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Flight Analogs Project (FAP)

The Flight Analogs Project (FAP) currently underway at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) at Galveston, provides NASA with a ground-based research platform to complement space research. Head down bed rest closely imitates the detrimental effects of microgravity on the human body. A series of studies are being performed on bed rest subjects to determine the effects of microgravity and to develop countermeasures to significantly reduce or eliminate these effects on the human body. By simulating the physiological conditions of weightlessness here on Earth, NASA can test and refine scientific theories and procedures on the ground before using these in space. The Flight Analogs Project is one way NASA will answer questions about future space exploration as well as devise methods to ensure astronaut health, safety and productivity.

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  + B Complex: 5-Methyltetrahydrofolate, Riboflavin, Pyridoxine, and Methylcobalamin Supplementation as a Non-Mechanical Countermeasure to Mitigate Optic Disc Edema Changes During Strict 6º Head-Down Tilt Bed Rest (B_Complex_HDT)
  + Promoting Behavioral Health, Cognitive, Sensorimotor, and Immune Function Using Guided Imagery to Augment Exercise Training in an Isolated and Confined Spaceflight Analog Environment (80NSSC19K1480)
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  + Using a Human Capabilities Framework to Quantify Crew Task Performance in Human-Robotic Systems (80NSSC19K0655)
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  + Integrated Resistance and Aerobic Exercise Training With Small Compact Exercise Equipment (BEDREST_iRATS)
  + Exploring Endothelial Function Risk Factors and Optic Disc Edema Changes During Strict 6º Head-Down Tilt Bed Rest (Risk_Factors_HDT)
  + Ophthalmic and Intracranial Structural Changes in Head-down Tilt Bedrest: Potential Countermeasures and Comparison to SANS Findings in Astronauts (OPTICS Study) (80NSSC20K0920)
  + Effects of Long-Duration Spaceflight on Venous and Arterial Compliance in Astronauts: Bed Rest Study (BEDREST_NaVC)
  + Leadership-Followership: Moving Beyond Traditional Leadership to Build Highly Functioning Autonomous Teams (NNX14AK54G)
  + Identification and Validation of BHP Standard Measures in HERA for Transport (BHP_SM)
  + Development of an Objective Behavioral Assay of Cohesion to Enhance Composition, Task Performance, and Psychosocial Adaptation in Long-Term Work Groups (Work_Groups)
  + Optical Computer Recognition of Stress, Affect and Fatigue in Space Flight (OCR_Validation)
  + Composing and Developing Resilient, Adaptive, and Self-Sustaining Teams for Long Duration Space Exploration (NNX11AR22G)
  + Evaluation of the Validity, Acceptability and Usability of Biomathematical Models to Predict Fatigue in an Operational Environment (Operational_Fatigue)
  + A Multi-faceted Approach to Examine Team Adaptation and Resilience within Isolated, Confined, and Extreme Environments (NNX16AM17G)
  + Developing and Validating Sensor-based Measurement Strategies for Team Member Selection (NNX17AB55G)
  + Real-Time Estimation of the Effects of a Simulated Long-Duration Exploration Mission on Flight Performance, Workload, and Situation Awareness (NNX16AO29G)
  + A US-Russian Collaborative Proposal for Data Collection in HERA: The Relationship between Composition, Interpersonal Relations, and Team Effectiveness in Space Crews (NNX16AQ48G)
  + Quantifying and Predicting Operationally-Relevant Performance in a Long-Duration Spaceflight Analog (NNX16AO30G)
  + Habitability Ground and Analog Testing (Habitability_Testing)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Vertical Jump (BRSMVJ)
  + AD ASTRA: Automated Detection of Attitudes and States through Transaction Recordings Analysis (NNX12AB40G)
  + Physiological Factors Contributing to Post Bed Rest Changes in Functional Performance (Functional Task Test) (BEDREST_FTT)
  + A Quantitative Test of On-Orbit Exercise Countermeasures for Bone Demineralization Using a Bed Rest Analog (UWSCI)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Intelligent Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (BRSMiDXA)
  + Effects of Retronasal Smelling, Variety and Choice on Appetite and Satiety (NNX11AE53G)
  + Testosterone Supplementation as a Countermeasure against Musculoskeletal Losses during Space Exploration (NNX10AP86G)
  + Surveillance of Ocular Parameters and Visual Function in Bed Rest Subjects (Ocular_Test)
  + Alternative Compression Garment (Flight Analog) (BEDREST_ACG)
  + Thermoregulation (Thermo)
  + Rapid Measurements of Bone Loss Using Tracer-Less Calcium Isotope Analysis of Blood and Urine (Calcium_Isotope)
  + Quantitative Computerized Tomography (BRSMQCT)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Lactulose Test (BRSMLac)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Hepatic and Renal Function (BRSMRF)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Glucose Breath Test (BRSMGBT)
  + Methods for the Assessment of Gastrointestinal Physiology and Function in a Lunar Analog Environment (SmartPill)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Urea Breath Test (BRSMUBT)
