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ISS Expedition 38 Crew Patch
Image Description:
As the International Space Station (ISS) has become a stepping stone to future space exploration, the Expedition 38 mission patch design paints a visual roadmap of exploration beyond low Earth orbit, most prominently represented by the design’s flowing Expedition 38 mission numbers that wrap around Earth, the moon and Mars. Just as the sun is a guiding light in the galaxy, the ISS illuminates the bottom of the design as it is a shining beacon of the advancement of science, knowledge, and technology carried out aboard the Space Station. To visually capture the idea of the ISS being a foundation for infinite discovery, the space station’s iconic solar arrays span upwards, providing the number 38 and its exploration roadmap a symbolic pedestal to rest on. Finally, the overall use of red, white, and blue in the design acknowledges the flags of the countries of origin for Expedition 38’s crew – the United States, Russia, and Japan.