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NASA Ground-Based Investigations

Ground-based space analog studies were performed to supplement and provide a more economic method of study for certain space flight effects that can be reproduced on Earth. NASA has several ground-based studies that were carried out by the Biomedical Research and Countermeasure project.

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Related Experiments
  + Sex- and Apo E-specific Late Central Nervous System (CNS) and Cardiovascular (CV) Effects of Space Radiation (80NSSC18K0810)
  + Orion Crew Performance and Safety Immediately Follwoing Postflight Water Landings: Emergency Egress (Decond_Crew_Perf) (Decond_Crew_Perf)
  + Pilot Assessment of Stress and Latent Herpesvirus Reactivation at Palmer, Antarctica – Platform for Validation of Immune Countermeasure (Palmer_Pilot_Study)
  + Venous Congestion Countermeasure Study (Venous_Congestion_CM)
  + Impact of Inflight Stress and Sleep Disturbances on Brain Function, Neural Communication, and Inflammation (80NSSC19K1582)
  + Determining Gender Differences in the Incidence of Lung Adenocarcinoma After Space Radiation Exposure (80NSSC18K1676)
  + Characterization of the Tumor Spectrum Arising in HZE Ion Irradiated Outbred Mice (NNX12AB54G)
  + Molecular Characterization of Long-Term Degenerative CNS Risks from Space Radiation (NNA11AA58I)
  + Countermeasures Against Adverse Effects of Space Radiation (80NSSC19K0435)
  + Imaging and Serum Biomarkers to Predict and Identify Early Cardiac Injury from Radiation Exposure (80NSSC18K1639)
  + Assessment of Artificial Gravity as a Countermeasure to Cephalad Fluid Shifting (Postdoctoral Fellowship) (NNX16AO69A)
  + Impact of Space-Radiation Induced Alterations on Toxic Protein Accumulation Associated with Neurodegenerative Disease (NNX16AE07G)
  + Self-Generated LBNP for Deep-Space Missions (80NSSC19K0409)
  + Gamma-Tocotrienol as a Countermeasure against High-Energy Charged Particle-Induced Carcinogenesis, Cardiovascular Disease, and Central Nervous System Effects (80NSSC19K0437)
  + Ovarian Cancer and Space Radiation (80NSSC19K1620)
  + Functional Task Tests in Partial Gravity during Parabolic Flight (FTT_Parabolic_Flight)
  + Investigation of Occupant Injury Risk in the Soyuz Vehicle and Comparison to Commercial Crew Designs (80NSSC20K1483)
  + ATD (Anthropomorphic Test Dummy) Injury Metric Sensitivity and Extensibility Study (ATD_Extensibility)
  + Develop a novel single-cell biodosimetry for brain genomic instability and neurodegeneration to predict clinical health outcomes in human spaceflight crews (80NSSC21K0273)
  + Ground Validation of Self-Administered Incremental Rehabilitation Tool to Mitigate Motion Sickness and Enhance Sensorimotor Recovery (80NSSC21M0057)
  + Immunogenicity/Allergenicity of Lunar Dust (Immune_Lunar_Dust)
  + Space radiation exposure and risk mediated by clonal hematopoiesis (80NSSC21K0549)
  + Early Development of Fern Gametophytes in Microgravity (95020368 2_2)
  + Mechanisms of Muscoskeletal Induced Nucleation in Altitude Decompression Stress (BRC04-JSC04)
  + Mitigating Radiation-Induced Bone Loss via Dietary Modulation of Inflammatory Cytokines (NNX17AC91G)
  + Candidate Nutritional Countermeasure to Mitigate Adverse Effects of Spaceflight (ARC00XX196)
  + Facilitating the Synergistic Side of Cultural Diversity in LDSE: Identification of Challenges and Development of Cultural Training (NNX16AP96G)
  + Center for Research on Cardiac, Vascular, and Acute Effects of Space Radiation (NCC958RE03701)
  + An Integrated Framework for Characterization of the Noncoding Genome and Epigenome in Astronauts (NNX17AB26G)
  + Early graviperception and polarity in single cells (ARC00XX65)
  + Maintenance of Skeletal Integrity in Spaceflight: Interaction among Partial Weight Bearing, Microgravity and Novel Therapeutics (ARC00XX129)
  + Pre-Treatment Approaches for Improving the Response of Bone to Disuse and Recovery (NNX13AM43G)
  + Can Benefits from a Single Administration of Bisphosphonates Extend to a Second Later Exposure to Microgravity? (NNX13AQ87G)
  + Identification of mechano-sensors to protect against skeletal muscle atrophy (ARC00XX52)
  + Modifying Protein-Lipid Interactions of a Microbial Mechanosensitive Channel: Functional Screens after Tethering Specific Residues to the Membrane (ARC00XX54)
  + Integrated Stress Response in Space (ARC00XX132)
  + Epigenetic Control of Radiogenic Damage Processing in C. elegans (ARC00XX134)
  + The Impact of Long-duration Spaceflight on the Function of B-cells and Biomarkers of Inflammation (NNX17AB16G)
  + A Tool for the Automated Collection of Space Utilization Data (Auto_Data_Collection)
  + Nicotinamide Dinucleotide (NAD)-Boosting Strategy to Mitigate Musculoskeletal Loss During Space Exploration (Postdoctoral Fellowship) (80NSSC19K0439)
  + Housing Temperature: An Important Variable for Simulated Spaceflight Studies Using Mice (80NSSC19K0430)
  + Mechanisms of Altered Gravity Potentiation of Metal-Induced Genotoxicity (ARC00XX68)
  + Gravitational Effects on Quorum Sensing and Biofilm Formation (ARC00XX130)
  + NSCOR for Evaluating Risk Factors and Biomarkers for Adaptation and Resilience to Spaceflight: Emotional Valence and Social Processes in ICC/ICE Environments (80NSSC17K0644)
  + Evaluation of an On-Astronaut Wireless Sensor System to Support Crew Health Monitoring for Exploration Class Missions (OAWSS_Evaluation)
  + Bed Rest Combined with 0.5% CO2 as a Spaceflight Analog to Study Neurocognitive Changes: Extent, Longevity, and Neural Bases (80NSSC17K0021)
  + Simulated Microgravity-Induced Systemic Inflammation and Its Impact on Circulatory Function and Structure (Postdoctoral Fellowship) (80NSSC19K0426)
  + Use of dietary histidine to counteract lymphatic and mucosal immune dysfunction due to space dysbiosis (80NSSC19K0438)
  + Variation in CNS damage signaling and blood sentinels of neuropathology after exposure to space radiation (80JSC019T0007)
  + Vertebral Strength and Fracture Risk Following Long Duration Spaceflight (Vertebral_Strength)
  + Effect of Microgravity on Adipose Tissue Remodeling and Function (80NSSC19K0427)
  + Effect of Simulated Solar Particle Events and Galactic Cosmic Rays on Crop Growth and Development (KSC00XX08)
  + Effects of Simulated Microgravity on Sumoylation (80NSSC19K0428)
  + Upstream Regulation of Nox2 and Skeletal Muscle Atrophy During Microgravity and Countermeasure Development (80NSSC19K0432)
  + The Impact of Simulated Microgravity on the Anti-Tumor Properties of Human NK-Cells and T Cells In Vivo: IL-2 and Zoledronic Acid Therapy as a Potential Countermeasure (80NSSC19K1059)
  + Effect of space radiation on cytomegalovirus reactivation and lytic replication (80NSSC19K1603)
  + Telomere Length Regulation in Muscle Atrophy (80NSSC19K1602)
  + A Determination of Bioactive Proteins Secreted by the Human Vasculature in Response to Low Dose Space Radiation (80NSSC18K1492)
  + HERA Standard Measures: General Health Questionnaire (GHQ) (HERA_SM_GHQ)
  + Integration of Mechanotransduction and T-cell Activation Thresholds: Understanding of the Effects of Mechanical Forces on Assembly and Integration of Signal Transduction Machinery During T-cell Activation (ARC00XX166)
  + Mobile Gravity Suit (an integrative countermeasure device) (80NSSC19K0020)
  + Speech Monitoring of Cognitive Deficits and Stress (NCC958NBPF00406)
  + Circadian and Vestibular System Relationships (NCC958HPF00207)
  + Context-specificity and Other Approaches to Neurovestibular Adaptation (NCC958NA00205)
  + Impacts of Bed Rest, Exercise and Aging on Dynamic Ventricular-Arterial Coupling (Postdoctoral Fellowship) (NCC958PF01101)
  + Long-term Exposure to Constant Dim Light Desynchronizes the Circadian System of Rat (NCC958HPF00210)
  + Preventing Desynchronization of the Circadian System in Long-Term Space Flight (NCC958HPF00407)
  + Skeletal Muscle Response to Bed Rest and Cortisol Induced Stress (NCC958NPFR00205)
  + Individuals and Cultures in Social Isolation (NCC958NBPF00203)
  + Effects of Radiation and Dietary Iron on Expression of Genes and Proteins Involved in Drug Metabolism (Dietary_Iron)
  + Recovery of Musculoskeletal Quantity and Quality upon Multiple Microgravity Exposure (NNX08BA35G)
  + Development of Countermeasures to Aid Functional Egress from the Crew Exploration Vehicle Following Long Duration Spaceflight (J08ZSA_7530)
  + RIVET: Rapid Interactive Visualization for Extensible Training (NNJ04HF01A)
  + Modification of Eccentric Gaze-Holding (NCC958NA00208)
  + Sensorimotor Assessment and Rehabilitation Apparatus: Procedures and Equipment (NNX10AO19G)
  + Advanced Techniques for Assessment of Postural and Locomotor Ataxia, Spatial Orientation and Gaze Stability (NCC958NA00204)
  + Characterization of Eubacteria in the Biological Water Processor - Nitrogen Cycling (Nitrogen_Cycling)
  + Microbial Water Monitoring using a Multiplexed Lateral Flow Assay (Water_Monitoring)
  + Space Flight Immunodeficiency (NCC958IIH00202)
  + Effects of Anti-orthostatic Suspension on Innate Immunity (NAG91253)
  + Effects of Hind Limb Suspension on Local Inflammation and Wound Healing in a Murine Model (Wound_Healing)
  + Targeting Specific Bone Cell Signaling Pathways and Immunosuppression in Microgravity (NNJ06HA40G)
  + An Integrated Low-Volume Nutritional Countermeasure to Maintain Muscle Mass and Function During Space Exploration (J08ZSA_7524)
  + Circulatory Remodeling with Simulated Microgravity (NCC958CA00209)
  + Computational Models of the Cardiovascular System and Its Response to Microgravity (NCC958CA00205)
  + Presidential Award: Characterization of Autonomic Function, Sodium Handling, and Nitric Oxide Physiology in Astronauts and Patients Known to be Susceptible to Orthostatic Intolerance (Ortho_Intolerance)
  + Cardiovascular and Metabolic Consequences of Circadian Misalignment (Postdoctoral Fellowship) (NCC958PF02303)
  + Mechanics of Cardiovascular De-Conditioning (NCC958CA00203)
  + Optimizing Light for Long Duration Space Exploration (NCC958HFP01605)
  + Protecting Scientific Integrity through Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest (Disclosure_Conflicts)
  + Flow and Distribution of Fluid Phases through Porous Plant Growth Media in Microgravity (NAG91399)
  + High Capacity Thermally Regenerated Supported Amines for CO2 Capture (CO2_Capture)
  + Development of a Solid-State Compressor for Closed-Loop Air Revitalization Systems (Solid_Compressor)
  + A Novel Membrane Microbial Fuel Cell for Energy and Resource Recovery from Solid Organic Wastes (NNJ04HG05G)
  + ElastiGlass Barrier Film and Food Processing Techniques for the 3-to-5 Year Shelf-Stable Food Package (NNJ07JA14C)
  + Ethylene synthesis and Sensitivity in Crop Plants (Crops_Ethylene)
  + Microfabricated Optical Biosensor Arrays for Air Quality Monitoring (NAG91372)
  + Automated Microfluidic Devices for Monitoring Biological Systems in Space (NNJ05HB38G)
  + Development and Application of Reliability Analysis Techniques for Early Advanced Life Support Systems (NNJ04HG90G)
  + Neuro-Vestibular Aspects of Artificial Gravity Created by Short-Radius Centrifugation (NCC958NA00202)
  + New Automated System for Real-Time Bio-Imaging of a Vascular Cell Function in Microgravity (NAG91561)
  + Wearable Beat to Beat Blood Pressure Monitor (NNX08CC15P)
  + Bed Rest and Neurovascular Function (Neuro_Function)
  + Computational Models of Cardiovascular Function for Simulation, Data Integration, and Clinical Decision Support (NCC958CA00403)
  + Crew Task Simulation for Maintenance, Training, and Safety (NAG91279)
  + Designing Individual Countermeasures to Reduce Sleep Disruption and Improve Performance and Alertness in Space (NCC958HFP01603)
  + Validation of Assessment Tests and Countermeasures for Detecting and Mitigating Changes in Cognitive Function during Robotics Operations (J08ZSA_7523)
  + Equivalent System Mass Impacts of Clothing on Wastes and Mission Cost (Clothing_Impacts)
  + Microfluidic Device-Based Capture and Concentration of Microbial Contaminants in Recycled Water (Micro_Contaminants)
  + Bioluminescent Monitoring of Opportunistic Pathogens in the Spacecraft Environment (NAG91424)
  + Prototype Biophotonic Biosensor for Monitoring VOC Contaminants in Spacecraft Habitats (NNJ04HF02A)
  + Denitrification Composter to Stabilize Space-Mission Trash (Space_Trash)
  + Minimization of Ultrafiltration Membrane Fouling through the Optimization of Membrane Surface/Surfactant Interactions (Surface_Interactions)
  + Effect of on Genetic Expression of Ethylene, Gas Exchange, and Crop Productivity (Hypobaria_Effects)
  + Crop Production Technology: Advanced Life Support (Crop_Technology)
  + Optimization of the Integrated Advanced Water Recovery System Post-Processing System (Water_System)
  + Development, Testing and Verification of an Anoxic Biological Water Processor (Biological_Processor)
