Element Name Catalog ID Last Updated
+ Effect of Hindlimb Unloading on Bone in Male Leptin Deficient Mice NNX12AL24G__347122965 3/5/2020
+ Bone Marrow Adipose Tissue Deficiency Increases Disuse-Induced Bone Loss in Male Mice NNX12AL24G__3471219593 3/5/2020
+ Effects of Spaceflight on Bone Microarchitecture in the Axial and Appendicular Skeleton in Growing Ovariectomized Rats NNX12AL24G__3471210148 3/5/2020
+ Effect of spaceflight on vertebral bone in ovariectomized rats NNX12AL24G__3471201692 3/5/2020
+ Preflight Rat 2 raw data AINV0000000604 2/13/2020
+ Newt Larvae Endolymphatic Sac, R+5 AINV0000000340 11/20/2019
+ Human Health and Countermeasures (HHC) Tissue Sharing Program (TSP) VIIP study animal cohorts described NNX13AD94G__2981132777 10/25/2019
+ UFNDVI6 KSC00XX01__2761026156 10/3/2019
+ UFNDVI5 KSC00XX01__2761000758 10/3/2019
+ UFNDVI4 KSC00XX01__2761018294 10/3/2019
+ UFNDVI3 KSC00XX01__2760934190 10/3/2019
+ UFNDVI2 KSC00XX01__2760930695 10/3/2019
+ UFImager4 KSC00XX01__530801767 10/3/2019
+ UFImager3 KSC00XX01__530750672 10/3/2019
+ UFImager2 KSC00XX01__530714449 10/3/2019
+ UFNDVI1 KSC00XX01__2630204410 10/3/2019
+ Rodent Research 9 (RR9) Environmental Monitoring and Acceleration Data, SpaceX Dragon Launch Vehicle ARC00XX200__40222377 6/26/2019
+ Rodent Research 9 (RR9) Environmental Monitoring Data ARC00XX200__40206618 6/26/2019
+ Rodent Research 5 (RR5) Environmental Monitoring and Acceleration Data, SpaceX Dragon Launch Vehicle ARC00XX203__40146802 6/26/2019
+ Rodent Research 5 (RR5) Environmental Monitoring Data ARC00XX203__40142924 6/26/2019
+ Rodent Research 4 (RR4) Environmental Monitoring and Acceleration Data, SpaceX Dragon Launch Vehicle ARC00XX199__40137882 6/26/2019
+ Rodent Research 4 (RR4) Environmental Monitoring Data ARC00XX199__4013312 6/26/2019
+ Rodent Research 3 (RR3) Environmental Monitoring and Acceleration Data, SpaceX Dragon Launch Vehicle ARC00XX198__40128164 6/26/2019
+ Rodent Research 3 (RR3) Environmental Monitoring Data ARC00XX198__40120327 6/26/2019
+ Spaceflight Effects on Regeneration in Lower Vertebrates: Molecular-Biology and Cytochemistry Examinations Regeneration_F2__461249821 2/15/2019
+ Center for Space Radiation Research - Male C57BL/6 mice exposed to protons, oxygen ions, or gamma-rays NCC958RE03701__3440420941 2/4/2019
+ Quantitative PCR Raw Data NNX13AM44G__3410955413 12/7/2018
+ NIH.R1 9303019__2560241101 9/13/2018
+ Novel Double-Hit Mouse Model to Investigate Oxidative Damage from Radiation/Hyperoxia - Evaluation of Dietary Flaxseed as Countermeasure: Acute/Early Model (2 weeks) NNX12AK19G__1900306196 7/9/2018
+ Novel Double-Hit Mouse Model to Investigate Oxidative Damage from Radiation/Hyperoxia - Evaluation of Dietary Flaxseed as Countermeasure: Chronic Model (16 weeks) NNX12AK19G__1900301823 7/9/2018
+ Fractional Gravity Studies of Sensory Mechanism in Root Phototropism - a Completion of TROPI-1 (TROPI-2) Data 9902079 2_2__1341015735 5/14/2018
+ SporeSat2 Ground Experiments – ZeroDay Results NNX15AB86A__750856329 4/5/2018
+ HOBO Datalogger Ground Data NNX13AM50G__531026291 2/22/2018
+ Rodent Research 2 (RR2) Environmental Monitoring and Acceleration Data, SpaceX Dragon Spacecraft ARC00XX197__40105632 1/30/2018
+ Rodent Research 2 (RR2) Dissection and Maintenance Data Sheets and Logs ARC00XX197__40115521 1/4/2018
+ Rodent Research 2 (RR2) Environmental Monitoring Data ARC00XX197__4124150 1/4/2018
+ Guide to the Rodent Research 2 Payload (Mission ID: SpaceX-6) Project Data Collection ARC00XX197__41201675 1/4/2018
+ CARA Ground Control Pictures - Treatment: Light Grown / Plate 7 WS KSC00XX04__3341045511 12/19/2017
+ HOBO Datalogger KSC00XX02__341112618 12/7/2017
+ HOBO Datalogger - Flight KSC00XX03__341112428 12/7/2017
