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Mission or Study ID:   Expedition 59
International Space Station (ISS)
International Space Station
Launch/Start Date:
Landing/End Date:
102 days
Expedition 59 Mission Patch


International Space Station (ISS) Expedition 59 began March 14, 2019, marking the return to a 6 person crew. Expedition 58 crew remained on board, transitioning to Expedition 59, with Expedition 58 commander, Oleg Kononenko (RSA), continuing as commander of Expedition 59. Joining Kononenko and his crewmates David Saint-Jacques (CSA) and Anne McClain (NASA), were new arrivals Alexey Ovchinin (RSA), Nick Hague (NASA), and Christina Koch (NASA).

Expedition 59 was a very busy mission. While operating and maintaining the station, the crew performed hundreds of technological demonstrations and science research experiments. One Russian and three U.S. spacewalks were completed. The crew also received tons of supplies as the ISS was visited by two Commercial Resupply vehicles as well as a Progress (RSA) supply vehicle.

Expedition 59 came to a close on June 24, 2019 when Kononenko turned command over to Ovchinin. Shortly thereafter, Kononenko, Saint-Jacques, and McClain departed the ISS and returned to Earth.

Ovchinin, Hague, and Koch remained onboard, transitioning to Expedition 60.

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