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Blood Pressure Monitor, Continuous
Hardware Type
Measurement Devices, Cardiovascular

Blood pressure can be measured continuously (beat to beat) and noninvasively using the Penaz technique. This allows the dynamics of blood pressure changes to be studied.

This pressure monitor was an Ohmeda 2300 Finapres. It provided continuous measurement of finger arterial blood pressure, displaying the pressure waveform; digital values of systolic, diastolic and mean pressure; heart rate (pulse); and a time-annotated trend display. This monitor required only electrical power to operate. A small, quiet pump in the monitor unit provided the finger cuff with required air pressure. The Finapres did not contain a pressure transducer; instead it had a reference transducer. This transducer adjusts for variances in pressure in the event the hand is moved below heart level. The Finapres uses a finger cuff to measure systolic and diastolic arterial pressure waveform. A built-in alarm sounds whenever pressures exceed designated values.

Versions of this Hardware
+ Version Used During Space Shuttle Missions
+ Version Used Onboard the International Space Station (ISS)
+ Version Used During Ground-based Experiments