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This is used for discontinued or demanifested experiments

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  + Clinical Characterization of Space Motion Sickness (SMS) (DSO 454)
  + Evaluation of Thermoregulation during Short-Duration Space Flight (DSO 629)
  + A Low-Intensity Mechanical Countermeasure to Prohibit Osteoporosis in Astronauts During Long-Term Spaceflight (ILSRA-2001-079)
  + Effects of Long-Duration Spaceflight on Venous and Arterial Compliance in Astronauts (NCC958CA03402)
  + Mechanisms of Post-Spaceflight Orthostatic Intolerance (NSBRI 0001028)
  + Monitoring of Heart Rate and Blood Pressure During Entry, Landing, and Egress: An Index of Countermeasure Efficacy (SMO 008)
  + Otoacoustic Hearing Assessment of Space Station Crews (SMO 011)
  + A Quantitative Test of On-Orbit Exercise Countermeasures for Bone Demineralization Using a Bed Rest Analog (UWSCI)