Element Name Catalog ID Last Updated
+ 3. Virulence Data for multidrug resistant Staphylococcus aureus using the human surrogate host C. elegans ARC00XX157__3510927879 2/18/2021
+ 2. Virulence and Persistence Data for the ISS potable water isolate, Burkholderia multivorans, using the human surrogate host C. elegans ARC00XX157__3510922812 2/18/2021
+ 1. Virulence and Persistence Data for Salmonella Typhimurium using the human surrogate host C. elegans ARC00XX157__3510915985 2/18/2021
+ CBTM Body Mass and Organ Weights ARC00XX5__3640910174 12/29/2020
+ CBTM Body Mass and Organ Weights ARC00XX15__3630227978 12/28/2020
+ PARE.01 - Protein Concentration in Heart and Liver of AEM Control, Flight and Hindlimb-suspended Animals DC85LS27__2540152466 12/28/2020
+ PARE.01 - Normalized Final Muscle Mass, Protein Content and Protein Concentration in AEM Control, Flight and Hindlimb-suspended Animals DC85LS27__2540137558 12/28/2020
+ PARE.01 - Muscle Mass, Protein Concentration and Protein Content in Time Zero Control Animals DC85LS27__2540117848 12/28/2020
+ PARE.01 - Interstitial Fluid Volume of Soleus and Extensor Digitorum Longus Muscles of AEM Control, Flight and Hindlimb-suspended Animal DC85LS27__2540142703 12/28/2020
+ PARE.01 - Glycogen Content of Adipose Tissue, Heart and Liver of AEM Control, Flight and Hindlimb-suspended Animals DC85LS27__2540158907 12/28/2020
+ PARE.01 - Estimated Body Weight for Individual Flight and Time Zero Control Animals at Loading, Launch and Sacrifice and Calculated Weight Gain During Flight DC85LS27__254013399 12/28/2020
+ PARE.01 - Change in Absolute Muscle Mass and Protein Content in AEM Control, Flight and Hindlimb-suspended Animals DC85LS27__2540111841 12/28/2020
+ PARE.01 - Rates of Consumption of Water and Food by AEM Control, Flight and Hindlimb-suspended Animals DC85LS27__2541212654 12/28/2020
+ PARE.01 - 2-Deoxyglucose Uptake by Soleus or Extensor Digitorum Longus in the Absence or Presence of Insulin in AEM Control, Flight and Hindlimb-suspended Animals DC85LS27__2540148179 12/28/2020
+ Effect of Microgravity on Afferent Innervation Images 9306002 1_3__2900909910 12/28/2020
+ Effect of Hindlimb Unloading on Bone in Male Leptin Deficient Mice NNX12AL24G__347122965 12/14/2020
+ Bone Marrow Adipose Tissue Deficiency Increases Disuse-Induced Bone Loss in Male Mice NNX12AL24G__3471219593 12/14/2020
+ Effects of Spaceflight on Bone Microarchitecture in the Axial and Appendicular Skeleton in Growing Ovariectomized Rats NNX12AL24G__3471210148 12/14/2020
+ Effect of spaceflight on vertebral bone in ovariectomized rats NNX12AL24G__3471201692 12/14/2020
+ Preflight Rat 2 raw data AINV0000000604 2/13/2020
+ Newt Larvae Endolymphatic Sac, R+5 AINV0000000340 11/20/2019
+ Human Health and Countermeasures (HHC) Tissue Sharing Program (TSP) VIIP study animal cohorts described NNX13AD94G__2981132777 10/25/2019
+ UFNDVI6 KSC00XX01__2761026156 10/3/2019
+ UFNDVI5 KSC00XX01__2761000758 10/3/2019
+ UFNDVI4 KSC00XX01__2761018294 10/3/2019
+ UFNDVI3 KSC00XX01__2760934190 10/3/2019
+ UFNDVI2 KSC00XX01__2760930695 10/3/2019
+ UFImager4 KSC00XX01__530801767 10/3/2019
+ UFImager3 KSC00XX01__530750672 10/3/2019
+ UFImager2 KSC00XX01__530714449 10/3/2019
+ UFNDVI1 KSC00XX01__2630204410 10/3/2019
+ Rodent Research 9 (RR9) Environmental Monitoring and Acceleration Data, SpaceX Dragon Launch Vehicle ARC00XX200__40222377 6/26/2019
+ Rodent Research 9 (RR9) Environmental Monitoring Data ARC00XX200__40206618 6/26/2019
+ Rodent Research 5 (RR5) Environmental Monitoring and Acceleration Data, SpaceX Dragon Launch Vehicle ARC00XX203__40146802 6/26/2019
+ Rodent Research 5 (RR5) Environmental Monitoring Data ARC00XX203__40142924 6/26/2019
+ Rodent Research 4 (RR4) Environmental Monitoring and Acceleration Data, SpaceX Dragon Launch Vehicle ARC00XX199__40137882 6/26/2019
+ Rodent Research 4 (RR4) Environmental Monitoring Data ARC00XX199__4013312 6/26/2019