+ HOBO Datalogger - Ground Controls KSC00XX03__341112239 12/7/2017
+ HOBO Datalogger - Flight NNX14AT38G__3411118524 12/7/2017
+ HOBO Datalogger - Ground Controls NNX14AT38G__3411115363 12/7/2017
+ Greenhouse '95 Experiment Greenhouse I__2791154813 11/30/2017
+ CARA Ground Control Pictures - Treatment: Light Grown / Plate 9 PhyD KSC00XX04__3341048146 11/30/2017
+ CARA Ground Control Pictures - Treatment: Light Grown / Plate 8 Col-0 KSC00XX04__3341047604 11/30/2017
+ CARA Ground Control Pictures - Treatment: Light Grown / Plate 6 PhyD KSC00XX04__3341043979 11/30/2017
+ CARA Ground Control Pictures - Treatment: Light Grown / Plate 5 Col-0 KSC00XX04__3341040162 11/30/2017
+ CARA Ground Control Pictures - Treatment: Light Grown / Plate 4 WS KSC00XX04__3341038344 11/30/2017
+ CARA Ground Control Pictures - Treatment: Light Grown / Plate 3 PhyD KSC00XX04__3341036718 11/30/2017
Experiment Name Experiment ID Last Updated
+ Interactive Space Vehicle Design Tool with Virtual Reality 80NSSC18K0198 4/2/2020
+ NSCOR: NASA Specialized Center of Research on Radiation Carcinogenesis NNX09AM08G 3/28/2020
+ Wearable Kinematic Systems for Quantifying 3-D Space Utilization in the Microgravity Environment NNX15AP28G 3/27/2020
+ Inflight Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Responses to Medications Commonly Used in Spaceflight Rx_Metabolism 3/22/2020
+ Blood-based Multi-scale Model for Cancer Risk from GCR in Genetically Diverse Populations NNJ16HP24I 3/15/2020
+ The Relation between Cognitive Injury, Network Stability, and Epigenetic Change Following Exposure to Space Radiation NNX13AD60G 3/14/2020
+ Impact of Space Radiation on Cognition, Synapses and Biomarkers in Aging and Alzheimer's Disease NNX14AI07G 3/14/2020
+ Individualized Real-Time Neurocognitive Assessment Toolkit for Space Flight Fatigue Cognition 3/9/2020
+ A Determination of Bioactive Proteins Secreted by the Human Vasculature in Response to Low Dose Space Radiation 80NSSC18K1492 3/5/2020
+ Vitamins B1 and K Degradation in Spaceflight Foods: Establishment of Prediction Models and Prevention Strategies NNX14AP32G 3/5/2020
+ The Relation between Mutagenesis and Genomic Instability after Particle Exposure In Vivo NNX14AC97G 3/5/2020
+ Role of Marrow Adipocytes in Bone Loss during Simulated Spaceflight NNX12AL24G 3/5/2020
+ Dose Tracker Application for Monitoring Crew Medication Usage, Symptoms, and Adverse Effects during Missions Dose_Tracker 2/27/2020
+ Culture-based Environmental Monitoring of Crop-based Space Food Systems Veggie_Monitoring 2/27/2020
+ Awakening Endogenous Retroviruses with the Space Environment 80NSSC19K1057 2/27/2020
+ Effects of Long-Duration Spaceflight on Venous and Arterial Compliance in Astronauts: Bed Rest Study BEDREST_NaVC 2/26/2020
+ Examining the Effects of Spaceflight on GSK3 Activation in Murine Muscle ARC00XX224 2/25/2020
+ Telomere Length Regulation in Muscle Atrophy 80NSSC19K1602 2/19/2020
+ Medical Consumables Tracking -GRC Medical_Tracking 2/18/2020
+ Assessing Telomere Lengths and Telomerase Activity in Astronauts Telomeres 2/14/2020
+ Effect of space radiation on cytomegalovirus reactivation and lytic replication 80NSSC19K1603 2/12/2020
+ Effects of Prolonged Spaceflight on DNA Methylation Age DNAmAge 2/10/2020
+ Validation of On-Orbit Methodology for the Assessment of Cardiac Function and Changes in the Circulating Volume Using Ultrasound and Braslet-M Occlusion Cuffs SDTO_17011_UR 2/8/2020
+ Testing Mechanical Countermeasures for Cephalad Fluid Shifts NCC958SMST04201 2/8/2020
+ Dependence of Radiation Quality on Charged Particle-induced Early and Late Damages in Chromosomes Radiation_Quality 2/8/2020