  + Real-Time Gaseous Process Control Monitoring Based on Acoustic Properties (NAG91544)
  + Compaction of Space Mission Wastes (Mission_Wastes)
  + Biological Water Treatment Technology: Integrated Evaluation of Submerged Bioreactor Technology (Bio_Technology)
  + Treatment of Urine/Condensate Spacecraft Wastewater Using Hollow Fiber Membrane Biofilm Redox Control Reactor (NNJ04HD62G)
  + The Evaluation and Selection of Catalyst to Mineralize Organic Impurities in Reclaimed Water (Reclaimed_Water)
  + Development of a Nitrifying Packed Bed Bioreactor for use in an Advanced Water Recovery System for Microgravity Environments (Nitrifying_Reactor)
  + Micro-Machined Drift Tubes for Ion Mobility Spectrometry: Studies Toward a Microbial Analyzer for Manned Spacecraft (NAG91477)
  + Fundamentals of Ion- Molecule/Surface Reactions and Instrument Development (Surface_Reactions)
  + Perceptual Stability Across the Visual Field (Visual_Stability)
  + Using Cyanobacterial Hemoglobins to Sustain Human Life on Mars (GSRP_6102)
  + Advanced CO2, Humidity, and Trace Contaminant Control System for Closed Loop Life Support Systems (NNJ04HF73A)
  + Advanced Control System Development for Integration of Advanced Life Support Systems (Integrated_ALS)
  + Development of NASA-Specific Bioinformatics Environment (Bio_Environment)
  + Advanced Diamond Electrodes for Electrochemical Based Monitoring of Spacecraft Water (NNJ04HI10G)
  + Integrated Biotreatment Technology for Nitrogen-Rich Wastewaters in Advanced Life Support Systems (NNJ04HD78G)
  + (NSCORT) for Advanced Life Support at Purdue/Howard/AAMU - Education and Outreach Lead (NSCORT_Education)
  + Android App Incorporating the PVT to Deliver Individualized Fatigue Risk Management in Commercial Trucking (NCC958NBPF00007)
  + Molecular Mechanisms that Impact Transcription of Myosin Genes in Human Skeletal Muscle in Response to Unloading: Role of Resistance Exercise (Postdoctoral Fellowship) (NCC958PF02104)
  + Performance and Sleep Consequences of Repeated Phase Shifts Within Appendix K Guidelines (NAG91234)
  + Individualized Stress Detection System (SBIR_8724)
  + Influence of Sensory Integration on the Neural Processing of Gravito-Inertial Cues (NNJ04HB01G)
  + Mitigating Neurobehavioral Vulnerabilities to Space Radiation (Postdoctoral Fellowship) (NCC958PF02602)
  + A Multi-Media, Computer-Based, Self-Directed, Autonomous, Stress and Anxiety-Management Countermeasure (NCC958NBPF01605)
  + Advanced SERS-Based Sensor for Monitoring Air Quality in Space Cabin Environments (NAG91298)
  + Rotating Membrane Water Purification for Long-Term Human Presence in Space (NAG91398)
  + VPCAR Thermal Optimization (VPCAR)
  + Multiplexed Colorimetric Solid Phase Extractions: Sensors for Monitoring Spacecraft Water Quality (Water_Quality)
  + Low Power Two-Phase Active Thermal Control System (Thermal_System)
  + Development of Metal Impregnated Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes (SWCNT) for Elimination of Toxic Contaminants in Advanced Life Support Systems (Carbon_Nanotubes)
  + Measuring, Monitoring, and Regulating Teamwork for Long Duration Missions (NNX13AM77G)
  + Objective Monitoring of Crew Neurobehavioral Functions in Mars 520-Day Simulation (NCC958NBPF00006)
  + Bioreactor Technology Transfer (H30993D)
  + Integrated Endurance and Resistance Exercise Countermeasures Using a Gravity Independent Training Device (NCC958MA01601)
  + Advanced Trace Gas Monitoring Technology for NASA Human Space Flight (Gas_Monitoring)
  + Vortex Dehumidification System (NNJ04HD74G)
  + MOST Proposal (NCC958SM00002)
  + Comparison of Continuous Non-Invasive and Invasive Intracranial Pressure Measurement (NCC958SMST02802)
  + Packaged Food Mass Reduction Technology Development (Food_Mass_Reduction)
  + Effects of Simulated Weightlessness on the Repair of Lower Limb Bone Fractures and on the Number of Bone-derived Stem Cells (NCC958BL00405)
  + Extent, Causes, and Countermeasures of Impaired Fracture Healing in Hypogravity (ARC00XX127)
  + Hypogravity Induces Vascular Atrophy Leading to Bone Loss (NNX10AE40G)
  + Sensorimotor Assessment and Rehabilitation in Parabolic Flight (Sensorimotor_Rehab)
  + Genes that Predict the Loss of Bone during Weightlessness (NNX12AL25G)
  + Advanced Exploration Systems Autonomous Mission Operations Project: Crew Autonomy Experiment - 1 (AMO)
  + Bulk Overwrap Packaging (Package_Overwrap)
  + Bone and Muscle Recovery from Simulated Microgravity (NCC958BL00205)
  + Facilitation of Adaptation to Unusual Gravitoinertial Environments: Evaluation of Dexamethasone, Thyrotropic Releasing Hormone, Scopolamine Plus Amphetamine, and Doxepin (Drug_Adaptation)
  + An Integrated Musculoskeletal Countermeasure Battery for Long-Duration Lunar Missions (NCC958BL01301)
  + Mechanisms of Musculoskeletal-Induced Nucleation in Altitude Decompression Stress II (Decompress_Stress)
  + Bioavailability of Nutrients in Food (Nutrients_Food)
  + Food Fortification Stability Study (Food_Stability)
  + Disc Herniation Risk Analysis (Disc_Herniation)
  + Environmental Factors Evidence Review (Factors_Review)
  + Assisted Medical Procedures (Med_Procedures)
  + Literature Review of Factors Affecting Food and Nutrient Stability (Nutrient_Stability)
  + Data Mining and Development of Spaceflight DCS Treatment Model (DCS_Treatment)
  + Assessment, Evaluation, and Development of Methodologies, Metrics and Tools Available for Use in Multi-agent (Human and Robotic) Teaming (Multiagent_Teaming)
  + Functional Genomic and Signaling Responses to HZE Particle Radiation (NNJ04HF41G)
  + Quantification Of The Dose Response Of The Microvessel Parameters In Retina, Cortex And White Matter Following Iron-56 Irradiation And Proton Irradiation (NNJ04HD79G)
  + Advanced Magnetic Methods for the Separation and Gasification of Solid Wastes in Microgravity and Hypogravity (Waste_Decomp)
  + Examination of Anti-Resorptive and Anabolic Treatments/Stimuli on Unloading Induced Osteoporosis (NCC958BL00403)
  + Prevention of Renal Stone Complications in Space Exploration (NCC958SMST03402)
  + Role of the Cranial Venous Circulation in Microgravity-Associated Visual Changes (NCC958CA03401)
  + Effects of Long-Duration Spaceflight on Venous and Arterial Compliance in Astronauts (NCC958CA03402)
  + A Novel Biodosimetry Method (NNX07AQ02G)
  + Portable Quantitative Ultrasound with DXA/QCT and FEA Integration for Human Longitudinal Critical Bone Quality Assessment (NCC958SMST03401)
  + Mapping by VESGEN of Blood Vessels in the Human Retina Undergoing Bed Rest for Improved Understanding of Visual Impairments and Increased Intracranial Pressure (Mapping_VESGEN)
  + Countermeasures to Reduce Sensorimotor Impairment and Space Motion Sickness Resulting from Altered Gravity Levels (NCC958SA03401)
  + Medical Proficiency Training (Training_Medical)
  + Evaluation of the Late Effects of Heavy-Ion Radiation on Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC_Radiation)
  + Dose-Rate Effects and Components of Systems Governing Variations in Susceptibility for Carcinogenic and Acute Radiation Risks following Gamma-Ray, Proton, or HZE Irradiation (NNX07AP85G)
  + NSCOR: Mechanisms of HZE Damage and Repair in Human Epithelial Cells (NNA04CF75I)
  + Spaceflight Resource Management Training (Management_Training)
  + Advanced Cookware and Techniques for Food Preparation at Reduced Pressure and Gravity (NNX11CB41C)
  + Comparative Packaging Study (ComparativePackaging)
  + Suited Contingency Ops Food (Contingency_Food)
  + Mitigating High Z Radiation Induced Genomic Instability by Non-Protein Thiols (NNJ06HD31G)
  + Effects of Acute Exposures to Carbon Dioxide upon Cognitive Function (Acute_CO2_Exposure)
  + Delivery of Probiotics in the Space Food System (Probiotics_Food)
  + Dose Rate Effects on the Mechanisms of Space Radiation Induced Delayed Genomic Instability (NNX07AT42G)
  + Neurostructural, Cognitive, and Physiologic Changes During a 1-year Antarctic Winter-Over Mission (NNX14AM81G)
  + Display Reading Performance Under Lateral Whole-Body Vibration Due to 12-Hz Thrust Oscillation (Lateral_Vibration)
  + Spectral imaging within the EDEN ISS Project - Antarctic planetary and exploration analog for In Situ Resource Utilization and Advanced Life Support (KSC00XX01)
  + Information Presentation (Info_Pres)
  + Thermostabilized Food Study (Thermo_Food)
  + Packaged Food Mass Reduction Trade Study (Mass_Reduction)
  + Aerosol Deposition in the Lung in Fractional Gravity: Risk Mitigation for Lunar and Martian Habitats (NCC958TD00701)
  + Crew Scheduling Tools (SPIFe_Scheduling)
  + Effect of Space Radiation on the Nutrition and Quality of the Food (SR_Nutrition)
  + Usability Evaluation (Usability)
  + Spaceflight Injectable Delivery System (ISIS)
  + Semantic Language and Tools for Reporting Human Factors Incidents (NNX10CB03C)
  + LADTAG Lunar Dust Health Standard (LDHS)
  + Human-Automation Interactions and Performance Analysis of Lunar Lander Supervisory Control (J08ZSA_7522)
  + Quantum Multiple Scattering Model of Heavy Ion Fragmentation (QMSFRG) (NNX07AT25A)
  + Variability in Flow Distribution within the Lung and Its Effects on Deposition and Clearance of Inhaled Particles in Normal and Reduced Gravity (NCC958PF02103)
  + Human Factors Analysis Support Tool (H_FAST)
  + Next Generation Microbiology Requirements (NextGen_Micro)
  + Patterns of Energy Deposition by HZE Particles in Cellular Targets (NNJ04HF39G)
  + Countermeasures for Performance Deficits from Sleep Loss and Workload in Space Flight (NCC958HFP01602)
  + Effects of Prolonged Exposure to Space Radiation on Carcinogenesis and Neuroendocrine Differentiation in Human Prostate Models (NNX10AC13G)
  + Integration of iRevive with the Lightweight Trauma Module (NCC958SMST02001)
  + In-flight Blood Analysis Technology for Astronaut Health Monitoring (NCC958TD01301)
  + Modeling and Control of Bio-systems (MC_Biosystems)
  + Enhanced Lighting Techniques and Augmented to Improve Human Task Performance (Lighting_TA)
  + Model-based Support for Crew Activity Planning (CA_Planning)
  + A Multipurpose Fruit and Vegetable Processing System for Advanced Life Support (FV_System)
  + Themostabilized Food Development (Thermo_FD)
  + Virtual Reality Training: Prevention and Prediction of Space Motion Sickness and Disorientation (VRT_SMS)
  + The Development and Human Factors Analysis of Advanced 3D-Visualization for Telepresence Applications (HF_Teleprescence)
  + Effects of Stem Cell Morphology and Motility on Osteogenesis in Microgravity (NNX13AM06G)
  + HZE Radiation: Modulation Of Genetic Effects By RNA Interference Of NHEJ--NAG9-1516 (NAG91516)
  + Interphase Chromosome Conformation and Chromatin-Chromatin Interactions in Epithelial Cells Cultured Under Different Gravity Conditions (ARC00XX168)
  + Electromagnetic Basis of Metabolism and Heredity (ARC00XX167)
  + Inner Ear Otoconia Response in Mice to Micro- and Hyper-gravity (ARC00XX154)
  + The Effect of Microgravity on Mycobacteria (NNX13AM02G)
  + Integrative Response of C. elegans to Environmental Stresses in Microgravity (NNX12AO60G)
  + Investigation of Microgravity Effects on Physiology, Global Gene Expression, and Biofilm Phenotypes of the Caries-Causing Bacterium Streptococcus mutans (NNX13AM09G)
  + Functional Foods Baseline and Requirements Analysis (Functional_Foods)
  + Human Endothelial Cells in 2-D and 3-D Systems; Non-Cancer Effects and Space-Related Radiations (NNJ05HI37G)
  + Effect of Low Shear Modeled Microgravity (LSMMG) on the Probiotic Lactobacillus Acidophilus (LSMMG_Probiotic)
  + Effect of Deep Space Radiation on Human Hematopoietic Stem Cells (NCC958IIH00207)
  + Assessing and Mitigating the Impact of Transmission Delays on Teleoperations (Teleops_Delays)
  + Self-Guided Multimedia Stress Management and Resilience Training (NNX14AC47G)
  + Mechanism of Clustered DNA Double-strand Break Repair in Response to HZE Particles in Human Cells (NNX13AD57G)
  + The Relation between Cognitive Injury, Network Stability, and Epigenetic Change Following Exposure to Space Radiation (NNX13AD60G)
  + Vestibular Stimulation: A Countermeasure For Bone Loss During Long-Term Space Mission (NNX12AL35G)
  + Evaluation of Hindlimb Suspension as a Model to Study Ophthalmic Complications in Microgravity: Ocular Structure and Function and Association with Intracranial Pressure (ARC00XX151)
  + The Relation between Mutagenesis and Genomic Instability after Particle Exposure In Vivo (NNX14AC97G)
  + Charged Particle Effects on Neuronal Injury, Plasticity and Neurodegeneration (NNX13AD59G)
  + Microgravity Effects on the Function of Vascular Stem Cells (NNX13AM03G)
  + Role of Marrow Adipocytes in Bone Loss during Simulated Spaceflight (NNX12AL24G)
  + NSCOR: Mechanisms Underlying the Risk of HZE Particle-induced Solid Tumor Development (NNX11AC30G)
  + The Role of Oxidative Stress and Inflammation on Synaptic Functions after Exposure to Space Radiation (NNX14AC94G)
