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Related Experiments
  + Integrated Resistance and Aerobic Exercise Training With Small Compact Exercise Equipment (BEDREST_iRATS)
  + Effects of Long-Duration Spaceflight on Venous and Arterial Compliance in Astronauts: Bed Rest Study (BEDREST_NaVC)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Vertical Jump (BRSMVJ)
  + AD ASTRA: Automated Detection of Attitudes and States through Transaction Recordings Analysis (NNX12AB40G)
  + Prevention of Bed Rest Induced Osteoporosis: Effect of an Individual Tailored Exercise Program (Thornton_Bedrest)
  + Somatosensory Suppression and Prevention of Post-flight Re-entry Disturbances (NAG91263)
  + Physiological Factors Contributing to Post Bed Rest Changes in Functional Performance (Functional Task Test) (BEDREST_FTT)
  + Advanced EKG (ADVEKG)
  + Resistance Exercise as a Countermeasure to Disuse-induced Bone Loss (ECP-EB-1)
  + Retrospective Study of Serum Sclerostin Measurements in Bedrest Subjects (ROI_Sclerostin)
  + The Multisystem Effect of Exercise Training/Nutritional Support During Prolonged Bed Rest Deconditioning: An Integrative Approach to Countermeasure Development for the Heart, Lungs, Muscles and Bones (NCC958CA00701)
  + Biomechanical Countermeasure for Disuse Osteopenia (NSBRI-Bone1)
  + A Quantitative Test of On-Orbit Exercise Countermeasures for Bone Demineralization Using a Bed Rest Analog (UWSCI)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Intelligent Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (BRSMiDXA)
  + Effects of Retronasal Smelling, Variety and Choice on Appetite and Satiety (NNX11AE53G)
  + Testosterone Supplementation as a Countermeasure against Musculoskeletal Losses during Space Exploration (NNX10AP86G)
  + Surveillance of Ocular Parameters and Visual Function in Bed Rest Subjects (Ocular_Test)
  + Alternative Compression Garment (Flight Analog) (BEDREST_ACG)
  + Thermoregulation (Thermo)
  + Rapid Measurements of Bone Loss Using Tracer-Less Calcium Isotope Analysis of Blood and Urine (Calcium_Isotope)
  + Quantitative Computerized Tomography (BRSMQCT)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Lactulose Test (BRSMLac)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Hepatic and Renal Function (BRSMRF)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Glucose Breath Test (BRSMGBT)
  + Methods for the Assessment of Gastrointestinal Physiology and Function in a Lunar Analog Environment (SmartPill)
  + Age Related Differences, Physical Activity Level and Bone Density in Women (ARCbedrest185)
  + The Effect of Daily Activity and Age on Bone Density in Men (ARCbedrest170)
  + The Effect of Daily Activity and Age on Bone Density in Women (ARCbedrest169)
  + Dietary Sodium Effects on Bone and Calcium Metabolism (ARCbedrest159)
  + Etiology and Countermeasure for Back Pain Associated with Microgravity (ARCbedrest147)
  + 6 Degree Headdown Tilt with Balance Traction to Emulate Spinal Lengthening Experienced by Astronauts during Microgravity (ARCbedrest129)
  + The Effect of Daily Activity and Age on Bone Density (ARCbedrest126)
  + Etiology of Back Pain in Microgravity (ARCbedrest117)
  + Minimum Intermittent Gz Requirements With or Without Activity for Preventing Fluid and Electrolyte Regulating Hormone Changes After 4 Hours -6 Degrees Head Down Bed Rest (ARCbedrest116)
  + Use of Fludrocortisone or Salt Load to Expand Plasma Volume in Ambulatory Subjects (ARCbedrest112)
  + Pathophysiology and Treatment of Spinal Pain Associated with Microgravity (ARCbedrest086)
  + Intramuscular Pressure During Concentric and Eccentric Contraction in Isotonic and Isokinetic Exercise (ARCbedrest079)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Urea Breath Test (BRSMUBT)
  + Case Report Form (CRF)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Viral Specific Immunity (BRSMVSI)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Physiological Stress Measures (BRSMPHYS)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Reactive Hyperemia and Vasodilation (Vascular Function) (BRSMVF)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Cardiovascular Function (BRSMCF)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Plasma Volume (BRSMPV)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Latent Virus Reactivation (BRSMLVR)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: General Immunity (BRSMImmune)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Functional Stretch Reflex (BRSMFSR)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Functional Mobility Test (BRSMFMT)
