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Shuttle Detailed Supplementary Objectives (DSO)

Conducted aboard the Space Shuttle, Detailed Supplementary Objectives (DSO) were medical investigations supplementary to the primary Shuttle payload performed voluntarily by the crewmembers. DSOs flown on Shuttle missions were designed to require minimal crew time, power and stowage. DSOs focused on studying adaptation to microgravity (specifically space motion sickness) as well as cardiovascular deconditioning, muscle loss, changes in coordination and balance strategies, radiation exposure, pharmacokinetics and changes in the body's biochemistry.

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Related Experiments
  + Extra Ocular Motion (EOM) Studies, Pre-, In and Post Flight (DSO 404)
  + Air Monitoring and Atmosphere Characterization (DSO 611)
  + Educational Activities (DSO 804)
  + OV-102 Acceleration Data Collection (DSO 314)
  + Evaluation of the Ergometer Vibration Isolation System (DTO 658)
  + The Effects of Prolonged Space Flight on Head and Gaze Stability During Locomotion (DSO 614)
  + Chromosomal Aberrations in Blood Lymphocytes of Astronauts (99-E010)
  + Assessment of Human Factors (DSO 904)
  + Dried Blood Method for In-flight Storage (DSO 325)
  + Orthostatic Function During Entry, Landing, and Egress (DSO 603)
  + Joint U.S./Russian Investigations: Metabolic Investigations (DSO 202)
  + Joint U.S./Russian Investigations, Biomagnistat: The Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Cells (DSO 203)
  + Visual Observations from Space (DSO 204)
  + Adaptation to Linear Acceleration After Space Flight (DSO 207)
  + Bioreactor Flow and Particle Trajectory in Microgravity (DSO 316)
  + Human Lymphocyte Locomotion in Microgravity (DSO 322)
  + Evaluation of Samples Obtained from the Urine Monitoring System (DSO 323)
  + In-flight Urine Collection Absorber Evaluation (IUCAs) (DSO 328)
  + In-flight Evaluation of the Urine Monitoring System (DSO 330)
  + Validation of Predictive Tests and Countermeasures for Space Motion Sickness (DSO 401)
  + Head and Eye Motion During Ascent and Entry (DSO 403)
  + Acceleration Detection Sensitivity (DSO 405)
  + Kinesthetic Ability (DSO 406)
  + Photographic Documentation of Body Fluid Shift (DSO 407)
  + Near Vision Acuity and Contrast Sensitivity (DSO 408)
  + Microbial Screening (DSO 409)
  + Audiometry (DSO 410)
  + Simple Mass Measurement (DSO 411)
  + Treadmill Operation (DSO 412)
  + Cell Attachment in Microgravity (DSO 413)
  + Tissue Pressure Tonometry (DSO 415)
  + Ambulatory Monitoring (DSO 416)
  + In-flight Countermeasures for SMS (DSO 417)
  + Eye-Hand Coordination (DSO 418)
  + Animal Enclosure Module In-flight Test (DSO 421)
  + Anatomical Observation (DSO 422)
  + Study of In-flight Fluid Changes (DSO 423)
  + Evoked Potentials (DSO 424)
  + Intraocular Pressure (DSO 425)
  + Soft Contact Lens Application Test (DSO 427)
  + Engineering Test of Carry-on Incubator and Cell Attachment in Microgravity (DSO 432)
  + Microbial Monitoring (DSO 437)
  + Documentation of the Action of Metoclopramide (DSO 439)
  + Crew Visual Performance (DSO 440)
  + Blood Pressure Monitoring During Reentry (DSO 441)
  + Protocol/Hardware Test of Spacelab-3 Autogenic Feedback Test (DSO 442)
  + Thoracic Impedance Measurements (DSO 445)
  + Leg Plethysmography (DSO 446)
  + Salivary Cortisol Levels During the Acute Phases of Space Flight (DSO 450)
  + Eye-Hand Coordination During Space Motion Sickness (DSO 451)
  + Combined Blood Investigations (DSO 453)
  + Clinical Characterization of Space Motion Sickness (SMS) (DSO 455)
  + Inflight Salivary Pharmacokinetics of Scopolamine and Dextroamphetamine (DSO 457)
  + In-flight Pharmacokinetics of Acetaminophen in Saliva (DSO 458)
  + Otolith Tilt-Translation Reinterpretation (DSO 459)
  + Leg Plethysmography (DSO 461)
  + Noninvasive Estimation of Central Venous Pressure During Space Flight (DSO 462)
  + In-flight Holter Monitoring (DSO 463)
  + In flight Assessment of Renal Stone Risk Factor (DSO 464)
  + Influence of Weightlessness on Baroreflex Function (DSO 467)
  + Preflight Adaptation Training (PAT) (DSO 468)
  + Inflight Radiation Dose Distribution (DSO 469)
  + The Relationship of Space Adaptation Syndrome to Middle Cerebral Artery Blood Velocity Measured in Flight by Doppler (DSO 470)
  + Characterization of Respirable Airborne Particulate Matter in Shuttle Atmosphere (DSO 471)
  + Intraocular Pressure (DSO 472)
  + In vivo Testing Confirms a Blunting of the Human Cell-Mediated Immune Mechanism During Space Flight (DSO 473)
  + Retinal Photography (DSO 474)
  + Muscle Biopsy (DSO 475)
  + Inflight Aerobic Exercise (DSO 476)
  + The Evaluation of Concentric and Eccentric Skeletal Muscle Contractions Following Space Flight (DSO 477)
  + In-Flight LBNP: Countermeasure to Reduce Post-Space Flight Orthostatic Intolerance (DSO 478)