  + Biomarkers as Predictors of Resiliency and Susceptibility to Stress in Space Flight (NNX14AN49G)
  + NSCOR: Charged Particle Radiation and Resultant Oxidative Stress Elicit Deleterious Functional Changes in the Central Nervous System (NNX10AD59G)
  + Developing Personalized Countermeasures for Sensorimotor Adaptability: A Bedrest Study (NCC958SA03801)
  + Autonomous Behavioral Health Countermeasures for Spaceflight (NCC958NBPF03801)
  + Clinical Outcome Metrics for Optimization of Robust Training (NCC958SMST03801)
  + Advanced Displays for Efficient Training and Operation of Robotic Systems (Robotic_Systems)
  + Cellular Studies to Support Pulmonary Toxicology Evaluation of Lunar Dust, Dermal Studies of Lunar Dust and Ocular Studies of Lunar Dust (Lunar_Dust_DO)
  + Methods for Real Time Measurement of Dose and Charged Particle Spectrum (NNJ04HH02G)
  + Just-in-Time Simulation Platform (NNJ07JB13C)
  + Displays and Controls Interfaces (DC_Interfaces)
  + Field Test of a Simple, Rapid, and Objective Behavioral Assay of Group Cohesion in an Antarctic Space Analog Environment (NCC958NBPF00008)
  + Monitoring Bone Health by Daily Load Stimulus Measurement during Lunar Missions (NCC958MA01603)
  + Comparison of Biodynamics Models Using Automotive Racing Crash Data (NASCAR_Data)
  + Development of Analytical Tools to Process and Apply Digitally Scanned Anthropometric Data (Analytical_Tools)
  + The Contribution of Delta Rays to the Chromosome Aberration Dose Response in Human Cells Irradiated with HZE Particles of Different Energy but the Same LET (NNX14AC76G)
  + Mouse Glioma Models to Estimate Cancer Risks from HZE Particle Exposure (NNX13AI13G)
  + A Novel Biological Countermeasure and Mitigator of High LET-induced Cancer Progression (NNX11AC15G)
  + Antarctic Space Analog Program (199061707)
  + Review and Analysis of Diaries from French Remote Duty Stations (199081775)
  + Charged Particle Effects on the Ovary (NNX14AC50G)
  + Lunar EVA Dosimetry: Microdosimeter-Dosimeter Instrument (NCC958RE01601)
  + Robust Human-System Interface Design for Spaceflight-Induced Environments (NCC958SA02002)
  + Mechanisms for Induction of Bystander Effects by High Energy Particles in Cells and Tissues (NNX07AE40G)
  + Molecular Basis of DNA Repair and Protection from Apoptosis in Neuronal Progenitors Exposed to Space Radiation (NNX08BA08G)
  + Spectroscopic Dosimeter (NNX09CA21C)
  + Oxidative Stress as a Mechanism for Altering Acute and Chronic Functional Changes in the CNS Exposed to Low Dose, Low Dose Rates, and Mixed Fields of Protons and HZE Nuclei (NNX09AK25G)
  + Disuse Osteopenia: A Potential Vascular Coupling Mechanism (NNX12AL41G)
  + Contribution of GCR Exposure to Hematopoietic Stem Cell Dysfunction and Oncogenesis (NNX14AC95G)
  + Integrated Radiation Analysis and Design Tools (Design_Tools)
  + Changes in the Neuroproteome Associated with HZE-Induced Impairment of Cognition (NNX14AE73G)
  + Particle Radiation-Induced Dysregulation of Protein Homeostasis in the Brain (NNX14AE69G)
  + Oxygen Delivery System (O2_Delivery_Sys)
  + The Effects of Space Radiation on Stem Cells and Vascular and Cardiac Disease (NNX13AF05G)
  + Impact of Space Radiation on Cognition, Synapses and Biomarkers in Aging and Alzheimer's Disease (NNX14AI07G)
  + Development of Spaceflight Foods with High Microbial Concentrations (Micro_Foods)
  + Food Processing vs. Packaged Food System Trade Study (Trade_Study)
  + Retrospective Analyses of MR Imaging of Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) Dynamics Pre and Post Space Flight (MRICP)
  + Geology, Geochemistry and Lithology Science Support Activities (LD_Geology)
  + Clearance of Particles Depositing the Human Lung in Low Gravity (NCC958HFP01604)
  + Pulmonary Toxicity Studies of Lunar Dust in Mice and Rats (Lunar_Dust_ITI)
  + Non-Thermal Sanitation By Atmospheric Pressure Plasma (NNX12CA62C)
  + Individualized Behavioral Health Monitoring Tool (Behavorial_Tool)
  + Optimizing Crew Performance in Long Duration Space Exploration: Best Practices for Team Training and Cohesion Measurement (NNX09AK48G)
  + Behavior Tracking Software Enhancement and Integration of a Feedback Module (NNX10CB02C)
  + Intuitive Ultrasound Catalog for Autonomous Medical Care (NCC958SMS00002)
  + Evaluation of Oxygen Concentrators at Altitude (NCC958SMS00005)
  + Combined Scanning Confocal Ultrasound Diagnostic and Treatment System for Bone Quality Assessment and Fracture Healing (NCC958SMST01603)
  + Noninvasive Biosensor Algorithms for Continuous Metabolic Rate Determination (NCC958SMS01301)
  + Noninvasive Biosensor Algorithms for Continuous Metabolic Rate Determination--SMS01302 (NCC958SMS01302)
  + Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation (GVS) as an Analogue of Post-flight Sensorimotor Dysfunction (NCC958SA01603)
  + Chemoprevention of Radiation-Induced Neoplasms (NCC958RE_002_05)
  + Advanced Life Support: Development of the M2BR for Biological Treatment of Wastewater Generated During Long-Term Space Missions (NNJ04HF80G)
  + Multianalyte Biosensor with Chips for Human and Environmental Monitoring (Biosensor_Chips)
  + Real-Time Augmented Reality Development and Human Factors Assessment for the Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator (NNJ04HI11A)
  + NASA Food Technology Commercial Space Center (FTCSC)
  + Astronaut Scheduling Assistant: A Biomathematical Model of the Neurobehavioral Performance Capability of Astronauts (Astronaut_SA)
  + Development of a Crew-systems Concept for Vehicle Health Management in Next-generation Spacecraft (Crew_Concept)
  + Human-Systems Design Requirements Data Base and Tracking System (DBT_System)
  + Bulk Ingredient-Based Menu Development (Menu_Development)
  + Effects of Processing and Subsequent Storage on Nutrition (Food_Processing)
  + Handling Procedures of Vegetable Crops (Veg_Crops)
  + Development and Evaluation of Remote Manipulator System Operator Proficiency and Training Effectiveness Metrics (NAG91486)
  + Integrated Crew Performance Assessment and Training (NAG91280)
  + Human Centered Visual Displays (HC_VD)
  + Development and Demonstration of an Integrated, Independent Human Factors Evaluation Process for Space Payloads and Equipment (HF_Evaluation)
  + Emergency Medical Procedures on ISS: An Independent Human Factors Analysis and Review (Medical_Procedures)
  + Imagery Systems for Enhanced Crew Habitability, Performance, and Productivity on the International Space Station (Imagery Systems)
  + Multipurpose Crew Restraints for Long Duration Space Flights (Crew_Restraints)
  + Dose Tracker Application for Monitoring Crew Medication Usage, Symptoms, and Adverse Effects during Missions (Dose_Tracker)
  + Bone Loss During Simulated Weightlessness: The Role of Osteoclasts (ARC00XX164)
  + Distributed System for Spaceflight Biomedical Support (NCC958SMST02201)
  + Integrated Medical Model (IMM)
  + Microbial Risk Assessment (MRA)
  + Development of a Noninvasive, Handheld Immunosensor (NCC958PF00901)
  + Possible Countermeasures to Post-Suspension Hypotension in the Head-Down Tilt Rat Model (NCC958CA00212)
  + Stress, Performance and Locus Coeruleus (NCC958NBPF00208)
  + Psychosocial Performance Factors in Space Dwelling Groups (NCC958NBPF01602)
  + Countermeasures to Neurobehavioral Deficits from Cumulative Partial Sleep Deprivation during Space Flight (NCC958HPF00204)
  + Spacesuit Trauma Countermeasure System for Intravehicular and Extravehicular Activities (NNX12AC09G)
  + Targeting NO/IKK Signaling to Counteract Hemodynamic Flow-Dependent Endothelial Dysfunction and Vascular Damage after Space Radiation (NCC958CA02802)
  + Detection and Prevention of Neurobehavioral Vulnerability to Space Radiation (NCC958NBPF02802)
  + Simulated Space Radiation and Weightlessness: Vascular-Bone Coupling Mechanisms to Preserve Skeletal Health (NCC958MA02501)
  + Role of Muscle Loading on Mechanisms of Protein Translation and the Impact on Unloading-Induced Atrophy (NCC958MA00202)
  + Force Regulation As a Countermeasure To Muscle Atrophy (NCC958MA00402)
  + Metabolic Adaptation of Skeletal Muscle to Training/Detraining: A Systems Model (NCC958NPFR00206)
  + Hypergravity Resistance Training: Countermeasure to Microgravity (NCC958MA00403)
  + Timed Feeding and Resistance Training to Prevent Muscle Atrophy (NCC958NPFR00301)
  + Enhancing the Efficacy of Musculoskeletal Countermeasures Using Computer Simulation (Postdoctoral Fellowship) (NCC958PF02302)
  + Predicting and Assessing Postural Reentry Disturbances (NNJ04HI07G)
  + LBNP Treadmill and Resistive Exercises during Long-term Bed Rest (NNJ04HF71G)
  + Thermoregulatory Capacity and Exercise Responses following Prolonged Lunar Analog Bedrest (NNX08AY40G)
  + Effects of Antiorthostatic Suspension on the Immune System (NCC958IIH00208)
  + Virtual Reality-Based Pre-Flight Astronaut 3D Navigation Training (NCC958PF00902)
  + Calpains in Simulated Microgravity Induced Atrophy (NCC958MA_002_04)
  + Adaptation in Artificial Gravity Environments (NAG91038)
  + Genomics of Human Bedrest and Exercise (NCC958MA_002_08)
  + Impact of Microgravity on Drug and Nutrient Absorption (NAG91154)
  + Understanding Full-Body Gaze Control During Locomotion (NCC958NA_002_07)
  + Development of a Gait Adaptability Training Program as a Countermeasure for Postflight Locomotor Dysfunction (NCC958NA00403)
  + Adaptation of Rodent Vestibular Hair Cell Neurotransmission in Altered Gravity (Postdoctoral Fellowship) (NCC958PF00506)
  + A Comprehensive Fatigue Management Program and an Evaluation of a Photic Countermeasure for Mission Controllers (NNX10AF47G)
  + Somatosensory Suppression and Prevention of Post-Flight Re-Entry Disturbances of Posture and Locomotion (NCC958NA00701)
  + Enhancement of Spatial Orientation Capability of Astronauts on the Lunar Surface (NCC958SA01602)
  + Defining the Role of miR-182 in HZE-Induced Tumorignesis (NNX14AC96G)
  + Automation in Procedures: Guidelines for Allocating Tasks for Performance (NCC958HFP02803)
  + Non-Invasive Monitoring of Intracranial Pressure (ICP) with Volumetric Ophthalmic Ultrasound (NCC958SMST02803)
  + Protocols for Asynchronous Communication in Space Operations: Communication Analysis (Com_Analysis)
  + Integrated Medical Model - Chest Injury Model (IMM_Chest)
  + Efficacy of Antimicrobials on Bacteria Cultured in a Spaceflight Analog (Antimicrobials)
  + Circadian Disruption in the Space Environment (NCC958HPF_002_09)
  + Solar Particle Event Observations with MARIE and Correlations with Earth and Near-Earth Instruments (NAG91427)
  + Hindlimb suspension (HS) as an analog model of ocular alterations associated with cephalad fluid shifts: resveratrol as a countermeasure (ARC00XX139)
  + Are Medications Involved in Vision and Intracranial Pressure Changes Seen in Spaceflight? (VIIP_Pharm)
  + Probabilistic Analysis of Renal Stones in US Astronauts (Renal_Stones)
  + Microorganisms in the Spacecraft Environment (NNJ04HF43G)
  + Oral Absorption and Drug-drug Interaction Kinetics of Quinolone Antibiotics in an Animal Model of Weightlessness (NNJ04HF50G)
  + Markers of Susceptibility to Neurobehavioral Decrements in Space Flight (NCC958NBPF02801)
  + Stabilized Foods for Use in Extended Spaceflight: Preservation of Shelf-Life, Nutrient Content and Acceptability (NCC958HFP02804)
  + The ISS Dynamic Lighting Schedule: An In-Flight Lighting Countermeasure to Facilitate Circadian Adaptation, Improve Sleep and Enhance Alertness and Performance on the International Space Station (NCC958HFP02801)
  + Ultra-Short Light Pulses as Efficient Countermeasures for Circadian Misalignment and Objective Performance and Subjective Alertness Decrements (NCC958HFP02802)
  + The Effect of Long-duration Spaceflight on the Biomechanics of the Proximal Femur (NNJ04HF78G)
  + A Novel Biodosimetry Method For Monitoring Radiation-Induced Genetic Damage (NAG91525)
  + Ionizing Radiation and its Effects on Cardiovascular Function in the Context of Space Flight (NNJ05HF03G)
  + Monitoring of Bone Loss Bio-Markers in Human Sweat: A Non-Invasive, Time Efficient Means of Monitoring Bone Resorption Markers under Micro and Partial Gravity Loading Conditions (NNX08AQ37G)
  + Vestibular Modulation of the Circadian Timing System in Altered Gravity Environments (NNA04CC82G)
  + Induction of Bystander Effects by High LET Radiation In Cells and in Tissue Models (NAG21642)
  + SPACEPRINT: Development and Validation of a Tool to Predict, Evaluate, and Mitigate Excessive Workload Effects (NNX12AE69G)
  + Feasibility Pilot Study on Acute Biological and Behavioral Responses to the Solid State Lighting Modules for the International Space Station (NNX09AM68G)
  + The Use of Aspirin and Other NSAIDs to Ameliorate Muscle Atropy Due to Simulated Weightlessness (Postdoctoral Fellowship) (NCC958PF00501)
  + Microdevices for Controlled, Targeted Oral Drug Delivery (GSRP_4260)