+ Rodent Research 3 (RR3) Environmental Monitoring and Acceleration Data, SpaceX Dragon Launch Vehicle ARC00XX198__40128164 6/26/2019
+ Rodent Research 3 (RR3) Environmental Monitoring Data ARC00XX198__40120327 6/26/2019
+ Spaceflight Effects on Regeneration in Lower Vertebrates: Molecular-Biology and Cytochemistry Examinations Regeneration_F2__461249821 2/15/2019
+ Center for Space Radiation Research - Male C57BL/6 mice exposed to protons, oxygen ions, or gamma-rays NCC958RE03701__3440420941 2/4/2019
+ Quantitative PCR Raw Data NNX13AM44G__3410955413 12/7/2018
+ NIH.R1 9303019__2560241101 9/13/2018
+ Novel Double-Hit Mouse Model to Investigate Oxidative Damage from Radiation/Hyperoxia - Evaluation of Dietary Flaxseed as Countermeasure: Acute/Early Model (2 weeks) NNX12AK19G__1900306196 7/9/2018
+ Novel Double-Hit Mouse Model to Investigate Oxidative Damage from Radiation/Hyperoxia - Evaluation of Dietary Flaxseed as Countermeasure: Chronic Model (16 weeks) NNX12AK19G__1900301823 7/9/2018
+ Fractional Gravity Studies of Sensory Mechanism in Root Phototropism - a Completion of TROPI-1 (TROPI-2) Data 9902079 2_2__1341015735 5/14/2018
+ SporeSat2 Ground Experiments – ZeroDay Results NNX15AB86A__750856329 4/5/2018
+ HOBO Datalogger Ground Data NNX13AM50G__531026291 2/22/2018
+ Rodent Research 2 (RR2) Environmental Monitoring and Acceleration Data, SpaceX Dragon Spacecraft ARC00XX197__40105632 1/30/2018
+ Rodent Research 2 (RR2) Dissection and Maintenance Data Sheets and Logs ARC00XX197__40115521 1/4/2018
Experiment Name Experiment ID Last Updated
+ Improving the Efficacy of Resistive Exercise Microgravity Countermeasures for Musculoskeletal Health and Function using Biomechanical Simulation NCC958PF04105 2/25/2021
+ Functional Foods Baseline and Requirements Analysis Functional_Foods 2/25/2021
+ Food Fortification Stability Study Food_Stability 2/25/2021
+ Mechanical and Gravitational Countermeasures to Ocular Changes during Strict Head-down Tilt Bedrest Ocular_Changes_HDT 2/22/2021
+ B Complex: 5-Methyltetrahydrofolate, Riboflavin, Pyridoxine, and Methylcobalamin Supplementation as a Non-Mechanical Countermeasure to Mitigate Optic Disc Edema Changes During Strict 6º Head-Down Tilt Bed Rest B_Complex_HDT 2/22/2021
+ Evaluating the Spaceflight Infectious Disease Risk Potential of Pathogenic and Commensal microorganisms using Caenorhabditis elegans as a Human Surrogate Model for Infection ARC00XX157 2/18/2021
+ Exercise Countermeasure to Prevent Ocular Structural and Functional Changes in a Terrestrial Model of SANS 80NSSC20K1034 2/16/2021
+ Veggie hardware validation test (Veg-01) KSC00XX02 2/15/2021
+ Self-Generated LBNP for Deep-Space Missions 80NSSC19K0409 2/9/2021
+ Develop a novel single-cell biodosimetry for brain genomic instability and neurodegeneration to predict clinical health outcomes in human spaceflight crews 80NSSC21K0273 2/3/2021
+ The Impact of Human Spaceflight on Clonal Hematopoiesis 80NSSC20K1841 1/8/2021
+ A Simple and Compact Countermeasure for Maintenance and Enhancement of Neuromuscular Control During Spaceflight 80NSSC20K1585 1/8/2021
+ ATD (Anthropomorphic Test Dummy) Injury Metric Sensitivity and Extensibility Study ATD_Extensibility 1/7/2021
+ Risk of Visual Impairment and Intracranial Hypertension after Space Flight: Evaluation of the Role of Polymorphism of Enzymes Involved in One-carbon Metabolism One_Carbon 1/4/2021
+ Investigation of Occupant Injury Risk in the Soyuz Vehicle and Comparison to Commercial Crew Designs 80NSSC20K1483 1/4/2021
+ Commercial Biomedical Testing Module (CBTM) ARC00XX5 12/28/2020
+ Functional Task Tests in Partial Gravity during Parabolic Flight FTT_Parabolic_Flight 12/14/2020
+ Role of Marrow Adipocytes in Bone Loss during Simulated Spaceflight NNX12AL24G 12/14/2020
+ Computational Model for Spacecraft/Habitat Volume (Spacecraft Optimization Layout and Volume (SOLV)) Spacecraft_Models 12/3/2020
+ The Impact of Modeled Microgravity and Prior Radiation Exposure on Cytomegalovirus Reactivation and Host Immune Evasion CMV_Reactivation 12/2/2020
