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Ground Based Study:    HERA Campaign 6
NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC)
Launch/Start Date:
Landing/End Date:
In progress

The Human Exploration Research Analog (HERA) serves as an analog for the NASA Human Research Program (HRP) to study and evaluate impacts due to isolation, remoteness, and confined habitation. HERA is an ideal analog for research involving behavioral health and performance assessments, communication and autonomy studies, human factors evaluations, and medical capabilities assessments. Each HERA Campaign includes multiple missions simulating one or more space exploration scenarios and supporting multiple investigations. HERA is located at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

HERA Campaign 6 will include four 45 day missions. The experiment complement will be substantially the same for each mission. Seven experiments will be continued from previous HERA Campaigns. Nine additional experiments will be performed for the first time in the HERA. Areas to be studied include Space Adaptation, Teams, Autonomy, Virtual Assistants, Human-Robotic Systems, and more.

The planned HERA Campaign 6 missions include:

    Mission 1 (Alias: Mission XXII, C6M1) – Ingress: October 01, 2021; Egress: November 15, 2021 (Planned)
    Mission 2 (Alias: Mission XXIII, C6M2) – Ingress and Egress dates to be determined
    Mission 3 (Alias: Mission XXIV, C6M3) – Ingress and Egress dates to be determined
    Mission 4 (Alias: Mission XXV, C6M4) – Ingress and Egress dates to be determined

More information will be added when it becomes available.

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