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Ground Based Study:    HERA Campaign 4
NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC)
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The Human Exploration Research Analog (HERA) serves as an analog for the NASA Human Research Program (HRP) to study and evaluate impacts due to isolation, remoteness and confined habitation. Investigators will be looking at psychological, human factor and physiological impacts and the development and verification of countermeasures to reduce or mitigate those impacts. Each HERA mission will simulate space exploration scenarios.

HERA Campaign 4 consists of four 45-day missions, to be performed per the following schedule: Mission 1 May 5, 2017 – June 19, 2017; Mission 2 August 5 – September 18, 2017; Mission 3 October 21 – December 04, 2017; and Mission 4 February 03, 2018 – March 19, 2017. During each of these missions, up to 18 investigations will be conducted.

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