  + Circadian Entrainment, Sleep-Wake Regulation and Neurobehavioral Performance during Extended Duration Space Flight (NCC958HPF00402)
  + Countermeasures to Neurobehavioral Deficits from Cumulative Sleep Deprivation during Space Flight: Dose-Response Effects of Recovery Sleep Opportunities (NCC958HPF00404)
  + Handheld FRET-Aptamer Sensor for Bone Markers (NNX08CC16P)
  + Microfluidic Multichannel Flow Cytometer (NNX10CB06C)
  + Workload Tools and Guidelines (Workload_Tools)
  + Metabolic Assessment of Suited Mobility Using Functional Tasks (Suited_Mobility)
  + Needs Assessment and Work Allocation Tools for Mission Operations and Procedures (Needs_Assessment)
  + On Orbit Immuno-Based, Label-Free, White Blood Cell Counting System with MicroElectroMechanical Sensor (MEMS) Technology (OILWBCS-MEMS) (NNX10CB07C)
  + Operational Ground Testing Protocol to Optimize Astronaut Sleep Medication Efficacy and Individual Effects (Sleep_Meds_Phase_II)
  + Develop and Implement Operational Ground Testing Protocols to Individualize Astronaut Sleep Medication Efficacy and Individual Effects (Sleep_Meds_Pilot)
  + Development of a User Interface for the PVT SelfTest (PST) (NCC958NBPF00002)
  + Bone Strain During 0G Exercise (NNJ04HB08G)
  + Phoenix Scout Lander: Countermeasures Testbed for Spaceflight Ground Controllers (NNX08AD66A)
  + Optimizing Light Spectrum for Long Duration Space Flight (NCC958HPF00403)
  + Designing a Smart Medical System for Psychosocial Support (NCC958NBPF00207)
  + Self-guided Depression Treatment on Long-duration Space Flights: A Continuation Study (NCC958NBPF00404)
  + Integration of Product, Package, Process, and Environment: A Food System Optimization (Food_System)
  + Vigilance, Stress and Sleep/Wake Measures in NEEMO 14-A Simulated Space Environment (NCC958NBPF00804)
  + How the Brain Constructs Stable Visual Representations: Cortical and Subcortical Mechanisms (GSRP_6624)
  + Quantitative Modeling of Human Saccadic Targeting during Visual Search (Saccadic_Targeting)
  + The Role and Characterization of Novel Photoreceptor Mechanisms Regulating Circadian Rhythms, Sleep, Body Temperature and Heart Rate (NCC958HPF00301)
  + New Directions in Behavioral Health: A Workshop Integrating Research and Application (NAG91572)
  + Survey of On-Orbit Sleep Quality (Sleep Quality Questionnaire) (Sleep_Quality)
  + Analog Validation Study of Team Measures (Team_Measures)
  + A Scheduling and Planning Tool in NEEMO 14--A Simulated Space Environment (Planning_Tool)
  + Mathematical Modeling of Circadian/Performance Countermeasures (NCC958HPF00405)
  + A Model of Circadian Disruption in the Space Environment (NCC958HPF00406)
  + Human Orientation and Sensory-Motor Coordination in Prolonged Weightlessness (NNJ05HD39G)
  + Characteristics of Light Exposure Necessary for Development of Optimal Countermeasures to Facilitate Circadian Adaptation and Enhance Alertness and Cognitive Performance in Space (NCC958HPF01301)
  + In vivo Stress-Strain Dynamics in Human Muscle (NCC958MA00205)
  + Viral Infections and Mucosal Immunity (NCC958IIH00204)
  + Advanced Trace Contaminant Control Systems Development (Contaminant_Control)
  + Air Revitalization Element Technology Evaluation Facility (ARTEF)
  + Age Associated Differences in Postural Equilibrium Control: Implications for Space Flight (Age_Differences)
  + Boron-Doped Microcrystalline and Nanocrystalline Diamond Thin-Films: New Materials for Electrochemical Detection in Microfluidic Systems and Electrolytic Water Purification (NAG91481)
  + Individualized Real-Time Neurocognitive Assessment Toolkit for Space Flight Fatigue (Cognition)
  + Key Contributors to the Maintenance and Regulation of Team Function and Performance on Long Duration Exploration Missions (NNX13AM78G)
  + Evidence-based Metrics Toolkit for Measuring Safety and Efficiency in Human-Automation Systems (NNX13AO51G)
  + Combined Whole-body Vibration Plus G-loading Influences on Visual Performance and Operator Ratings (Vibration_G)
  + Development of a Multipurpose Extruder - Press Food Processing System (NNX09CB05C)
  + Space Human Factors and Habitability MIDAS-FAST: Development and Validation of a Tool to Support Function Allocation (NNX09AM81G)
  + Dual Use Packaging (NNX08CC22P)
  + Structural Chromosome Aberrations Formed in Response to Changes in Proton Energy and Dose Rate (NNX07AP83G)
  + Smart Therapeutic Ultrasound Device for Mission-Critical Medical Care (NCC958SMST01601)
  + Development of Pressure Swing Adsorption Technology for Spaceflight Medical Oxygen Concentrators (NCC958SMST02002)
  + Utilization of the SVS as an AR system for Mission Operations (Utilization_SVS)
  + Development and Use of Human 3-Dimensional Tissue Culture Models for the Study of Space Radiation Effects on the Central Nervous System (NNX10AB38G)
  + Dependence of Radiation Quality on Charged Particle-induced Early and Late Damages in Chromosomes (Radiation_Quality)
  + Duke NSCOR: Lung Cancer Risk from HZE Ions (NNX11AC60G)
  + Improving Cardiovascular Risk Prediction - Biomarkers and Beyond; Implications for Astronaut Selection and Monitoring During Prolonged Spaceflight (NCC958CA03801)
  + Use of a Molecular Marker of Learning and Memory to Assess Effects of 56Fe Irradiation on Hippocampus-dependent Cognition and Neurogenesis (NNX08BA07G)
  + Local CNS and Systemic Inflammatory Effects Following Proton and Mixed Particle Exposure (NNX08BA09G)
  + A Mechanistic Investigation of Space Radiation-Induced Carcinogenesis (NNX09AH19G)
  + High LET Radiation Induced Carcinogenesis: Epigenetic Mechanisms in Mouse Models of Human Cancers (NNX13AK69G)
  + Testing Solid State Lighting Countermeasures to Improve Circadian Adaptation, Sleep, and Performance during High Fidelity Analog and Flight Studies for the International Space Station (NNX15AC14G)
  + Acute and Long Term Outcomes of Simulated Deep Space Radiation Exposure on Latent Viral CNS Infection and CNS Pathology (NNX13AO47G)
  + Developing Novel, Targeted Countermeasures to Reduce Oxidative Stress and Skeletal Muscle Atrophy during Microgravity (NCC958PF03504)
  + Molecular Characterization of Choroid Plexus and Hippocampal Damage and Degenerative CNS Risks from Space Radiation (NNJ14HP06I)
  + Integrated Experimental and Computational Study of Radiation Induced Matrix Remodeling in a Human Skin Equivalent (NNX10AB06G)
  + Solid Tumor Risk Estimation: Incorporating Intercellular Interaction Effects (NNX11AK26G)
  + Exploring the Relationship between In-flight Training Load Data and Musculoskeletal Health Outcomes (Musculoskel_Outcomes)
  + Hypobaric Hypoxia in Space Data Mining (10_2_Data_Mining)
  + Advanced Acoustic Monitoring Characterization Study (A2M)
  + Computational Model for Spacecraft/Habitat Volume (Spacecraft Optimization Layout and Volume (SOLV)) (Spacecraft_Models)
  + Speech Alarms Pilot Study (Speech_Alarms)
  + Metric Development to Quantify Change in Mission Risk Due to a Physician-Trained Crew Medical Officer (Physician_CMO)
  + Potential Subclinical Neurologic Changes in Astronauts Due to Repeated Hypobaric Exposures (Hypo_Induced_WMH)
  + Test and Evaluation of Liquid Cooling Garments (NNX07AI90A)
  + Use of Exercise and Partial Decompression to Reduce Oxygen Prebreathe Requirements for 4.3 PSIA Extravehicular Activity (NNJ06HD74A)
  + Electronic Medical Records for Exploration Medical System (Electronic_Med_Rec)
  + Middleware for Exploration Medical System (Middleware_Med_Sys)
  + First Clinical Test of Feasibility of Ultrasound to Reposition Kidney Stones (NCC958SMST00002)
  + Digital Astronaut: Bone Remodeling Model (Bone_Model)
  + Impact of Age, Genetics Variants and High LET Track Structure on Mammary Cancer Risk Estimates (NNJ13HA96I)
  + Evaluating the Spaceflight Infectious Disease Risk Potential of Pathogenic and Commensal microorganisms using Caenorhabditis elegans as a Human Surrogate Model for Infection (ARC00XX157)
  + Predicting Sensorimotor Adaptation to Altered Gravity by Measuring Vestibular Perceptual Thresholds (Postdoctoral Fellowship) (NCC958PF03502)
  + Improving Kidney Stone Detection in Space Analogs (Postdoctoral Fellowship) (NCC958PF03505)
  + Microgravity Induced Visual Alterations and Intracranial Pressure (Postdoctoral Fellowship) (NCC958PF03501)
  + Effect of Deep Space Radiation on Human Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cell Function (NCC958IIH00404)
  + Evaluation of Space Radiation-induced Myocardial and BM-derived EPC Damage and Assessment of Associated Long-term Degenerative Cardiovascular Risks (NNX11AD22G)
  + Mechanism of Radiation-Induced Alteration of Astrocyte-Neuronal Coupling (Astrocyte_Alteration)
  + High LET Radiation Induced Carcinogenesis: Epigenetic Mechanisms in Mouse Models of Human Cancers (NNX12AE79G)
  + Development and Testing of Biomarkers to Determine Individual Astronaut Vulnerabilities to Behavioral Health Disruptions (NNX14AK53G)
  + Retrospective Analysis of Inflight Exercise Loading and Health Outcomes (Inflight_Loading)
  + NSCOR: The Contribution of Non-targeted Effects in HZE Cancer Risk (NNX09AM52G)
  + In vivo Induction of Chromosome Instability and Aberrant Patterns of DNA Methylation in Hematopoietic Stem-Progenitor Cells by Heavy Ions (NNX11AK91G)
  + Measurements and Transport Phase 2 Physics Project (Phase_2_Physics)
  + The Effect of High LET Radiation on Differentiation and Tumorigenesis in the Human Hematopoietic System: Modeling in vitro and in vivo for Risk Assessment (NNX14AC27G)
  + Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Space Radiation-Induced Changes in Hippocampal-Dependent Behavior (NNX12AB55G)
  + SCALE: Shared Cognitive Architectures for Long-term Exploration (NNX15AM26G)
  + CREWS: Crew Recommender for Effective Work in Space (NNX15AM32G)
  + Asynchronous Techniques for the Delivery of Empirically Supported Psychotherapies (NNX15AN64G)
  + Design and Evaluation of Automated Electronic Checklists for Robotics Operations (NNX15AW35G)
  + Long-Term Effect of Space Radiation on Cardiomyocyte Turnover (NNX15AE06G)
  + Determination of Risk for and Occurrence of Heart Disease from Space Radiation (NNX15AD69G)
  + Identification of Aerobic Fitness Standards for Exploration Mission Tasks (Mission_Task_Aerobic)
  + Human Cerebral Vascular Autoregulation and Venous Outflow in Response to Microgravity-induced Cephalad Fluid Redistribution (Cephalad_Fluid)
  + Elucidating the Relationship Between the Effects of Various Radiation Qualities and Cancer Development Processes using Novel Flow-based Assays (NNJ08HD70I)
  + Targeting Protein Cross Talk Signaling as a Biological Predictor for Space Radiation Cancer Risk (NNX12AC32G)
  + Whole Joint Health: Investigating Modeled Spaceflight Changes in Mice (Postdoctoral Fellowship) (NCC958PF03003)
  + SPACE-COT: Studying the Physiological and Anatomical Cerebral Effects of Carbon Dioxide and Tilt (NCC958SMST00008)
  + Development of a Software and User Interface to Support Scenario Modeling of Astronaut Schedules to Aid in the Selection of Fatigue Countermeasures within the Behavioral Health and Performance Dashboard (NCC958HFP00004)
  + Integrated Medical Model (GRC Simulations) (IMM_GRC)
  + Standardized Behavioral Measures for Detecting Behavioral Health Risks during Exploration Missions (NNX15AK76A)
  + Sweat Rates during Continuous and Interval Aerobic Exercise: Implications for NASA Multipurpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV) Missions (Sweat_Rates)
  + Understanding and Preventing Crew Member Task Entrainment (NNX15AK77G)
  + Forecasting Sensorimotor Adaptability from Baseline Inter-Trial Correlations (NCC958PF04104)
  + Personality and Biological Predictors of Resiliency to Chronic Stress among High-Achieving Adults (NNX15AN96G)
  + Effects on Circadian Rhythm in Humans during Long-term Isolation and Confinement (Circadian_Rhythm_ICE)
  + Effects of Isolation and Confinement on Hippocampal Volume and Visuo-Spatial Memory (Vol_Spatial_Memory)
  + Physical Activity for Better Sleep and Psycho-physiological State during Isolation (Sleep_Isolation)
  + Quantifying and Developing Countermeasures for the Effect of Fatigue-Related Stressors on Automation Use and Trust During Robotic Supervisory Control (NCC958HFP04201)
  + Bone Recovery Potential after Bisphosphonate and PTH Treatment of Disuse Osteoporosis (NCC958BL00406)
  + NSCOR: NASA Specialized Center of Research on Radiation Carcinogenesis (NNX09AM08G)
  + Responses of Cardiac Tissue to Simulated Weightlessness (ARC00XX192)
  + Combined Effects of Space Radiation and Microgravity on the Function of Human Capillaries and the Endothelial Barrier: Implications for Degenerative Disorders (NNX14AR22G)
  + Skeletal Responses to Long-Duration Simulated Microgravity in Male and Female Rats (ARC00XX172)
  + A Gene Expression and Histologic Approach to the Study of Cerebrospinal Fluid Production and Outflow in Hindlimb Suspended Rats (ARC00XX173)
