used During Ground-based Experiments