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HRF Ultrasound (US)
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This ultrasound equipment is capable of high resolution imaging in a wide range of applications, both research and diagnostic. It is able to perform two dimensional (2D), M-mode, Spectral Doppler, Color Doppler, Color Power Angiography, Continuous Wave Doppler, and Color M-mode. It is able to record analog and digital images locally and downlink both analog and digital images. The HRF Ultrasound allows for stereo, audio output, and voice annotation by the ISS crew.

Functional Requirements:

The Ultrasound/Doppler system is capable of:

  • Being upgradable with new system options/system software or modular hardware upgrades.
  • Imaging Modes:
    -Real Time 2D
    -Color Flow Doppler
    -Color Power Imaging (Doppler Tissue Imaging)
    -M-mode (grayscale)
    -Pulsed Wave Doppler
    -Continuous Wave Doppler
    -Dual Image Capability
    -ECG Display (triggered 2D)
    -Respiratory Trace Display
    -Post-image processing 3D construction capability
  • Applications:
    -Abdominal ultrasound (deep organ)
    -Vascular ultrasound
    -Gynecological ultrasound
    -Muscle and tendon ultrasound
    -Transcranial ultrasound
    -Ultrasound contrast studies
    -Small parts ultrasound
    -Supports Veterinary ultrasound option
  • General Physical Features of the Ultrasound Doppler Device:
    -Digital output and storage capability.
    -Hi-8mm Video Recorder.
    -Deployable (remote operation) keyboard with all controls to perform ultrasound studies. The deployed keyboard provides flexibility for subject positioning and adequate access by the operator.
    -Deployable display screen(s) (remote operation). Screen(s) plug into the main ultrasound system. The deployed display screen(s) provides flexibility for the operator to properly position screens for optimum viewing.
    -An array of ultrasound/Doppler transducers capable of performing all specified measurements.
    -Video and digital downlink capability.
    -Time and digital synchronized data compatible with other complementary analyses.
    -Clock display with hours, minutes, seconds visibly displayed on the video display.
    -On screen date display.
    -Microphone for "hands free" recording of voice data.
  • Cardiac Features
    -Flow determination (cardiac output, regional, femoral, carotid, etc.).
    -Simultaneous measurement of at least two flow studies.
    -Volume determination (systolic/diastolic ventricular volume).
    -Pressure determination (arterial/venous, central venous pressure (index thereof).
    -Doppler Tissue Imaging (low velocity quantitation and muscle mechanics)
  • Other: second harmonics, 3-D, etc.

    Technical Specifications:

    The Ultrasound/Doppler system shall have:

    -2D imaging/Doppler with multifrequency capability (2.0/2.5, 3.5/5.0 MHz).
    -Guided continuous wave Doppler (2.5 MHz)
    -Non-guided continuous Doppler (2.5 MHz)
    -Vascular imaging transducers
    -Multiplane (rotatable transducer) for volumetric determination.
    -The capability of being rack powered: 28 VDC, maximum power 1120 watts.

    Height (cm): 72
    Width (cm): 49
    Length (cm): 70
    Mass (kg): 76 (+ 10 accessories)
    Nominal Power (W): 994
    Peak Power (W): 1004

    Versions of this Hardware
    + Version Used Onboard the International Space Station (ISS)
    + Version Used During Ground-based Experiments