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Rear-Entry I-Suit (REI)
Hardware Type
Space Suit Equipment

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The first generation I-Suit was configured to work with the existing Space Shuttle EMU helmet assembly. The I-Suit's planetary role makes weight a critical factor. By replacing the EMU's fiberglass Hard Upper Torso (HUT) section with a soft upper torso, or SUT, and by using lightweight titanium in place of stainless steel for load-bearing metal components, the I-suit weighs only 95 pounds (29 kg) with its life support backpack or thermal/micrometeoroid layer. The suit also features a graphite-epoxy shoulder bearing housing, demonstrating the use of this material in place of aluminum. After the original I-Suit was delivered to NASA, improvements to the design were incorporated into a second generation suit, including a new helmet with improved visibility range, a redesigned hip/thigh joint, and improved boots and waist hardware. The second generation I-suit incorporates a rear-entry hatch.

Versions of this Hardware
+ Version Used During Ground-based Experiments