  + Pre-flight Training of Autonomic Responses for Mitigating the Effects of Spatial Disorientation During Spaceflight (ARC00XX174)
  + Biosensors for Exploration Medical System (Biosensors_EMS)
  + Development of Methods/Technologies for Medication Stability and Shelf-life (Medication_Stability)
  + Retrospective Analysis of Medication Usage during Long Duration Spaceflight (Retro_Med_Use)
  + THOR Injury Metric Development (ATD_Injury_Metric)
  + Charged Particle Radiation-Induced Genetic Damage in Transgenic Mice (NCC958RE00206)
  + Asynchronous Behavioral Health Treatment Techniques (NNX15AP57G)
  + Sleep Electroencephalography and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Measurements for Spaceflight and Analogs (NCC958NBPF04202)
  + Team Task Switching in Astronaut Crews on the International Space Station: Integrating Multiteam Membership, Multiteam Systems, Multitasking, & Multidimensional Networks to Monitor & Enable Functional Work Shifts in Astronaut Crews (NNX15AK73G)
  + Determining the Effect of Space Flight on the Incidence of Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Disease (NNX13AQ93G)
  + Role of LINC COmplex in Maintenance of MSC Beta-catenin Signaling Under Microgravity (Postdoctoral Fellowship) (NCC958PF04304)
  + Functional Decline in Mice with Alzheimer's-type Neurodegeneration is Accelerated by Charge-particle Radiation (NNX11AE41G)
  + The Mechanism of Excess Relative Risk on Carcinogenesis Induced by High-LET Radiation (NNX09AF24G)
  + Receptor Countermeasures to Bone Loss in Microgravity (NCC958BL00407)
  + Vestibular-Evoked Myogenic Potentials in Microgravity (VEMP)
  + Identification of Functional Metabolomic Alterations during the Simulated Spaceflight Environment (NNX16AG03G)
  + Impact of HZE Particles Exposure on Proliferation and Differentiation of Human Neural System Cells (NNJ04HD81G)
  + A Role for Homologous Recombination in Complex DSB Repair after HZE Particles (NNJ05HI36I)
  + Contribution of the Vestibular and Sympathetic Nervous Systems to Space-Induced Bone Loss - Postdoctoral Fellowship (NCC958PF02603)
  + Epigenetic Effects of Radiation on Epithelial Cell Self-renewal (NNA10DE03I)
  + Improving the Efficacy of Resistive Exercise Microgravity Countermeasures for Musculoskeletal Health and Function using Biomechanical Simulation (NCC958PF04105)
  + Effects of Intracranial Pressure and 1-Carbon Metabolites on the Optic Nerve Sheath in VIIP Syndrome (NCC958PF04102)
  + Effect of Unloading on the Structure and Mechanics of the Rotator Cuff Tendon-to-Bone Insertion (NCC958PF03503)
  + EyeBox CNS (NCC958SMST03601)
  + Evaluation of the Medical Food, Enterade-R, as a Radiation Countermeasure for Enteric Dysfunction (NCC958RE00007)
  + Motor Adaptation to Coriolis and Contact Forces (NAG1037)
  + Pharmacological Intervention to Prevent Disuse Osteopenia (NAG91458)
  + Development of a Flash X-ray Radiography and Tomography System to Measure Bone Mineral Density (T5282W)
  + Environmental Biomedical Stress Data Center (EBSDC)
  + Germ Cell Mutagenesis in Medaka Fish Following Exposure to Heavy, High Energy Cosmic Ray Nuclei (T5270W)
  + Staged Decompression with an Argon-Oxygen (ARGOX) Breathing Mixture to 3.5 PSIA (T982W)
  + Pharmacological Intervention To Prevent Disuse Osteopenia (NAG91150)
  + Simulated Space Radiation Studies for the Assessment of Chromosomal Damage: An Integrated Experimental and Theoretical Approach (T9466W)
  + DNA Double-strand Break Induction by HZE Particles: Repair and Consequences in Human and Rodent Cells (T9493W)
  + Thioaptamer Diagnostic System (NNX10CA98C)
  + Integrating Human Muscle Energetics and Mechanics (IHF_002_02MA_002_12)
  + Countermeasure for Managing Interpersonal Conflicts in Space: A Continuation Study (NCC958NBPF01603)
  + Automation Interface Design Tools Development (AIDTD)
  + Total System Approach (System_Approach)
  + Optimization of a Biomechanical Countermeasure for Disuse Osteoporosis (NAG53950)
  + Carotid Baroreflex Function during Prolonged Exercise (NAG5-4668)
  + Factors Modulating Radiation-Induced G2 Delays (NAG91023)
  + Measurement of Body Composition for Nutritional Assessment in Microgravity (NAG91039)
  + Monitoring of Sweat Calcium Using Skin Patches (NAG91151)
  + Nutritional Intervention to Improve Muscle Protein Metabolism during Stress (NAG91155)
  + Effects of Skeletal Unloading and Vitamin E on Bone in Mature Rats (NAG91159)
  + Individual Variations in Measures of Muscle and Bone in Ambulatory Subjects<br> (ARCbedrest068)
  + The Effect of Bed Rest on Bone Histology and the Calcium Endocrine System in Adult Men (ARCbedrest071)
  + Comparison of Bone Bending Stiffness in Elite Female Synchronized Swimmers and Judo Athletes (ARCbedrest190)
  + Exercise Countermeasure for Bedrest Deconditioning (ARCbedrest063)
  + Acute Cutaneous Microvascular Flow Responses to Whole Body Tilting in Humans (ARCbedrest102)
  + Comparison of Bending Stiffness in the Dominant and Non-dominant Tibias of Women (ARCbedrest142)
  + Pilot Study for the Life and Microgravity Spacelab Mission (LMS) (ARCbedrest146)
  + Effects of Age and Activity Level on Tibia Mass and Distribution (ARCbedrest202)
  + The Effect of Daily Physical Activity and Age on Bone Density and Bone Structure in Men (ARCbedrest210)
  + Serial Changes in Site Specific Bone Density and Structure with Paralysis (ARCbedrest222)
  + Stone Risk Factors in a study of Exercise Countermeasures for Bed Rest Deconditioning (ARCbedrest063a)
  + Graded Exercise Test to Volitional Exertion (Bruce protocol) (BRUCE)
  + Foot Reaction Forces during Bed Rest Analog for Lunar Exploration (Foot_Forces)
  + Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) during Bed Rest Analog for Lunar Exploration (MRI_Muscle)
  + Urine Calcium (Urine_Calcium)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Psychological Stress Measures (BRSMPSYCH)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Acetaminophen Test (BRSMAcet)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Actilight (BRSMAct)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Performance Testing (BRSMPT)
  + Prevention of Microgravity-Induced Stone Risk by Potassium Magnesium (KMg) Citrate (NSBRI_BL00210)
  + Otoacoustic Hearing Assessment of Space Station Crews (NAG91387)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Tendon Reflex (BRSMTReflex)
  + Vestibular-Cerebrovascular Interactions and Their Contribution to Post-Spaceflight Orthostatic Intolerance (NNJ04HI13G)
  + Exercise Effects on Central Nervous System Function and Structure in Bed Rest (Postdoctoral Fellowship) (NCC958PF04101)
  + Effects of Simulated Microgravity on the Anesthetic Properties of Propofol (NNJ04HF74G)
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  + EVA Walkback Test (EWT)
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  + Bone Densitometry Assessment (Flight Analog) (MR035G)
  + Functional Neurological Assessment: Computerized Dynamic Posturography (Flight Analog) (MR042G)
  + Functional Fitness Assessment (Flight Analog) (MR078G)
  + Isokinetic Muscle Function (Flight Analog) (MR079G)
  + Aerobic Capacity (Flight Analog) (MR080G)
  + Neurocognitive Assessment (WinSCAT) (Cognitive Assessment Tool for Windows) (Flight Analog) (MR085G)
  + Gender Differences in Bedrest: Autonomic and Neuroendocrine Changes and Vascular Responses in Lower and Upper Extremities (BEDREST0543)
  + Bed Rest and Immunity (BEDREST0037)
  + Alterations of Steroidogenesis by Exercise Countermeasures during Bed Rest (BEDREST0046)
  + Human Cerebral Cortex Plasticity in Response to Long-term Bedrest as an Analog to Microgravity (NSBRI20010036)
  + Retention of Skeletal, Musculature, and Postural Status with a Non-Invasive, Extremely Low-Level Mechanical Signal: A Ground-Based Evaluation of Efficacy (BEDREST0035)
  + Ultrasonic Bone Stimulation: Countermeasure to Orthostatic Intolerance (BEDREST0078)
  + Plethysmography (Fluid Shifts) (Pleth21)
  + Spectral Power Analysis (SPA29)
  + Biochemical Markers of Bone Turnover (BBM23)
  + Calcium Kinetics (CK22)
  + Peripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography (pQCT) (BRSMpQCT)
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  + Artificial Gravity Sleep Study (AGSLEEP)
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  + Skeletal Muscle Tissue Morphology and Biochemistry (STM26)
  + Subjective Postural Position (SPP17)
  + Short Radius Centrifuge (SRC)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Functional Mobility Test (BRSMFMT)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Functional Stretch Reflex (BRSMFSR)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: General Immunity (BRSMImmune)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Latent Virus Reactivation (BRSMLVR)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Plasma Volume (BRSMPV)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Cardiovascular Function (BRSMCF)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Reactive Hyperemia and Vasodilation (Vascular Function) (BRSMVF)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Physiological Stress Measures (BRSMPHYS)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Viral Specific Immunity (BRSMVSI)
  + Case Report Form (CRF)
  + A Countermeasure for Space Motion Sickness (BRC04-JSC05)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Urea Breath Test (BRSMUBT)
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  + Use of Fludrocortisone or Salt Load to Expand Plasma Volume in Ambulatory Subjects (ARCbedrest112)
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  + Etiology of Back Pain in Microgravity (ARCbedrest117)
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  + Artificial Gravity Exercise for Maintaining Fitness During Prolonged Space Flight (NAG91425)
  + Quantitative Computerized Tomography (BRSMQCT)
  + Rapid Measurements of Bone Loss Using Tracer-Less Calcium Isotope Analysis of Blood and Urine (Calcium_Isotope)
  + Alternative Compression Garment (Flight Analog) (BEDREST_ACG)
  + Surveillance of Ocular Parameters and Visual Function in Bed Rest Subjects (Ocular_Test)
  + Effects of Retronasal Smelling, Variety and Choice on Appetite and Satiety (NNX11AE53G)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Intelligent Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (BRSMiDXA)
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  + Constellation Program (CxP) EVA Systems Test 1 - Metabolic Costs and Biomechanics of a Planetary Suit (IST_1)
  + Constellation Program (CxP) EVA Systems Test 2 - Metabolic Costs and Biomechanics of Exploration Tasks in a Planetary Suit (IST_2)
  + Constellation Program (CxP) EVA Systems Test 3 - Effect of Center of Gravity on Metabolic Costs and Biomechanics of Ambulation in a Planetary Suit (IST_3)
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  + Metabolic Cost of Experimental Exercise (EPSP_Metabolic)
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  + Reusable Handheld Electrolytes and Lab Technology for Humans (rHEALTH Sensor) (NNX08CB51P)
  + Nanoscale Test Strips for Multiplexed Blood Analysis (NNX10CA97C)
  + Wearable Health Monitoring Systems (NNJ07JB20C)
  + Lightweight, Wearable Metal Rubber-Textile Sensor for In Situ Lunar Autonomous Health Monitoring (NNJ07JB18C)
  + Anthropometric Data from the William E. Thornton Collection (Thornton_Anthro)
  + Development of Countermeasures to Enhance Sensorimotor Adaptation (NCC958SA01601)
  + Optical Biosensors for In-Flight Measurement of Hormone Levels (Optical_Biosensors)
  + Advanced, Multiple Projection, Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (AMPDXA) Scanning System (TD_002_03)
  + Development of a Modular, Fiber Optic Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor for Quantitation of Diagnostic Proteins for Healing of Burns and Wounds (NCC958SMS00703)
  + Guided High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) from Mission-Critical Care (NCC958SMS00203)
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  + Nutritional Countermeasures To Ameliorate Losses in Muscle Mass and Function (NCC958NPFR00403)
  + Redox Modulation of Muscle Function in Microgravity (NCC958MA00209)
  + Redox Modulation of Skeletal Muscle Function in Microgravity (NCC958MA00701)
  + Nutritional Countermeasures to Radiation Exposure (NCC958NPFR00202)
  + Nutritional Countermeasures to Radiation-Enhanced Colon Cancer (NCC958NPFR00402)
  + Nutritional Modulation of Pancreatic Endocrine Function in Microgravity (NCC958NPFR00204)
  + Pharmacological Countermeasures for Space Motion Sickness (NSBRI_5136)
  + Microcapsule Gel Formulation of Promethazine Hydrochloride for Intranasal Administration (NSBRI_5377)
  + Design and Validation of a Dynamic Exercise Countermeasure Device (TD00209)
  + Apoptosis and Immune Homeostasis During Hindlimb Unloading (NCC958IIH00405)
  + Identification of Skeletal Muscle Performance Thresholds for Extended Duration Functional Task Performance (EORS_FTP)
