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PRO Balance Master
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Test Equipment, Other

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The PRO Balance Master provides objective assessment and retraining of the sensory and voluntary motor control of balance on either a stable or unstable surface. The system consists of a dual-force place (18 in X 18 in), an electronic control module, and a computer. The dual-force plate measures the distribution of forces exerted by the feet against the support surfaces. The electronic control module consists of force transducer amplifiers, force plate servo controls, a platform- computer interface, and associated power supplies. The Balance Master computer executes the test protocols, servo commands, and displays. The subject is placed atop the platform, and the subject’s ankle joints are aligned with the rotational axis of the support surface. The platform, which is designed to provide sway referencing in the anterior-posterior (AP) direction, returns to a level starting position between trials.

Versions of this Hardware
+ Version Used During Extravehicular Activity Experiments