Experiment Name Experiment ID Last Updated
+ Electron Microscopic Analysis of Archived Tissues ARC00704 11/21/2017
+ Fecundity of Quail in Spacelab Microgravity 9306015 2_3 11/21/2017
+ Avian Blood Vessel Formation in Space 9306014 2_3 11/21/2017
+ Expression of Contractile Protein Isoforms in Microgravity 9306013 2_3 11/21/2017
+ Hypogravity's Effect on the Life Cycle of Japanese Quail 9306012 2_3 11/21/2017
+ Effects of Weightlessness on Quail Eye Development 9306010 2_3 11/21/2017
+ Effect of Microgravity on Afferent Innervation 9306002 3_3 11/21/2017
+ Effect of Microgravity on Afferent Innervation 9306002 2_3 11/21/2017
+ Role of the Immune System in Mediating Bone Turnover in Ovariectomized Rats in Microgravity CPPSE04 11/21/2017
+ Photosynthesis and Metabolism of Super Dwarf Wheat in Microgravity (PESTO) 9601269 11/21/2017
+ Mitochondrial Changes in Muscle Following Spaceflight 9302002 11/21/2017
+ The Effect of Spaceflight on Rodent Ocular Tissues 9302013 11/21/2017
+ Glial Cell Reaction from Spaceflight 9302008 11/21/2017
+ Vitamin D Endocrine System After Short-term Spaceflight 9302006 11/21/2017
+ Brain Pituitary Axis Development in the CEBAS Minimodule 9501137 11/21/2017
+ Gravitational References for Sensorimotor Performance: Reaching and Grasping GRASP 11/20/2017
+ Time Perception in Microgravity Time_Perception 11/16/2017
+ One Carbon Metabolism: Expanded Polymorphism Evaluation One_Carbon_Expan 11/15/2017
+ Food Acceptability, Menu Fatigue, and Aversion in ISS Missions Food_Acceptability 11/15/2017
+ Microgravity and Signal Transduction Pathways in Sperm 9403057 2_2 11/14/2017
+ Evaluation of vestibular dysfunction induced by a long-term stay in the ISS Labyrinth 11/13/2017
+ Study of the Impact of Long-term Space Travel on the Astronaut's Microbiome Microbiome 11/10/2017
+ Solid Tumor Risk Estimation: Incorporating Intercellular Interaction Effects NNX11AK26G 11/10/2017
+ Evaluation of Space Radiation-induced Myocardial and BM-derived EPC Damage and Assessment of Associated Long-term Degenerative Cardiovascular Risks NNX11AD22G 11/10/2017
+ Fluid Shifts Before, During and After Prolonged Space Flight and Their Association with Intracranial Pressure and Visual Impairment Fluid_Shifts 11/10/2017
+ Assessing Telomere Lengths and Telomerase Activity in Astronauts Telomeres 11/10/2017
+ Testing Solid State Lighting Countermeasures to Improve Circadian Adaptation, Sleep, and Performance during High Fidelity Analog and Flight Studies for the International Space Station Lighting_Effects 11/10/2017
+ Risk of Intervertebral Disc Damage after Prolonged Space Flight IVD 11/10/2017
+ Recovery of Functional Performance Following Long Duration Space Flight Field_Test 11/10/2017
+ Temporal Transcriptomics Analysis of Archived Spaceflight Biological Samples from ALSDA from 1991 to 2016 ARC00XX204 11/9/2017
+ Spaceflight Effects on Neurocognitive Performance: Extent, Longevity, and Neural Bases NeuroMapping 11/7/2017
+ The Effects of Long-Term Exposure to Microgravity on Salivary Markers of Innate Immunity Salivary_Markers 11/7/2017
+ Effects of Chronic and Single-Dose Charged Particle Exposure on Cardiac Function and Structure in Multiple Animal Models 80NSSC17K0425 11/7/2017
+ Human Cerebral Autoregulation during Long-duration Spaceflight Cerebral_Autoreg 11/6/2017
+ The Marrow Study (Bone Marrow Adipose Reaction: Red or White?) Marrow 11/6/2017
+ ESA Active Dosimeter: A Medical Science System- Development for Operational Real-time Active Dosimetry of Astronauts and Radiation Environment On-board ISS ESA_Active_Dosimeter 11/2/2017
+ Personal CO2 Monitor Personal_CO2_Monitor 11/2/2017
+ High Dimensional Biology to Understand the Functional Response of Salmonella to Long-Term Multigenerational Growth in the Chronic Stress of Microgravity NNX15AL06G 10/31/2017
+ Quantification of In-flight Physical Changes - Anthropometry and Neutral Body Posture (NBP) Body_Measures 10/26/2017
+ NASA Biochemical Profile Project Biochem_Profile 10/26/2017
+ Miniature Exercise Device-2 MED_2 10/25/2017
+ Gravitational References for Sensorimotor Performance: Reaching and Grasping – Commissioning Only cGRASP 10/25/2017
+ Vehicle NHV and Habitability Assessment Habitability 10/25/2017
+ Skin B - Skin Physiological Changes During Long Duration Space Flight Skin_B 10/25/2017
+ Retrospective Study of Serum Sclerostin Measurements in Bedrest Subjects ROI_Sclerostin 10/23/2017
+ Cardiac and Vessel Structure and Function with Long-Duration Space Flight and Recovery Vascular_Echo 10/23/2017
+ Straight-Ahead in Microgravity Straight_Ahead 10/23/2017
+ The Elucidation of the Re-adaptation on the Attitude Control after Return from Long- term Space Flight Synergy 10/23/2017
+ Space Headaches: Incidence and Characteristics Space_Headaches 10/23/2017
+ Personal Radiation Shielding for Interplanetary Missions Rad_Shield_Demo 10/23/2017
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NASA's Life Sciences Data Archive (LSDA) is an active archive that provides information and data from 1961 (Mercury Project) through current flight and flight analog studies (International Space Station, Shuttle, bed rest studies, etc.) involving human, plant and animal subjects.

Much of the information and data are publicly available on this site. Some data are potentially attributable to individual human subjects, and thus restricted by the Privacy Act, but can be requested for research.