  + Magnifying Lens Study (Magnifying_Lens)
  + The Multisystem Effect of Exercise Training/Nutritional Support During Prolonged Bed Rest Deconditioning: An Integrative Approach to Countermeasure Development for the Heart, Lungs, Muscles and Bones (NCC958CA00701)
  + Thermal Control During Astronaut Traverses (NCC958HFP00003)
  + Monitoring and Regulating Teamwork (NNX12AR15G)
  + Effects of Exposure to Heavy Particles (NAG91190)
  + Clinical Trial of the Efficacy of Melatonin as a Countermeasure for Entrainment to the Sleep/Wake Schedules Required during Shuttle Missions (NAG91035)
  + Biomechanical Countermeasure for Disuse Osteopenia (NSBRI-Bone1)
  + Modeling and Mitigating Spatial Disorientation in Low g Environments (NCC958SA01302)
  + Automated Use of DNA Probes for Rapid Detection of Bacteria in Water (9601212)
  + Sensorimotor Displays and Controls to Enhance the Safety of Human/Machine Cooperation During Lunar Landing (NCC958SA01604)
  + Distributed Team Decision Making in Exploration Missions (NCC958NBPF00204)
  + Enhancing Team Performance for Exploration Missions (NCC958NBPF00407)
  + NEXGEN Approaches to Chromatid Painting (NNX12AM92G)
  + The Effect of Microgravity on Fracture Healing/Ultrasound as a Possible Countermeasure (BL_002_07)
  + Space Qualifiable Magnetic Resonance Imaging System (TD_002_02)
  + The Constant Force Resistive Exercise Unit (CFREU) for Multi-Functional Exercise (NNX08CC17P)
  + Regulation of Macrophage Migration and Satellite Cell Proliferation during Skeletal Muscle Regeneration: Role of Urokinase Plasminogen Activator (GSRP_4246)
  + Development of a Submaximal Cycling Protocol to Identify the Ventilatory Threshold in Astronauts: Application to Monitor Changes in Endurance Capacity in Response to Long-Duration Spaceflight Missions (NNX10AE13G)
  + Tactile Sensory Supplementation of Gravitoinertial References to Optimize Sensorimotor Recovery (NCC958NA00702)
  + Investigating High-Frequency Vestibular Function: A Potential Flight Diagnostic (Postdoctoral Fellowship) (NCC958PF01402)
  + Gene Expression Profiling of Unloaded Skeletal Muscle (MA_002_07)
  + Advanced Technology Development of Laser-polarized Noble Gas Magnetic Resonance (NAG91489)
  + Fracture Healing in Haversian Bone under Conditions of Simulated Microgravity (NNX11AQ81G)
  + A Study Of Dietary Retinoid for Prevention of 56Fe-Induced Cancers in Rat Skin (NAG91528)
  + Arabidopsis as a Model for the Study of DNA Double Strand Break (DSB) Repair and DSB Induction by Space Radiation (NNA04CL13G)
  + Individual Genetic Susceptibility (NAG91519)
  + Microgravity Effects on In Vivo Transvascular Transport and Vascular Control (NNC04GB41G)
  + Psychosocial Performance Factors in Space Dwelling Groups (NCC958NBPF00403)
  + Evaluation of Intermittent Bright Light Exposure as a Space Flight Countermeasure (NAG53952)
  + Effects of Circadian Rhythms on Decompression Outcome (NAG91040)
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  + MiniCog: A Portable and Fast Assessment of Cognitive Functions (NCC958NBPF00405)
  + Quick Assessment of Basic Cognitive Function: Blood Pressure Cuffs for the Mind (NCC958NBPF00206)
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  + Suspension, the HPA Axis and Resistance to Infection (NCC958IIH00203)
  + Advanced Water Recovery Systems (Water_Systems)
  + Wastewater Processing Cascade Distillation Subsystem (NNJ04HE01A)
  + Development of Advanced Mid-Infrared Laser Based Gas Sensor Technology (NAG91482)
  + Plant Growth at Sub-Ambient Atmospheric Pressures with Control of the Partial Pressures of Constituent Gases (NNJ04HD77G)
  + Rapid Staged Development of ISS Water Quality Sensors (NNJ04HD71A)
  + Novel Microstructures for Vascular Tissue Engineering (NNJ04HC73G)
  + High Performance TiO2 Photocatalytic Coatings and Membranes for the Purification, Disinfection and Recycle of Water and Air in Space Applications (TiO2_Photo)
  + Advanced Development of the Direct Osmotic Concentration System (Osmotic_System)
  + Genomic & Phenotypic Changes in Yeast Related to Selective Growth Pressures Unique to Microgravity (NNJ04HC74G)
  + The Actin Cytoskeleton: A Molecular Signature for Whole Blood Cell Cultures in the Bioreactor (NNJ04HC82G)
  + Advanced Technology Development-Biosensors (ATD_Biosensors)
  + (NSCORT) for Advanced Life Support at Purdue/Howard/AAMU - Food Safety and Food Processing (NSCORT_Food)
  + Retrospective Study of Serum Sclerostin Measurements in Bedrest Subjects (ROI_Sclerostin)
  + Architecture and Mechanical Function in Bone with Recovery from Disuse Osteoporosis (NAG91097)
  + Pharmaceutical Countermeasure Effects on Tissue-Level Quality of Immobilized Bone (NCC958PF02304)
  + Resistance Exercise as a Countermeasure to Disuse-induced Bone Loss (ECP-EB-1)
  + Advanced EKG (ADVEKG)
  + Physiological Factors Contributing to Post Bed Rest Changes in Functional Performance (Functional Task Test) (BEDREST_FTT)
  + Somatosensory Suppression and Prevention of Post-flight Re-entry Disturbances (NAG91263)
  + Ultrasound Fracture Diagnosis in Space (NNX08AV74A)
  + Effects of Simulated Spaceflight on Virus-Specific Immunity (NAG91490)
  + Developing Predictive Measures of Sensorimotor Adaptability to Produce Customized Countermeasure Prescriptions (NCC958SA02801)
  + Integrative Cardiac Myocyte Model: Ion Channels, Ca and Contraction (CA_002_14IHF_002_04)
  + Food Technology Utilization (Food_Technology)
  + Predicting Vulnerability to Performance Impairment from Sleep Loss (NAG91161)
  + Sensorimotor Adaptation Following Exposure to Ambiguous Inertial Motion Cues (NCC958NA00405)
  + Astronaut Bone Medical Standards Derived from Finite Element [FE] Modeling of QCT Scans from Populations Studies (FEMQCT)
  + The Activation of Protein Breakdown in Muscle Upon Unloading and Possible Countermeasures (NCC958MA00404)
  + Individualized Fatigue Meter for Space Exploration (NNX10CA99C)
  + Performance and Sleep Consequences of Slam Shifts in Schedule (NNJ04HF76G)
  + The Influence of Rotational Cues on Human Tilt and Translation Responses (NNJ04HF79G)
  + AD ASTRA: Automated Detection of Attitudes and States through Transaction Recordings Analysis (NNX12AB40G)
  + Novel Double-Hit Mouse Model to Investigate Oxidative Damage from Radiation/ Hyperoxia Related to Space Exploration - Evaluation of Dietary Flaxseed as Countermeasure (NNX12AK19G)
  + Objective Monitoring of Crew Neurobehavioral Functions (105-day Russian Chamber Study) (NCC958NBPF00004)
  + Speech Monitoring Cognitive and Personality Alterations (NCC958NBPF00209)
  + Distributed Simulation of Integrated Human Function (CA00215IHF00203)
  + Developing Future Countermeasures for the Detrimental Effects of Space Flight: Role of Otolith Systems and Resolution of Tilt/Translation (NAG91254)
  + The Role of Inhibin and the Hypogonadal Axis in Regulating Bone Mass during Simulated Microgravity (GSRP_4255)
  + Mechanisms of Ocular Cataracts (NNJ05HI38G)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Vertical Jump (BRSMVJ)
  + Adaptation to Space Motion Sickness by Means of Prism Goggles Training (NAS917458)
  + Primate Circadian Rhythms in the Martian Environment (HPF00205)
  + Animal Model for Sleep Loss and Circadian Disruption (HPF00206)
  + Time Course of Metabolic Adaptations during Loading and Unloading (NNJ06HD81G)
  + Compact, Controlled Force Crew Exercise System (NNX10CB13C)
  + Psychophysics and Modeling of Spatial Orientation Perception (Postdoctoral Fellowship) (NCC958PF01103)
  + Comparison of Space Flight and Hindlimb Suspension Skeletal Unloading Models in Mice: Exploring Mechanisms of Mineralization (GSRP_5795)
  + Response of Thyroid to Space-like Radiation Fields (NAG91452)
  + Circadian Entrainment, Sleep-Wake Regulation and Performance during Space Flight (NSBRI_5047)
  + Clinical Immunology Study - European Collaboration (ESA_CIS)
  + Proteomic Profiling of Human Heart Tissue Exposed to Microgravity (NNX12AK76G)
  + Visual Orientation, Navigation, and Spatial Memory Countermeasures (NCC958NA00402)
  + Cell and Molecular Biomechanics: Cardiac and Skeletal Muscle (MA_002_11)
  + Improving Orthostatic Tolerance in Women: Control of Splanchnic and Cutaneous Vascular Capacitance (NNJ04HF45G)
  + Blue Light for Enhancing Alertness in Space Missions (NCC958HPF00001)
  + Crew Interactions and Autonomy During Long-Duration Isolation and Confinement (105-Day Russian Chamber Study) (NCC958NBPF00005)
  + Assessing Team Performance in Autonomous Environments (Autonomous_Environ)
  + Spatial Organization within Prostate Cancer Spheroids (NAG91351)
  + Analysis of a Clinical Database as a Means to Validate Non-invasive Assessment of Intracranial Pressure Using the Cerebral and Cochlear Fluid Pressure (CCFP) Analyzer (CCFP_Analyzer)
  + Magnetically Agitated Photocatalytic Reactor for Water Recovery (Photo_Reactor)
  + A Soluble Guanylyl Cyclase Mouse Knock-Out Model (NCC958CA00213)
  + Therapeutic Modulation of Systemic Glucose-Dependent Insulintropic Peptide Levels to Counteract Microgravity-Induced Bone Loss (NCC958BL00206)
  + (NSCORT) for Advanced Life Support at Purdue/Howard/AAMU - Air and Water Resource Recovery (NSCORT_Air)
  + (NSCORT) for Advanced Life Support at Purdue/Howard/AAMU - Crop and Bio Mass Production (NSCORT_Crop)
  + (NSCORT) for Advanced Life Support at Purdue/Howard/AAMU - Integrated Systems Group (NSCORT_ISG)
  + (NSCORT) for Advanced Life Support at Purdue/Howard/AAMU - Solid Waste Resource Recovery (NSCORT_Waste)
  + Lunar EVA Dosimetry: MIcroDosimeter iNstrument (MIDN) System Suitable for Space Flight (NCC958TD00407)
  + Space Radiation Risk Assessment (Radiation_Risk)
  + Hyperpolarized 129Xe MRI of the Brain, Lungs and Plants Augmented with MRI Pulse Sequence Development (NAG91041)
  + Hyperpolarized 129Xe MRI of the Brain, Lungs and Plants Augmented with MRI Pulse Sequence Development--NNX07AP80G (NNX07AP80G)
  + Hyperpolarized Noble Gas Magnetic Resonance Imaging (NNX07AP82G)
  + MRI Pulse Sequence Development (MRI_Development)
  + Bone Formation through Biomineralization and Bioengineering (Postdoctoral Fellowship) (NCC958PF01902)
  + A Scanning Confocal Acoustic Diagnostic System for Non-Invasively Assessing Bone Quality (NCC958TD00405)
  + Dark Focus In-house Study (Dark_Focus)
  + Effects of Microgravity on Intracranial Pressure (NCC958CA02801)
  + Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation (GVS) Augmented Training for Exploration Class Missions (NCC958SM00801)
  + Pharmacotherapeutics of Intranasal Scopolamine (NCC958NA00404)
  + Neurovestibular Aspects of Short-Radius Artificial Gravity: Toward a Comprehensive Countermeasure (NCC958NA00406)
  + Early Markers of Space-Radiation Induced Human Cataractogenesis (NNJ07HC79I)
  + Integrated Cognitive Assessment: Combining Measurement, System, and Mission (NNX08CC20P)
  + Effect of Simulated Microgravity on the Vestibulosympathetic Reflex in Humans (NCC958CA00207)
  + Suited Contingency Ops Food - 2 (Contingency_Food_2)
  + Oculometric Technologies for Aerospace Applications (Oculometric_Tech)
  + Objective Detection, Evaluation and Countermeasures for In-flight Depression (NCC958NBPF01301)
  + Calcium Homeostasis and muscle phenotype: Role of Cellular Energetics (MA_002_10)
  + Microorganisms in the Spacecraft Environment--NSBRI (NCC958IIH00205)
  + Cardiovascular Imaging and Strategies to Mitigate the Risk for Cardiac Events in Astronauts during Prolonged Spaceflight (NCC958CA02201)
  + Cardiac Unloading: Biologic Mechanisms and Countermeasures for Cardiac Atrophy (NCC958CA00204)
  + Space Craft Internal Acoustic Environment (Acoustic_Modeling)
  + Advanced Life Support Systems Integration Modeling and Analysis (ALS_Modeling)
  + Minimally Invasive Diagnosis and Therapy of Microgravity Medical Contingencies (NCC958SMS00301)
  + Ground Portion - Advanced Diagnostic Ultrasound in Microgravity (NCC958SMS00001)
  + Medical Operational Support Team (MOST) (Operational_Team)
  + Medical Operations Support Team--Development and Testing of a Space-Adapted Human Patient Simulator (NCC958SM00012)
  + Simulated Microgravity and Radiation-Induced Bone Degeneration: Oxidative Stress- and p53-Dependent Mechanisms (NNH04ZUU005N)
  + A Combinatorial Approach of Exercise and Myostatin Inhibition to Enhance Compromised Bone (Postdoctoral Fellowship) (NCC958PF01404)
  + Ultrasonic Assessment of Anisotropic Mechanical Properties of Cancellous Bone after Disuse with and without Anti-Resorptive Therapy (Postdoctoral Fellowship) (Ultrasonic_Therapy)
  + Maintaining Musculoskeletal Health in the Lunar Environment (NCC958MA01602)
  + Increasing the Efficiency of Exercise Countermeasures for Bone Loss (NCC958BL00404)
  + Space Radiation and Bone Loss: Lunar Outpost Mission Critical Scenarios and Countermeasures (NCC958BL01302)
  + Optical Coherence Tomography Analysis of the Optic Nerve Head and Surrounding Structures in Long Duration ISS Crew Members (SD_OCT)