  + Case Report Form (CRF)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Viral Specific Immunity (BRSMVSI)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Physiological Stress Measures (BRSMPHYS)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Reactive Hyperemia and Vasodilation (Vascular Function) (BRSMVF)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Cardiovascular Function (BRSMCF)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Plasma Volume (BRSMPV)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Latent Virus Reactivation (BRSMLVR)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: General Immunity (BRSMImmune)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Functional Stretch Reflex (BRSMFSR)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Functional Mobility Test (BRSMFMT)
  + Peripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography (pQCT) (BRSMpQCT)
  + Ultrasonic Bone Stimulation: Countermeasure to Orthostatic Intolerance (BEDREST0078)
  + Retention of Skeletal, Musculature, and Postural Status with a Non-Invasive, Extremely Low-Level Mechanical Signal: A Ground-Based Evaluation of Efficacy (BEDREST0035)
  + Human Cerebral Cortex Plasticity in Response to Long-term Bedrest as an Analog to Microgravity (NSBRI20010036)
  + Alterations of Steroidogenesis by Exercise Countermeasures during Bed Rest (BEDREST0046)
  + Bed Rest and Immunity (BEDREST0037)
  + Gender Differences in Bedrest: Autonomic and Neuroendocrine Changes and Vascular Responses in Lower and Upper Extremities (BEDREST0543)
  + Neurocognitive Assessment (WinSCAT) (Cognitive Assessment Tool for Windows) (Flight Analog) (MR085G)
  + Aerobic Capacity (Flight Analog) (MR080G)
  + Isokinetic Muscle Function (Flight Analog) (MR079G)
  + Functional Fitness Assessment (Flight Analog) (MR078G)
  + Functional Neurological Assessment: Computerized Dynamic Posturography (Flight Analog) (MR042G)
  + Bone Densitometry Assessment (Flight Analog) (MR035G)
  + Clinical Nutritional Assessment (Flight Analog) (MR016G)
  + Clinical Laboratory Assessment (Flight Analog) (MR010G)
  + Neuroendocrine and Cardiovascular Response to Tilt (Flight Analog) (MR001G)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Functional Neurological Status Exam (BRSMFNSE)
  + Combined Effects of Nutritional and Exercise Countermeasures (BEDREST2013)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Performance Testing (BRSMPT)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Actilight (BRSMAct)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Acetaminophen Test (BRSMAcet)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Psychological Stress Measures (BRSMPSYCH)
  + Urine Calcium (Urine_Calcium)
  + Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) during Bed Rest Analog for Lunar Exploration (MRI_Muscle)
  + Foot Reaction Forces during Bed Rest Analog for Lunar Exploration (Foot_Forces)
  + Graded Exercise Test to Volitional Exertion (Bruce protocol) (BRUCE)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Tendon Reflex (BRSMTReflex)
  + Team Task Switching in Astronaut Crews on the International Space Station: Integrating Multiteam Membership, Multiteam Systems, Multitasking, & Multidimensional Networks to Monitor & Enable Functional Work Shifts in Astronaut Crews (NNX15AK73G)
  + CREWS: Crew Recommender for Effective Work in Space (NNX15AM32G)
  + SCALE: Shared Cognitive Architectures for Long-term Exploration (NNX15AM26G)
  + Wearable Biosensor Monitor to Support Autonomous Crew Health and Readiness to Perform (Wearable_Bio_Monitor)
  + Effects of Isolation and Confinement on Hippocampal Volume and Visuo-Spatial Memory (Vol_Spatial_Memory)
  + Cognitive Performance and Crew Cohesion during Confinement in NASA’s Human Research Program Human Exploration Research Analog (NNX14AH98G)
  + Understanding and Preventing Crew Member Task Entrainment (NNX15AK77G)
  + Bed Rest as a Spaceflight Analog to Study Neurocognitive Changes: Extent, Longevity, and Neural Bases (NCC958SA02802)
  + Protocols for Asynchronous Communication in Space Operations: Communication Analysis (Com_Analysis)
  + Dynamic Team Role Allocation in Long Duration, Exploration Missions: Identification of Roles, Triggers, and Measurement Tools (NNX14AM73G)
  + Evaluation of the ISS Food Intake Tracker App (ISS_FIT)
  + Biomarkers as Predictors of Resiliency and Susceptibility to Stress in Space Flight (NNX14AN49G)
  + Crew Scheduling Tools (SPIFe_Scheduling)
  + Sensorimotor Assessment and Rehabilitation in Parabolic Flight (Sensorimotor_Rehab)
  + Using Real-Time Lexical Indicators to Detect Performance Decrements in Spaceflight Teams: A Methodology to Dynamically Monitor Cognitive, Emotional, and Social Mechanisms that Influence Performance (NCC958NBPF0340)
  + Measuring, Monitoring, and Regulating Teamwork for Long Duration Missions (NNX13AM77G)
  + NEK Standard Measures: Positive and Negative Affect Scale (PANAS) (NEK_SM_PANAS)
  + NEK Standard Measures: General Health Questionnaire (GHQ) (NEK_SM_GHQ)
  + HERA Standard Measures: Positive and Negative Affect Scale (PANAS) (HERA_SM_PANAS)
  + Project FUSION: Facilitating Unified Systems of Interdependent Organizational Networks (80NSSC18K0511)
  + NSCOR for Evaluating Risk Factors and Biomarkers for Adaptation and Resilience to Spaceflight: Emotional Valence and Social Processes in ICC/ICE Environments (80NSSC17K0644)
  + Psychology International Standard Measures (HRP_SM_HERA)
  + Spaceflight Habitability Acceptability Questionnaire (SHAQ) Development and Validation (SHAQ)
  + Understanding Key Components of Successful Autonomous Space Missions (NNX16AM16G)