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LIDO Active Isokinetic Multi-Joint Dynamometer
Hardware Type
Measurement Devices, Physiologic

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The LIDO Active Isokinetic Multi-Joint Dynamometer, manufactured by Cybex, Inc., is an exercise testing system for the measurement of isokinetic and isometric strength and endurance. This system consists of a dynamometer actuator and controller, subject table, extremity attachments to interface with the subject, and a desktop computer for hardware control and data collection.

The system components include:
1        External Calibration Set (weights and calibration arm)
1        LIDO Actuator
1        LIDO Multi-Joint Bench frame
1 ea    Pedestal and pedestal tracks
1        Controller Module
1        Patient Control Button
7        Upper Extremity Attachments
5        Lower Extremity Attachments
4        Stabilization Devices
5        Back Attachments
1        Data Management System consisting of:
- IBM compatible 80386 computer
- LIDOACT Software

Power Requirements are a 120 +/- 10 AC @ 15 amps, 60 Hz, dedicated line.
Floor space requirements: 8 x 10 feet
Velocity capacities:
- Concentric: 0 to 400 degrees/sec
- Eccentric: 0 to 240 degrees/sec
- CPM: 0 to 120 degrees/sec
Torque Limits:
- Isometric: 450 foot"lbs
- Isotonic: 450 foot"lbs
- Concentric: 450 foot"lbs
- Eccentric: 450 foot"lbs

Versions of this Hardware
+ Version Used During Space Shuttle Missions