+ The Impact of Simulated Microgravity on the Anti-Tumor Properties of Human NK-Cells and T Cells In Vivo: IL-2 and Zoledronic Acid Therapy as a Potential Countermeasure 80NSSC19K1059 2/3/2020
+ The Effect of High LET Radiation on Differentiation and Tumorigenesis in the Human Hematopoietic System: Modeling in vitro and in vivo for Risk Assessment NNX14AC27G 1/26/2020
+ The Role of the Bone Marrow Microenvironment in Space Radiation-Induced Leukemogenesis NNX13AB67G 1/26/2020
+ Impact of Age, Genetics Variants and High LET Track Structure on Mammary Cancer Risk Estimates NNJ13HA96I 1/19/2020
+ The Contribution of Delta Rays to the Chromosome Aberration Dose Response in Human Cells Irradiated with HZE Particles of Different Energy but the Same LET NNX14AC76G 1/19/2020
+ Acute and Long Term Outcomes of Simulated Deep Space Radiation Exposure on Latent Viral CNS Infection and CNS Pathology NNX13AO47G 1/19/2020
+ Contribution of GCR Exposure to Hematopoietic Stem Cell Dysfunction and Oncogenesis NNX14AC95G 1/11/2020
+ Effects of Space Radiation on Hippocampal-Dependent Learning and Neuropathology in Wild-Type and Alzheimer's Disease Transgenic Mice NNX11AR05G 1/11/2020
+ Mechanism of Clustered DNA Double-strand Break Repair in Response to HZE Particles in Human Cells NNX13AD57G 1/8/2020
+ Radiation-Induced Early Changes in Gene and Protein Expression, Lipid Oxidative States, and Vascular Function Related to Atherosclerosis NNX14AH88G 1/7/2020
+ Organism/Organic Exposure to Orbital Stresses ARC00XX220 1/7/2020
+ Enabling Autonomous Crew Task Performance with Multimodal Electronic Procedure Countermeasures 80NSSC19K0657 1/6/2020
+ Training for Generalizable Skills and Knowledge: Integrating Principles and Procedures NNX15AP26G 1/4/2020
+ Space Radiation Risk Assessment Project Rad_Risk_Assess 1/3/2020
+ Long-Term Effect of Space Radiation on Cardiomyocyte Turnover NNX15AE06G 1/3/2020
+ Personality and Biological Predictors of Resiliency to Chronic Stress among High-Achieving Adults NNX15AN96G 1/3/2020
+ Defining the Role of miR-182 in HZE-Induced Tumorignesis NNX14AC96G 12/29/2019
+ Effects of Low-Dose Radiation on Neurovascular Remodeling and Blood-Retina Barrier Function in Mice, Rats and Rabbits 80NSSC18K0310 12/27/2019
+ Wearable Biosensor Monitor to Support Autonomous Crew Health and Readiness to Perform Wearable_Bio_Monitor 12/23/2019
+ A Phantom and Test Bed to Enhance Kidney Stone Comminution by Therapeutic Ultrasound NCC958SMST04502 12/22/2019
+ Simulated Space Radiation and Weightlessness: Vascular-Bone Coupling Mechanisms to Preserve Skeletal Health NCC958MA02501 12/21/2019
+ NextGen Crew Countermeasure Software for Exploration Mission Support NCC958MA04501 12/21/2019
+ Quantifying selection for pathogenicity and antibiotic resistance in bacteria and fungi on the ISS – a microbial tracking study 80NSSC19K1604 12/16/2019
+ Microbial social behavior and heritable genetic or epigenetic changes affected by the spaceflight environment: Understanding the evolution of microbial interactions during spaceflight 80NSSC19K1597 12/12/2019
+ Upstream Regulation of Nox2 and Skeletal Muscle Atrophy During Microgravity and Countermeasure Development 80NSSC19K0432 11/26/2019
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NASA's Life Sciences Data Archive (LSDA) is an active archive that provides information and data from 1961 (Mercury Project) through current flight and flight analog studies (International Space Station, Shuttle, bed rest studies, etc.) involving human, plant and animal subjects.

Much of the information and data are publicly available on this site. Some data are potentially attributable to individual human subjects, and thus restricted by the Privacy Act, but can be requested for research.