  + Microgravity-Driven Optic Nerve/Sheath Remodeling Simulator - MONSTR Sim (NNX13AP91G)
  + HZE Radiation: Modulation Of Genetic Effects By RNA Interference Of NHEJ (NNJ04HD83G)
  + Radiation Induced Cardiovascular Oxidative Stress: Thiol Modification of Proteins and Novel and Sensitive Biomarkers (NCC958CA00002)
  + Flexible High-Barrier Polymers for Food Packaging (NNX10CB04C)
  + Association of Diffusion Tensor Imaging Parameters of Optic Tracts and Cerebral White Matter Tracts with Visual Impairment and Structural Changes of the Eyes and Optic Nerves in Long-Duration Microgravity Exposure (NNX13AH23G)
  + Radiation-Induced Early Changes in Gene and Protein Expression, Lipid Oxidative States, and Vascular Function Related to Atherosclerosis (NNX14AH88G)
  + Detection and Prevention of Neurobehavioral Vulnerability to Space Radiation (NCC958NBPF01604)
  + Low Latency Teleoperation Study (LLT)
  + Mechanistic Study of the Risk of Low Doses of HZE Particles on Human Cell Pre-Malignant Transformation (HZE_Transformation)
  + Preventing Secondary Brain Injury by Early Detection of Cerebral Bleeding and Edema (NCC958SMST03301)
  + Wearable, Sustained Acoustic Medicine for Back Pain (NCC958SMST03901)
  + e-Vision Electronic Adjustable Power Eyeglasses for Space and Earth (NCC958SMST00013)
  + Equinox Balance Goggles: The Effects of Local Orbital Pressure Changes on Intraocular Pressure (NCC958SMST00012)
  + Multi-Use Near-Infrared Spectroscopy System for Spaceflight Health Applications (NCC958SMST02801)
  + Signaling at the Vestibular Calyx Synapse (Postdoctoral Fellowship) (NCC958PF03004)
  + Electronic Procedures for Crewed Missions beyond Low Earth Orbit (LEO) (Electronic_Procedure)
  + Integrated Regulation of Bone and Muscle Metabolism by Simulated Microgravity (NCC958MA02802)
  + NSCOR: Space Radiation and Intestinal Tumorigenesis: Risk Assessment and Counter Measure Development (NNX09AU95G)
  + Comparing Globe Distortions Following Head-Down Bed Rest to those Measured in Astronauts in Short and Long-Duration Spaceflights (NNX16AG96G)
  + The Impact of Modeled Microgravity and Prior Radiation Exposure on Cytomegalovirus Reactivation and Host Immune Evasion (CMV_Reactivation)
  + Training for Generalizable Skills and Knowledge: Integrating Principles and Procedures (NNX15AP26G)
  + Quantifying and Predicting Operationally-Relevant Performance in a Long-Duration Spaceflight Analog (NNX16AO30G)
  + Computational Modeling to Limit the Impact Displays and Indicator Lights Have on Habitable Volume Operational Lighting Constraints (HAB_Lighting)
  + Biophotonic Plant (Moss) Stress Detection (NNX09AL97G)
  + Enhanced Labeling Techniques to Study the Cytoskeleton During Root Growth and Gravitropism (NAG21518)
  + Functional genomics of plant response and adaptation to low atmospheric pressure (NNA04CC61G)
  + Hypobaric Plant Biology - Molecular Responses of Arabidopsis to the Low Atmospheric Pressures of Spaceflight Vehicles and Planetary Habitats (NNX13AM46G)
  + Space Radiation Risk Assessment Project (Rad_Risk_Assess)
  + Advanced EVA Biomedical and Energetics Performance and Space Suit Assessment (NCC958TD00001)
  + Evaluation of Compression Garments as Countermeasures to Orthostatic Intolerance (Compression_Garments)
  + Exploration Medical System Demonstration (Exploration_Med_Sys)
  + Pilot Studies of Radiation Damage in Organ Tissues of Mice (Radiation_Damage)
  + Exosomes and Secretory Factors as Mediators of Non-targeted Effects of HZE Particles (NNX15AD63G)
  + Integrated Cardiovascular (ICV) 2.0: Assessing the Risk for Atrial Fibrillation in Astronauts during Long Duration Spaceflight (NNX15AP25G)
  + Altered Ocular Structure/Function and Mitigation of Peri-Optic Nerve Edema during Simulated Microgravity (Postdoctoral Fellowship) (NCC958PF03001)
  + Molecular Basis for the Role of the Vacuole in Shoot Gravitropism (NNX09AK78G)
  + Role of endomembranes in plant responses to space environment stresses (NNX09AK90G)
  + Mapping gravitropic signaling and response: from ions to growth (NNX09AK80G)
  + The Interaction Of Touch And Gravitropic Signaling In Plant Roots (NAG21594)
  + Combined Proteomic And Molecular Genetic Approaches To The Study Of Early Phases Of Root Gravitropism In Arabidopsis thaliana (NAG21602)
  + Molecular Genetics of Root Thigmoresponsiveness in Arabidopsis thaliana (NNA04CC71G)
  + Dwarf Fruit Production Study (Dwarf_Fruit)
  + Maturing Technology for Major Reductions in Energy, Mass, and Crew Time for Plant Lighting in Space (NNX09AL99G)
  + Defining the Role of the Receptor Like Kinase FERONIA in Plant Architecture Development Under Mechanical Load (NNX13AM47G)
  + Dynamics of auxin transport protein localization and gravitropism (NNX09AK82G)
  + Regulation of Auxin Transport by Phosphorylation and Flavonoids during Gravitropism in Arabidopsis (NAG21507)
  + A US-Russian Collaborative Proposal for Data Collection in HERA: The Relationship between Composition, Interpersonal Relations, and Team Effectiveness in Space Crews (NNX16AQ48G)
  + Developing and Validating Sensor-based Measurement Strategies for Team Member Selection (NNX17AB55G)
  + A Multi-faceted Approach to Examine Team Adaptation and Resilience within Isolated, Confined, and Extreme Environments (NNX16AM17G)
  + The Role of the Bone Marrow Microenvironment in Space Radiation-Induced Leukemogenesis (NNX13AB67G)
  + Testing Mechanical Countermeasures for Cephalad Fluid Shifts (NCC958SMST04201)
  + Validation of a Cephalad Fluid Shift Countermeasure (NCC958SMST04202)
  + Biomarker Assessment for Identifying Heightened Risk for Cardiovascular Complications During Long-duration Space Missions (NCC958CA04201)
  + Countermeasures for Neurobehavioral Vulnerabilities to Space Radiation (NCC958NBPF04201)
  + Flexible Ultrasound System (Flexible_Ultrasound)
  + Cytogenetic Study of Heavy Ion-Induced Chromosomal Damage in Human Cells (NA00405)
  + Increasing Cognition Administration Order Flexibility (NCC958NBPF00012)
  + The Integrated Impact of Diet on Human Immune Response, the Gut Microbiota, and Nutritional Status during Adaptation to Spaceflight (Food_Physiology)
  + RNA Deep Sequencing and Metabolomic Profiling of Microgravity-Induced Regulation of the Host-Pathogen Interaction: An Integrated Systems Approach (NNX13AM01G)
  + Omics and Biochemical Markers of Cardiovascular and Bone Health: Relationship with Bedrest and Standard Physiological Measures (NNX16AR26G)
  + Generalizable Skills and Knowledge for Exploration Missions (NNX15AW34G)
  + Induction of Early Stages of Osteoarthritis After Exposure to Microgravity (Postdoctoral Fellowship) (NCC958PF02601)
  + Multispectral Imaging for the Early Detection of Ophthalmological Injury in Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (NCC958SMST00009)
  + Assessing the Impact of Chronic Sleep Restriction on Sleep and Performance-Associated Regional Brain Activation Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (Postdoctoral Fellowship) (NCC958PF03002)
  + The Impact of Objectively Measured Sleep Deficiency and Circadian Misalignment on Performance during Spaceflight (NCC958HFP04504)
  + Development and Validation of Therapeutic Ultrasound for Bloodless Surgery in Clinical Simulation in an Analog Environment (NCC958SMST04501)
  + A Phantom and Test Bed to Enhance Kidney Stone Comminution by Therapeutic Ultrasound (NCC958SMST04502)
  + Creating a Taxonomy of Variables Affecting Cognitive Aid Design via an Investigation of Hybrid Aids (NNX16AP91G)
  + The Role of Microgravity and Stress-related Humoral Factors in Dysregulated NK-cell Function during Spaceflight (NCC958PF04307)
  + Mitigation of the Spacecraft Radiation Environment via Magnetic Shielding by an Array of Dispersed Superconducting Magnets (NCC958PF04305)
  + Fluid Shift Associated Lymphostasis of the Gut Induces Inflammation and Microbial Intolerance (Postdoctoral Fellowship) (NCC958PF04308)
  + Effects of Charged Particles on the Uterus (NCC958PF04302)
  + Characterizing the Recovery of Sensorimotor Performance in Returning Astronauts (NCC958PF04301)
  + Sleep, Physical Inactivity, Circadian Rhythms, and Cardiovascular Vulnerability (NCC958PF04303)
  + Protection of Neurogenesis as a Neuroprotectant Strategy for Low-Dose Space Radiation (NCC958PF04309)
  + Development of Predictive Degradation Models and Determination of Bioequivalence of Pharmaceutical Preparations Contained in the Medical Kits on Board the International Space Station (NCC958PF04306)
  + Environmental Factors Associated with Sleep Deficiency during Spaceflight (NCC958HFP04502)
  + Healing Response of Injured Rodent Knee Ligaments to Hindlimb Unweighting and the Therapeutic Efficacy of Growth Hormone (NAG91152)
  + Prototype Testing for Non-Invasive Determination of Intracranial Pressure (NCC958SMS00701)
  + Evaluation of Host-Pathogen Interactions during Exposure to Microgravity Analogues (NNJ04HF75G)
  + Identification of Cardiometabolic Vulnerabilities Caused by Effects of Synergistic Stressors Commonly Encountered during Space Missions (NNX10AR10G)
  + Precise Assessment of Prevalence and Progression Rates of Lens Opacities in Astronauts as a Function of Radiation Exposure during Space Flight and Development of Improved Routine Clinical Assessment of Ocular Lens Status (NAG91491)
  + Near Infrared Brain Imaging for Space Medicine (NSBRI01)
  + Noninvasive Intracranial Diameter and Pressure Measurement Using Ultrasound (96OLMSA0ICP)
  + Intraocular Pressure, Retinal, Vascular, and Visual Acuity Changes During 48 Hours of 10 Degree Head Down Tilt (NIHRR0073)
  + Evaluation of Photic Countermeasures for Circadian Entrainment of Neurobehavioral Performance and Sleep-Wake Regulation Before and during Spaceflight (NCC958HFP01601)
  + Operational Evaluation of a Photic Countermeasure to Improve Alertness, Performance, and Mood During Night-Shift Work on the 105-Day Study (NCC958HFP00002)
  + Ground Based Measurement of Bone Loss in Astronauts Using AMPDXA GCS (NCC958TD00403)
  + Adaptation in Artificial Gravity (NAG91483)
  + The Effect of Skeletal Unloading on Bone Formation (NNA04CC67G)
  + Contributors to Long-Term Recovery of Bone Strength following Exposure to Microgravity (NNX08AQ35G)
  + Composing and Developing Resilient, Adaptive, and Self-Sustaining Teams for Long Duration Space Exploration (NNX11AR22G)
  + Effects of High Versus Low Autonomy on Space Crewmember Performance (Autonomy) (NNJ05HG01A)
  + Maintenance of Skeletal Integrity in Spaceflight: Interaction among Partial Weight Bearing, Microgravity and Novel Therapeutics (NNX10AE39G)
  + Optical Computer Recognition of Performance Under Stress (NCC958NBPF00402)
  + Second Generation Electronic Nose (NASA_JPL_5444)
  + Role of Growth Hormone Secretagogues and Exercise on Muscle Homeostasis Under Microgravity (Muscle_Homeostasis)
  + Head-Down Tilt as a Model for Intracranial and Intraocular Pressures, and Retinal Changes during Spaceflight (NNX13AD94G)
  + Glucose Kinetics and Muscle Atrophy (Glucose_Kinetics)
  + Influence of Exercise on Human Single Muscle Fiber Function with Long-Term Bedrest (NNJ04HF72G)
  + Determination of the Magnitude and Time Course of Cardiovascular Alterations During a Simulated Extended Stay Lunar Mission (Time_Course)
  + Automated Behavior and Cohesion Assessment Tools (NNX10CB01C)
  + Metrics and Methods for Real-Time Task Performance Assessment (NCC958HFP03401)
  + Cyber Partners: Harnessing Group Dynamics to Boost Motivation for More Efficient Exercise (NCC958MA03401)
  + Ocular Blood Flow Measured Noninvasively in Zero Gravity (20050215017)
  + CogGuage: A Cognitive Assessment Tool (NNX08CC18P)
  + Occupant Protection Data Mining and Modeling Project (Occupant_Protection)
  + Developing, Maintaining, and Restoring Team Cohesion (NNX09AK47G)
  + Factors Contributing to Food Acceptability and Consumption, Mood, and Stress on Long-term Space Missions (NNX12AE56G)
  + Optimization of Astronaut Decompression Sickness Prevention Protocols Using Probabilistic Gas and Bubble Dynamics Models (NNJ04HF52I)
  + Artificial Gravity and Light as Countermeasures for Circadian Dysfunction in Altered Gravity Environments (NNJ04HF44G)
  + Mathematical Model for Scheduled Light Exposure: Circadian/Performance Countermeasure (NCC958HPF00203)
  + Development of an Objective Behavioral Assay of Cohesion to Enhance Composition, Task Performance, and Psychosocial Adaptation in Long-Term Work Groups (Work_Groups)
  + Development of an Index of Habitability Using Converging Indicators: Physiology, Performance, and Subjective Reports (Habitability_Index)
  + Kinesthetic Compensation for Sensorimotor Rearrangement (Kinesth_Comp)
  + Neuromuscular Function and Countermeasures to Prolonged Unweighting (GSRP_4247)
  + Space Suit Simulator (S3) for Partial Gravity EVA Experimentation and Training (SBIR_8726)
  + ESPRIT: Exercise Sensing and Pose Recovery Inference Tool (SBIR_8720)
