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Cosmos Rodent Cages

Rodent cages on Cosmos 782, Cosmos 936 and Cosmos 1129 were provided by the U.S.S.R. Each cage consisted of two intercommunicating cylinders. Each had a diameter of about 9.5 cm and was about 20.8 cm long. The upper cylinder housed the rat, while the lower one served as a waste collection trap. Cabin air circulated through the cages and was returned, via the lower cylinder, to the cabin after being passed through an activated charcoal filter. The upper animal chamber was furnished with light on a 12:12 light:dark cycle. An automatic watering system provided water ad lib to the animal. A feeder cup dispensed ten grams of paste food every six hours. A circular coil surrounding the cage monitored physical activity. Cages were arranged in groups of five and a common food and water reservoir used for each group.

Rats were housed in individual cages on Cosmos 782, Cosmos 936 and Cosmos 1129. For Cosmos 936, two groups of cages were placed on centrifuges.

Versions of this Hardware
+ As Flown on Cosmos Missions