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Mission or Study ID:   Expedition 54
International Space Station (ISS)
International Space Station
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Expedition 54 Crew Patch

International Space Station (ISS) Expedition 54 will begin December 14, 2017 with the handover of command by Expedition 53 commander Randy Bresnik (NASA) to Expedition 54 commander, Alexander Misurkin (RSA). Shortly afterward, Expedition 53 crewmembers Bresnik, Paolo Nespoli (ESA), and Sergey Ryazanskiy(RSA) will depart the station on their Soyuz MS-05 spacecraft, returning to Earth December 14, 2017.

Days later, Misurkin, and remaining flight engineers Joseph Acaba (NASA) and Mark Vande Hei (NASA) will welcome the three new Expedition 54 crewmembers to the station. Scott Tingle (NASA), Anton Shkaplerov (RSA) and Norishige Kanai (JAXA) will launch December 17 on the Soyuz MS-07 spacecraft.

While on orbit, the Expedition 54 crew will greet several cargo supply missions, complete spacewalks outside the ISS to install new science research, and perform hundreds of experiments inside the station’s laboratories.

Expedition 54 is expected to conclude in February, 2018.

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