  + Cardiovascular Genomics in Gravitational Transitions (SMS_002_08)
  + Impact of Long Duration Space Flight on Cardiac Structure and Function (NCC958CA02203)
  + Radiation, Endothelial Cell Senescence, Accelerated Aging, and Atherosclerosis (NCC958CA01301)
  + Non-Adrenergic Mechanisms of Cardiovascular Deconditioning (NCC958CA00405)
  + NSCOR: Radiation Leukemogenesis (NAG91569)
  + Hybrid Training - A Sensory Stimulation Countermeasure for Long Duration Space Exploration Missions (NNX16AI53G)
  + LumosTech Smart Sleep Mask for Circadian Realignment in Space and on Earth (NCC958HFP00005)
  + Software Enabled Therapeutics for Psychiatry, Neurology, and Pain (NCC958NBPF03601)
  + Rapid Signaling Changes Induced by Gravity in Cells of the Fern Ceratopteris richardii (NNX13AM54G)
  + Effects of Alphalipoic Acid on Irradiation Induced Cognitive Deficits (Postdoctoral Fellowship) (NCC958PF02301)
  + NextGen Crew Countermeasure Software for Exploration Mission Support (NCC958MA04501)
  + Team Cohesion Monitoring Badge: Development of Galvanic Skin Resistance Modality (NNX16AR52G)
  + Musculoskeletal Response to a Partial-gravity Analog in Rats: Structural, Functional, and Molecular Alterations (NNX16AL36G)
  + Molecular Cloning And Characterization Of The Gps Mutants Of Arabidopsis (NAG21608)
  + Mechanosensitive Ion Channels in Plants: Genetic, Computational and Systems-Level Approaches to Understanding their Proposed Role in Gravity Perception (NNX13AM55G)
  + Using Analog Missions to Develop Effective Team Composition Strategies for Long Duration Space Exploration (NNX15AN05G)
  + Lighting Protocols for Exploration: HERA Campaign (NNX15AM28G)
  + Identification of Muscle Fitness Standards for Exploration Mission Tasks (Mission_Tasks_Muscle)
  + Evaluation of an Impedance Threshold Device as a VIIP Countermeasure (Impedance_Breathing)
  + High-Protein and Polyphenol Bar Formulations: Utilizing Whey Protein-Polyphenol Ingredients (NNX15AQ81G)
  + Lunar EVA Dosimetry: Design of a Radiation Dosimeter for Astronauts during Lunar Extravehicular Activities (NCC958RE01301)
  + Leadership-Followership: Moving Beyond Traditional Leadership to Build Highly Functioning Autonomous Teams (NNX14AK54G)
  + Customized Refresher and Just-in-Time Training for Long-Duration Spaceflight Crews (NCC958HFP03801)
  + Recovery of IGF-1 Signaling in Bone by Skeletal Reloading (Postdoctoral Fellowship) (NCC958PF01102)
  + Interaction Between IGF-1 and Integrin Signaling in the Response of Bone to Mechanical Load (Postdoctoral Fellowship) (NCC958PF02102)
  + Diagnostic Three Dimensional Ultrasonography: Development of Novel Compression, Segmentation and Registration Techniques for Manned Space Flight Applications (NCC958SMS.002.06)
  + Computational Modeling of Chromosome Aberrations Produced by HZE Particles (NNJ06HA27G)
  + Tissue-Specific Acute and Late Molecular Surveillance of Particle Radiation Effects (NNX07AV20G)
  + Risk Assessment of Space Radiation-Enhanced Colon Tumorigenesis (NNX08BA54G)
  + Cognitive/Behavioral, Sensory, and Motor Changes Induced by Solar Particle Event (SPE) and Galactic Cosmic Ray (GCR) Irradiations (NNX09AC52G)
  + Impact of Microgravity on the Cell-CelInteractions between a Mutualistic Bacterium and Its Animal Host (NNX13AM44G)
  + Role of Oxidative Stress in Mediating the Effects of Combined Exposure to Simulated Microgravity and Radiation on Neurovascular Remodeling in Mouse (NNX13AL97G)
  + Epigenetic and Protein Expression Pattern Profiling of Caenorhabditis elegans Exposed to Time-Varying Gravitational Fields: a Multi-Generational Study (NNX13AM08G)
  + Impact of Spaceflight on Primary and Secondary Antibody Responses (NNX13AN34G)
  + Iron Overload and Oxidative Damage: Regulators of Bone Homeostasis in the Space Environment (NNX13AL25G)
  + Sclerostin's Role in Regulating Bone Formation During Long-Term Simulated Microgravity and Subsequent Recovery (ARC00XX171)
  + Yeast Colony Survival in Microgravity Depends on Ammonia Mediated Metabolic Adaptation and Cell Differentiation (NNX13AN32G)
  + Defining Epigenetic Programming During Flight Expeditions In Differentiating Embryonic Stem Cells (NNX12AN09G)
  + HZE-induced Mammary Cancer Development Processes in Murine and Humanized Models and Their Influence on Radiation Quality Functions (NNX09AE95G)
  + Brain Gene Expression Signatures from Cerebrospinal Fluid Exosome RNA Profiling (ARC00XX152)
  + Chromatid Painting for Chromosomal Inversion Detection (NNX10CB05C)
  + Identification of the Changes in the Brain Proteome Associated with HZE-induced Neurocognitive Impairment (NNX11AC56G)
  + 3D Tissue Models for Study of Intercellular Signaling Stimulated by High Energy Particles (NNX12AB61G)
  + Redox Regulation of nNOS Translocation and Muscle Atrophy During Mechanical Unloading (NNX13AE45G)
  + Radiation Quality and the Relationship between Induced Telomere Dysfunction and Mutagenesis (NNX10AB36G)
  + Vitamins B1 and K Degradation in Spaceflight Foods: Establishment of Prediction Models and Prevention Strategies (NNX14AP32G)
  + Characterization of Psychological Risk, Overlap with Physical Health, and Associated Performance in Isolated, Confined, Extreme (ICE) Environments (NNX15AC13G)
  + Tissue-Equivalent Radiation Dosimeter-On-A-Chip (NNJ08JA55C)
  + Effects of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors (ACEI) on Bone Turnover (NNX13AQ92G)
  + OCT High Performance EVA Glove (HPEG) Project Support (EVA_Glove)
  + HZE-induced Skin Carcinoma: An in-vivo-like Multicellular Epithelial Model System for Analysis of Radiation Quality Effects and DSB Repair Processes (NNJ11HB91I)
  + High-LET Radiation, Reproductive Hormones and Chronic Inflammation: An Integrated Approach to Carcinogenesis Risk Estimate (NNX13AD58G)
  + Synergistic Effects of Bcl2, Cigarette Smoking and Space Radiation on Carcinogenesis (NNX12AC30G)
  + Effects of Space Radiation on Hippocampal-Dependent Learning and Neuropathology in Wild-Type and Alzheimer's Disease Transgenic Mice (NNX11AR05G)
  + Examining Individual Differences in Temporal Profiles of Cardiovascular Responses to Head down Tilt during Fluid Loading (Fluid_Loading)
  + The Role of Artificial Gravity in Promoting Tissue-Regenerative Matrix-Integrin-Kinase Cell Signaling (ARC00XX50)
  + Influence of Exercise Modality on Cerebral-Ocular Hemodynamics and Pressures (Exercise_Modality)
  + Effects of Short-Term Hypercapnia during Head-Down Bed Rest on Ocular Structures and Cerebral Blood Flow in Healthy Human Subjects (CO2_Head_Down_Tilt)
  + Multimodal Augmented Displays for Surface Telerobotic Missions (Multi_Telerobotics)
  + Gravity-Induced Plasticity in Mammalian Utricular Hair Cells: Intrinsic or Multisensory? (NNX13AL99G)
  + Simulated Microgravity and Radiation-Induced Bone Degeneration: Oxidative Stress- and p53-Dependent Mechanisms (ARC00XX71)
  + Space Flight-Altered Motility Activation and Fertility-Dependent Responses in Sperm from Sea Urchin and Rodents (NNX13AM62G)
  + Stable Calcium Isotopes in Urine as a Biomarker of Bone Mineral Balance in Spaceflight (NNX14AB78G)
  + Evaluation of Crew-Centric Onboard Mission Operations Planning and Execution Tool (Onboard_Planning)
  + Effect of Sensorimotor Adaptation Following Long-Duration Spaceflight on Perception and Control of Vehicular Motion (Manual_Control_GD)
  + Effects of Chronic and Single-Dose Charged Particle Exposure on Cardiac Function and Structure in Multiple Animal Models (80NSSC17K0425)
  + Attenuation of Space Radiation-induced Pro-oxidant and Fibrotic Signaling in the Heart by Nutritional and Genetic Interventions: Adventures in Tissue Sharing (80NSSC17K0118)
  + The role of mechanoperception in gravity responses of the model organism Drosophila melanogaster (ARC00XX53)
  + RNA Binding Proteins as Evolutionarily Conserved Cellular Spaceflight Response Mechanisms (ARC00XX63)
  + The Fungal Response to Simulated Microgravity (ARC00XX64)
  + Molecular basis of LSMMG biofilm resistance (ARC00XX61)
  + Altered Gravity Effects Upon Vestibular Adaptation, Development and Regulation of Bone Homeostasis (ARC00XX128)
  + Objective Function Allocation Method for Human-Automation/Robotic Interaction Using Work Models That Compute (NNX17AB08G)
  + Developing and Validating Specific Medical Event Management Training Protocols for Flight Crews on Deep Space, Long-Duration Space Exploration Missions (NCC958HFP04501)
  + Wearable Kinematic Systems for Quantifying 3-D Space Utilization in the Microgravity Environment (NNX15AP28G)
  + Bone Remodeling under Differential Gravitational Environments (80NSSC19K0431)
  + Interactive Space Vehicle Design Tool with Virtual Reality (80NSSC18K0198)
  + Feasibility of DPOAE Mapping as an In-Flight Measure of Intracranial Pressure in Space (NCC958PF04103)
  + Using a Human Capabilities Framework to Quantify Crew Task Performance in Human-Robotic Systems (80NSSC19K0655)
  + Temporal Impact of Simulated Microgravity on Ocular Vascular Hydrodynamics (80NSSC19K1025)
  + Approaching Gravity as a Continuum: Musculoskeletal effects of fractional reloading (80NSSC19K1598)
  + Enabling Autonomous Crew Task Performance with Multimodal Electronic Procedure Countermeasures (80NSSC19K0657)
  + Awakening Endogenous Retroviruses with the Space Environment (80NSSC19K1057)
  + Blood-based Multi-scale Model for Cancer Risk from GCR in Genetically Diverse Populations (NNJ16HP24I)
  + Neurobehavioral and CNS-Related Physiological Changes Following Space Radiation (NNX15AC71G)
  + Effects of Inflight Treadmill Exercise on Postflight Sensorimotor and Functional Performance (Treadmill_DM_Study)
  + Mechanisms of Cell Survival Following Space Radiation-Induced Mitotic Catastrophe: Implications for Cancer Risk (NNX12AG50G)
  + Telomeric Proteins in the Radiation/DNA Damage Response (NNX08AB65G)
  + Radiation and Gliomagenesis: A Sensitive Model System to Evaluate the Tumorigenic Potential of HZE Particles (NNX10AE08G)
  + Space Relevant Radiation-Induced Cardiovascular Disease Risk Thresholds: Effect of Gender on the Outcome (80NSSC18K0921)
  + Effects of Transdermal Vagal Nerve Stimulation (tVNS) on Cognitive Performance under Sleep Deprivation Stress (80JSC020T0009)
  + Towards a Real-time Estimate of Circadian Phase during Spaceflight (80NSSC20K0576)
  + Renal Stone Management Technology Development and Clinical Validation Study (Renal_Stone_Study)
  + Establishment of Training Metrics, Standards, and Guidelines for Long-Duration Space Missions (80NSSC20K0844)
  + DNA Damage Responses Induced By HZE Particles In Human Cells (NNA05CM04G)
  + VIIP Simulations of Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF), Hemodynamics and Ocular Risk (VIIP SCHOLAR) (NNX16AT06G)
  + Bacillus Spore Probiotics: Evaluation of Survival and Efficacy After Exposure to Deep-Space Radiation Simulating Long-Duration Human Exploration Missions (80NSSC20K1297)
  + Mechanical and Gravitational Countermeasures to Ocular Changes during Strict Head-down Tilt Bedrest (Ocular_Changes_HDT)
  + NSCOR: Mechanisms Underlying Charged Particle-Induced Disruption of CNS Function (NNX15AI22G)
  + Non-pharmaceutical Motion Sickness Mitigation (Nonpharm_Motion_Sick)
  + Simulation of GCR-Induced Harderian Gland and Lung Tumorigenesis (NNJ16HP22I)
  + Investigation of Partial-g Effects on Ocular Alignment (80NSSC20K1498)
  + A Simple and Compact Countermeasure for Maintenance and Enhancement of Neuromuscular Control During Spaceflight (80NSSC20K1585)
  + The Impact of Human Spaceflight on Clonal Hematopoiesis (80NSSC20K1841)
  + Exercise Countermeasure to Prevent Ocular Structural and Functional Changes in a Terrestrial Model of SANS (80NSSC20K1034)
  + Envihab Bed Rest Standard Measures: Bone Marker, Hematology, and Nutrition (ESA_BRSM_Bone_Hema)
  + Envihab Bed Rest Standard Measures: Ancillary Measures (ESA_BRSM_Ancillary)
  + Envihab Bed Rest Standard Measures: Bone Mineral Density (ESA_BRSM_Bone_Dens)
  + Envihab Bed Rest Standard Measures: Immunology (ESA_BRSM_Immunology)
  + Envihab Bed Rest Standard Measures: Maximal Aerobic Capacity (ESA_BRSM_VO2Max)
  + Envihab Bed Rest Standard Measures: Muscle Strength (ESA_BRSM_Muscle_Stre)
  + Envihab Bed Rest Standard Measures: Neuromuscular Power Vertical Jump (ESA_BRSM_Vert_Jump)
  + Envihab Bed Rest Standard Measures: Ocular Tests (ESA_BRSM_Ocular)
  + Envihab Bed Rest Standard Measures: Postural Equilibrium Control (ESA_BRSM_Posture)
  + Envihab Bed Rest Standard Measures: Psychological Testing (ESA_BRSM_Psych)
  + Envihab Best Rest Standard Measures: Tilt Test (ESA_BRSM_Tilt_Test)
  + Envihab Bed Rest Standard Measures: Treadmill Locomotion Test (ESA_BRSM_Treadmill)
  + Mechanisms of the Repair of HZE Induced DNA Double-Strand Breaks in Human Cells (NNX07AU42G)
  + Gravitational Dose and Multi-system Physiologic Response (NNX16AO73G)
  + Conversation Analysis to Measure and Manage Trust in Virtual Assistants (80NSSC19K0654)