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NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations (NEEMO) Project

The NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations (NEEMO) Project is a cooperative effort between NASA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the National Undersea Research Center (NURC), and the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. NEEMO was developed by astronaut training specialists to utilize an undersea research habitat, known as Aquarius as a multi-objective mission analog for long-duration space flight. NEEMO missions provide scientists a research platform to study crew behavior, habitability, and space analog life sciences in extreme environments. The objectives of each NEEMO mission varies and consist of space mission related activities such as EVAs (also known as extra vehicular activities), in-habitat science and research, and educational, public outreach, and media events.

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  + Sensorimotor Assessment and Rehabilitation in Parabolic Flight (Sensorimotor_Rehab)
  + Crew Scheduling Tools (SPIFe_Scheduling)
  + Readiness to Perform in a Space Analog Environment (NCC958NBPF00802)
  + Assessing the Impact of Communication Delay on Performance: An Examination of Autonomous Operations Utilizing Analog Environments (Comm_Delay_Ground)
  + Human Factors and Habitability Assessment Tool (Assessment_Tool)
  + Analog Validation Study of Team Measures (Team_Measures)
  + A Scheduling and Planning Tool in NEEMO 14--A Simulated Space Environment (Planning_Tool)
  + Constant Force Resistive Exercise Unit Evaluation (NEEMO-CFREU)
  + Immune Function Changes During a Spaceflight-analog 12-day Undersea Mission (ROI_Immune)
  + Actigraphy: A Tool for Monitoring Sleep and Activity in an Isolated Environment (Aquarius) (NEEMO-ACTIWATCH)
  + Antimicrobial Technology Evaluation (NEEMO-AGION)
  + Portable Bone Quality Assessment Device (NEEMO-BONE)
  + Smart Health Care: LifeGuard Wireless Physiological Monitor (NEEMO-BTE)
  + Operational Evaluation of In-suit Doppler (NEEMO-DOPPLER)
  + Latent Viral Shedding in Small Isolated Groups (NEEMO-E049)
  + Habitability Assessment: Habitat Utilization Analysis from Human Factors Perspective (NEEMO-HABITABILITY)
  + Clinical Nutritional Assessment (NEEMO-MR016L)
  + Wound Healing (NEEMO-MR076L)
  + Magic Window System: Habitability and Recreational Applications of Innovative Imagery Systems (NEEMO-MWS)
  + Otoacoustic Hearing Assessment (NEEMO-OAE)
  + Physiologic Monitoring (NEEMO-PHYS)
  + Evaluation of the Space Therapeutics Assessment Recorder (STARx) and the Automated Neuropsychological Assessment Metric (ANAM) Readiness Evaluation System (ARES) on the Palm PDA Platform: A Device for Real-Time Monitoring of Drug Effectiveness (NEEMO-STARx)
  + Evaluation of Muscle Stretching Protocol during Neutral Buoyancy (NEEMO-STRETCH)
  + Bacterial Detection: Correlation of an Automated Real-time System Operated <I>in situ</I> with Comprehensive Characterization in the Laboratory (NEEMO-SWAB)
  + Wireless Location Tracking (NEEMO-TRACK)
  + Evaluation of Portable Ultrasound in Remote Environments: NEEMO (NEEMO-ULTRASOUND)
  + Evaluation of the VitalSense Wireless Physiological Monitoring System (NEEMO-VITALSENSE)
  + Smart Health Care: Wireless Sensor Networks (NEEMO-WSN)
  + Oxidative Damage During a 12-day Saturation Dive (ROI_Nutrition)
  + Influence of Center of Gravity on Human Performance in Partial Gravity (EPSP_CG)
  + NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations (NEEMO) - 14 Project: Advanced Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Exploration Activities Study to Assess Human Performance Responses in Partial Gravity Environments (EPSP_Tasks)
  + Vigilance, Stress and Sleep/Wake Measures and Low Autonomy Study in NEEMO 13-A Simulated Space Environment (NCC958NBPF00803)
  + Habitability Ground and Analog Testing (Habitability_Testing)
  + Cardiac Adapted Sleep Parameter Electrocardiogram Recorder (CASPER)