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Advanced Human Support Technologies (AHST)

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  + Optimization of Root Zone Substrates (ORZS) for Reduced-Gravity (AHST LADA-MIS)
  + Sabatier Risk Mitigation and Development (Sabatier_EDU)
  + Flow and Distribution of Fluid Phases through Porous Plant Growth Media in Microgravity (NAG91399)
  + High Capacity Thermally Regenerated Supported Amines for CO2 Capture (CO2_Capture)
  + Development of a Solid-State Compressor for Closed-Loop Air Revitalization Systems (Solid_Compressor)
  + A Novel Membrane Microbial Fuel Cell for Energy and Resource Recovery from Solid Organic Wastes (NNJ04HG05G)
  + Ethylene synthesis and Sensitivity in Crop Plants (Crops_Ethylene)
  + Microfabricated Optical Biosensor Arrays for Air Quality Monitoring (NAG91372)
  + Automated Microfluidic Devices for Monitoring Biological Systems in Space (NNJ05HB38G)
  + Development and Application of Reliability Analysis Techniques for Early Advanced Life Support Systems (NNJ04HG90G)
  + Equivalent System Mass Impacts of Clothing on Wastes and Mission Cost (Clothing_Impacts)
  + Microfluidic Device-Based Capture and Concentration of Microbial Contaminants in Recycled Water (Micro_Contaminants)
  + Bioluminescent Monitoring of Opportunistic Pathogens in the Spacecraft Environment (NAG91424)
  + Prototype Biophotonic Biosensor for Monitoring VOC Contaminants in Spacecraft Habitats (NNJ04HF02A)
  + Denitrification Composter to Stabilize Space-Mission Trash (Space_Trash)
  + Minimization of Ultrafiltration Membrane Fouling through the Optimization of Membrane Surface/Surfactant Interactions (Surface_Interactions)
  + Effect of on Genetic Expression of Ethylene, Gas Exchange, and Crop Productivity (Hypobaria_Effects)
  + Crop Production Technology: Advanced Life Support (Crop_Technology)
  + Optimization of the Integrated Advanced Water Recovery System Post-Processing System (Water_System)
  + Real-Time Gaseous Process Control Monitoring Based on Acoustic Properties (NAG91544)
  + Compaction of Space Mission Wastes (Mission_Wastes)
  + Biological Water Treatment Technology: Integrated Evaluation of Submerged Bioreactor Technology (Bio_Technology)
  + Treatment of Urine/Condensate Spacecraft Wastewater Using Hollow Fiber Membrane Biofilm Redox Control Reactor (NNJ04HD62G)
  + The Evaluation and Selection of Catalyst to Mineralize Organic Impurities in Reclaimed Water (Reclaimed_Water)
  + Development of a Nitrifying Packed Bed Bioreactor for use in an Advanced Water Recovery System for Microgravity Environments (Nitrifying_Reactor)
  + Micro-Machined Drift Tubes for Ion Mobility Spectrometry: Studies Toward a Microbial Analyzer for Manned Spacecraft (NAG91477)
  + Fundamentals of Ion- Molecule/Surface Reactions and Instrument Development (Surface_Reactions)
  + Using Cyanobacterial Hemoglobins to Sustain Human Life on Mars (GSRP_6102)
  + Advanced CO2, Humidity, and Trace Contaminant Control System for Closed Loop Life Support Systems (NNJ04HF73A)
  + Advanced Control System Development for Integration of Advanced Life Support Systems (Integrated_ALS)
  + Development of NASA-Specific Bioinformatics Environment (Bio_Environment)
  + Advanced Diamond Electrodes for Electrochemical Based Monitoring of Spacecraft Water (NNJ04HI10G)
  + Integrated Biotreatment Technology for Nitrogen-Rich Wastewaters in Advanced Life Support Systems (NNJ04HD78G)
  + (NSCORT) for Advanced Life Support at Purdue/Howard/AAMU - Education and Outreach Lead (NSCORT_Education)
  + Advanced SERS-Based Sensor for Monitoring Air Quality in Space Cabin Environments (NAG91298)
  + Rotating Membrane Water Purification for Long-Term Human Presence in Space (NAG91398)
  + VPCAR Thermal Optimization (VPCAR)
  + Multiplexed Colorimetric Solid Phase Extractions: Sensors for Monitoring Spacecraft Water Quality (Water_Quality)
  + Low Power Two-Phase Active Thermal Control System (Thermal_System)
  + Development of Metal Impregnated Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes (SWCNT) for Elimination of Toxic Contaminants in Advanced Life Support Systems (Carbon_Nanotubes)
  + Advanced Trace Gas Monitoring Technology for NASA Human Space Flight (Gas_Monitoring)
  + Vortex Dehumidification System (NNJ04HD74G)
  + Long-term Test of the JPL ENose in Crew Habitat on Orbit (AHST-E-nose)
  + Distributed Monitoring and Control of Complex Dynamic Systems (NCC9159)
  + Systems Impacts of Waste Processing (Waste_Processing)
  + Analyzing Interferometer for Ambient Air (AHST-ANITA)
  + Mars Radiator Characterization Experiment (Mars_Radiator)
  + Using CO2 Gas Exchange to Determine the Factors Controlling Respiration and Carbon use Efficiency in Crop Plants (GSRP_5556)
  + Advanced Water Recovery Systems (Water_Systems)
  + Wastewater Processing Cascade Distillation Subsystem (NNJ04HE01A)
  + Development of Advanced Mid-Infrared Laser Based Gas Sensor Technology (NAG91482)
  + Plant Growth at Sub-Ambient Atmospheric Pressures with Control of the Partial Pressures of Constituent Gases (NNJ04HD77G)
  + Rapid Staged Development of ISS Water Quality Sensors (NNJ04HD71A)
  + High Performance TiO2 Photocatalytic Coatings and Membranes for the Purification, Disinfection and Recycle of Water and Air in Space Applications (TiO2_Photo)
  + Advanced Development of the Direct Osmotic Concentration System (Osmotic_System)
  + Advanced Technology Development-Biosensors (ATD_Biosensors)
  + (NSCORT) for Advanced Life Support at Purdue/Howard/AAMU - Food Safety and Food Processing (NSCORT_Food)
  + Multi-purpose Carbon Dioxide Removal System (NAG91383)
  + Magnetically Agitated Photocatalytic Reactor for Water Recovery (Photo_Reactor)
  + (NSCORT) for Advanced Life Support at Purdue/Howard/AAMU - Air and Water Resource Recovery (NSCORT_Air)
  + (NSCORT) for Advanced Life Support at Purdue/Howard/AAMU - Crop and Bio Mass Production (NSCORT_Crop)
  + (NSCORT) for Advanced Life Support at Purdue/Howard/AAMU - Integrated Systems Group (NSCORT_ISG)
  + (NSCORT) for Advanced Life Support at Purdue/Howard/AAMU - Solid Waste Resource Recovery (NSCORT_Waste)
  + Advanced Life Support Systems Integration Modeling and Analysis (ALS_Modeling)
  + Water Offset Nutrient Delivery Experimental Research (9801036)
  + Tissue-Equivalent Radiation Dosimeter-On-A-Chip (NNJ08JA55C)