  + Short Radius Centrifuge (SRC)
  + Subjective Postural Position (SPP17)
  + Skeletal Muscle Tissue Morphology and Biochemistry (STM26)
  + Ocular Counter Rolling and Subjective Visual Vertical (OCR18)
  + Genotyping (ACE 20) (ACE20)
  + Artificial Gravity Sleep Study (AGSLEEP)
  + Bone Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) (BMRI28)
  + Leg Muscle Volume by Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) (LMRI24)
  + Peripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography (pQCT) (BRSMpQCT)
  + Calcium Kinetics (CK22)
  + Biochemical Markers of Bone Turnover (BBM23)
  + Spectral Power Analysis (SPA29)
  + Plethysmography (Fluid Shifts) (Pleth21)
  + Ultrasonic Bone Stimulation: Countermeasure to Orthostatic Intolerance (BEDREST0078)
  + Retention of Skeletal, Musculature, and Postural Status with a Non-Invasive, Extremely Low-Level Mechanical Signal: A Ground-Based Evaluation of Efficacy (BEDREST0035)
  + Human Cerebral Cortex Plasticity in Response to Long-term Bedrest as an Analog to Microgravity (NSBRI20010036)
  + Alterations of Steroidogenesis by Exercise Countermeasures during Bed Rest (BEDREST0046)
  + Bed Rest and Immunity (BEDREST0037)
  + Gender Differences in Bedrest: Autonomic and Neuroendocrine Changes and Vascular Responses in Lower and Upper Extremities (BEDREST0543)
  + Neurocognitive Assessment (WinSCAT) (Cognitive Assessment Tool for Windows) (Flight Analog) (MR085G)
  + Aerobic Capacity (Flight Analog) (MR080G)
  + Isokinetic Muscle Function (Flight Analog) (MR079G)
  + Functional Fitness Assessment (Flight Analog) (MR078G)
  + Functional Neurological Assessment: Computerized Dynamic Posturography (Flight Analog) (MR042G)
  + Bone Densitometry Assessment (Flight Analog) (MR035G)
  + Clinical Nutritional Assessment (Flight Analog) (MR016G)
  + Clinical Laboratory Assessment (Flight Analog) (MR010G)
  + Neuroendocrine and Cardiovascular Response to Tilt (Flight Analog) (MR001G)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Functional Neurological Status Exam (BRSMFNSE)
  + Combined Effects of Nutritional and Exercise Countermeasures (BEDREST2013)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Performance Testing (BRSMPT)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Actilight (BRSMAct)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Acetaminophen Test (BRSMAcet)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Psychological Stress Measures (BRSMPSYCH)
  + Urine Calcium (Urine_Calcium)
  + Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) during Bed Rest Analog for Lunar Exploration (MRI_Muscle)
  + Foot Reaction Forces during Bed Rest Analog for Lunar Exploration (Foot_Forces)
  + Graded Exercise Test to Volitional Exertion (Bruce protocol) (BRUCE)
  + Bed Rest Standard Measures: Tendon Reflex (BRSMTReflex)
  + Prevention of Microgravity-Induced Stone Risk by Potassium Magnesium (KMg) Citrate (NSBRI_BL00210)
  + Stone Risk Factors in a study of Exercise Countermeasures for Bed Rest Deconditioning (ARCbedrest063a)
  + Serial Changes in Site Specific Bone Density and Structure with Paralysis (ARCbedrest222)
  + The Effect of Daily Physical Activity and Age on Bone Density and Bone Structure in Men (ARCbedrest210)
  + Effects of Age and Activity Level on Tibia Mass and Distribution (ARCbedrest202)
  + Pilot Study for the Life and Microgravity Spacelab Mission (LMS) (ARCbedrest146)
  + Comparison of Bending Stiffness in the Dominant and Non-dominant Tibias of Women (ARCbedrest142)
  + Acute Cutaneous Microvascular Flow Responses to Whole Body Tilting in Humans (ARCbedrest102)
  + Exercise Countermeasure for Bedrest Deconditioning (ARCbedrest063)
  + Comparison of Bone Bending Stiffness in Elite Female Synchronized Swimmers and Judo Athletes (ARCbedrest190)
  + The Effect of Bed Rest on Bone Histology and the Calcium Endocrine System in Adult Men (ARCbedrest071)
  + Individual Variations in Measures of Muscle and Bone in Ambulatory Subjects<br> (ARCbedrest068)
  + Bed Rest as a Spaceflight Analog to Study Neurocognitive Changes: Extent, Longevity, and Neural Bases (NCC958SA02802)