+ Integrated Resistance and Aerobic Exercise Training With Small Compact Exercise Equipment BEDREST_iRATS 11/20/2020
+ Objective Function Allocation Method for Human-Automation/Robotic Interaction Using Work Models That Compute NNX17AB08G 11/18/2020
+ Spaceflight Habitability Acceptability Questionnaire (SHAQ) Development and Validation SHAQ 11/17/2020
+ Head-Down Tilt as a Model for Intracranial and Intraocular Pressures, and Retinal Changes during Spaceflight NNX13AD94G 11/17/2020
+ rHealth One Flight Demonstration rHealth_Demo 11/17/2020
+ Investigation of Partial-g Effects on Ocular Alignment 80NSSC20K1498 11/9/2020
+ Non-pharmaceutical Motion Sickness Mitigation Nonpharm_Motion_Sick 11/2/2020
+ The Impact of Simulated Microgravity on the Anti-Tumor Properties of Human NK-Cells and T Cells In Vivo: IL-2 and Zoledronic Acid Therapy as a Potential Countermeasure 80NSSC19K1059 10/29/2020
+ Ovarian Cancer and Space Radiation 80NSSC19K1620 10/26/2020
+ ISS Microbial Observatory (Microbial Tracking-1C) 19_12829_26_1C 10/23/2020
+ Simulation of GCR-Induced Harderian Gland and Lung Tumorigenesis NNJ16HP22I 10/22/2020
+ NSCOR: Mechanisms Underlying Charged Particle-Induced Disruption of CNS Function NNX15AI22G 10/20/2020
+ Gamma-Tocotrienol as a Countermeasure against High-Energy Charged Particle-Induced Carcinogenesis, Cardiovascular Disease, and Central Nervous System Effects 80NSSC19K0437 10/20/2020
+ Human Cerebral Autoregulation during Long-duration Spaceflight Cerebral_Autoreg 10/20/2020
+ BRIC: Mapping Spaceflight-Induced Hypoxic Signaling And Response NNX12AK79G 10/19/2020
+ Culture-based Environmental Monitoring of Crop-based Space Food Systems Veggie_Monitoring 10/19/2020
+ Study for Evaluating the Impact of Continuous Consumption of Probiotics on Immune Function and Intestinal Microbiota in Astronauts under Closed Microgravity Environment Probiotics 10/19/2020
+ Pilot study with the Crew Interactive MObile companioN (CIMON) Mobile_Companion 10/19/2020
+ Evaluation of vestibular dysfunction induced by a long-term stay in the ISS Labyrinth 10/19/2020
+ Dextrous Manipulation in Microgravity GRIP 10/19/2020
+ Gravitational References for Sensorimotor Performance: Reaching and Grasping GRASP 10/19/2020
+ Quantitative CT and MRI-based Modeling Assessment of Dynamic Vertebral Strength and Injury Risk Following Long-Duration Spaceflight NNX16AP89G 10/19/2020
+ Soyuz Landing Injury Risk Characterization Soyuz_Impact_Risk 10/19/2020
+ Impact of Space-Radiation Induced Alterations on Toxic Protein Accumulation Associated with Neurodegenerative Disease NNX16AE07G 10/8/2020
+ Omics and Biochemical Markers of Cardiovascular and Bone Health: Relationship with Bedrest and Standard Physiological Measures NNX16AR26G 10/2/2020
+ Neurostructural, Cognitive, and Physiologic Changes During a 1-year Antarctic Winter-Over Mission NNX14AM81G 10/2/2020
+ Bacillus Spore Probiotics: Evaluation of Survival and Efficacy After Exposure to Deep-Space Radiation Simulating Long-Duration Human Exploration Missions 80NSSC20K1297 10/2/2020
+ Influence of Microgravity and Extravehicular Activities on Pulmonary Oxygen Exchange DSO 494 10/1/2020
+ Assessment of Artificial Gravity as a Countermeasure to Cephalad Fluid Shifting (Postdoctoral Fellowship) NNX16AO69A 9/25/2020
+ SPACE-COT: Studying the Physiological and Anatomical Cerebral Effects of Carbon Dioxide and Tilt NCC958SMST00008 9/21/2020
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NASA's Life Sciences Data Archive (LSDA) is an active archive that provides information and data from 1961 (Mercury Project) through current flight and flight analog studies (International Space Station, Shuttle, bed rest studies, etc.) involving human, plant and animal subjects.

Much of the information and data are publicly available on this site. Some data are potentially attributable to individual human subjects, and thus restricted by the Privacy Act, but can be requested for research.