  + Hyperosmotic Fluid Countermeasure (DSO 479)
  + Heavy Isotope Enrichment of Shuttle Galley Water (DSO 480)
  + Back Pain Pattern in Microgravity (DSO 483)
  + Physical Examination in Space (DSO 486)
  + Immunological Assessment of Crewmembers (DSO 487)
  + Measurement of Formaldehyde Using Passive Dosimetry (DSO 488)
  + EVA Dosimetry Evaluation (DSO 489)
  + Characterization of Microbial Transfer Among Crewmembers During Space Flight (DSO 491)
  + In-flight Evaluation of a Portable Clinical Blood Analyzer (DSO 492)
  + Influence of Microgravity and Extravehicular Activities on Pulmonary Oxygen Exchange (DSO 494)
  + Orthostatic Function During Entry, Landing and Egress (DSO 603B)
  + Postural Equilibrium Control During Landing/Egress (DSO 605)
  + Muscle Size and Lipids (DSO 606)
  + Cardiovascular Responses to Lower Body Negative Pressure Following Space Flight (DSO 607)
  + Effects of Space Flight on Aerobic and Anaerobic Metabolism During Exercise (DSO 608)
  + In-flight Assessment of Renal Stone Risk (DSO 610)
  + Changes in Endocrine Regulation of Orthostatic Tolerance Following Space Flight (DSO 613)
  + Evaluation of Functional Skeletal Muscle Performance Following Space Flight (DSO 617)
  + Effects of Intense Exercise During Space Flight on Aerobic Capacity and Orthostatic Function (DSO 618)
  + Physiological Evaluation of Astronaut Seat Egress Ability at Wheels Stop (DSO 620)
  + Gastrointestinal Function During Extended Duration Space Flight (DSO 622)
  + In-flight LBNP Test of Countermeasures and End-of-Mission Countermeasure Trial (DSO 623)
  + Pre- and Postflight Measurement of Cardiorespiratory Responses to Submaximal Exercise (DSO 624)
  + Measurement of Blood Volumes Before and After Space Flight (DSO 625)
  + Bone Mineral Loss and Recovery (DSO 627)
  + Magnetic Resonance Imaging (DSO 628)
  + Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Responses to Standing Before and After Space Flight (DSO 626)
  + Sleep-Wake Actigraphy and Light Exposure During Spaceflight (9802394)
  + Bioavailability and Performance Effects of Promethazine (PMZ) During Space Flight (DSO 490)
  + Sleep-Wake Actigraphy and Light Exposure During Spaceflight (DSO 634)
  + Mechanisms of Post-Spaceflight Orthostatic Intolerance (NSBRI 0001028)
  + Gastrointestinal Absorption and Pharmacokinetics in Astronauts (DSO 632)
  + Space Flight Induced Reactivation of Epstein-Barr Virus (98-E129)
  + Renal Stone Risk During Spaceflight: Assessment and Countermeasure Validation (DSO 633)
  + Inertial Vibration Isolation System (IVIS) (DTO 682)
  + Microgravity Measurement Device (MMD) (DTO 913)
  + Pre- and Postflight Echocardiography (DSO 465)
  + Collection of Shuttle Humidity Condensate for Analytical Evaluation (DSO 317)
  + Evaluation of Food Flavor Perception in Zero Gravity (DSO 419)
  + Evaluation of Taste Acuity in Zero G (DSO 420)
  + Denitrogenation Procedures Validation (DSO 426)
  + Preflight and Postflight Parallel Swing Tests (DSO 433)
  + Preflight and Postflight Parallel Swing Tests (DSO 449)
  + Inflight Monitoring as a Reflection of Cardiovascular Deconditioning (DSO 436)
  + Segmental Fluid Shift (DSO 443)
  + Causative Agents During Space Motion Sickness (SMS) (DSO 447)
  + Echographic Evaluation of Cardiovascular Deconditioning (DSO 448)
  + Clinical Characterization of Space Motion Sickness (SMS) (DSO 454)
  + Medical Tests and Measurements for the STS-51D Payload Specialist (DSO 456)
  + Eye Movements and Motion Perception Induced by Off-Vertical Axis Rotation (OVAR) at Small Angles of Tilt after Spaceflight (96-E007)
  + Space Flight and Immune Function (DSO 498)
  + Monitoring Latent Virus Reactivation and Shedding in Astronauts (DSO 493)
  + Spatial Reorientation of Sensorimotor Balance Control in Altered Gravity (DSO 635)
  + Inter Mars Tissue Equivalent Proportional Counter (DSO 485)
  + Microgravity Induced Changes in the Control of Muscles (99-E192)
  + Cardiovascular Deconditioning Countermeasure Assessment (DSO 402)
  + Ophthalmoscopy (DSO 414)
  + Changes in Total Body Water During Space Flight (DSO 460)
  + Pre- and Postflight Cardiac Assessment (DSO 466)
  + Evaluation of Cardiac Rhythm Disturbances During Extravehicular Activity (DSO 482)
  + Changes in Baroreceptor Reflex Function After Space Flight (DSO 601)
  + Blood Pressure Variability During Space Flight (DSO 602)
  + Energy and Metabolic Requirements for Extended Duration Space Flight (Energy Utilization) (DSO 612)
  + Joint U.S./Russian Investigations: Radiobiological Effects (DSO 200)
  + Joint U.S./Russian Investigations: Sensory-Motor Investigations (SMI) (DSO 201)
  + In-flight Use of Florinef to Improve Orthostatic Intolerance Postflight (DSO 621)
  + In-Flight Holter Monitoring (DSO 630)
  + Integrated Measurement of Cardiovascular Effects of Space Flight (DSO 631)
  + Radiation Measurements in Shuttle Crew Compartment (DTO 684)
  + Evaluation of Thermoregulation during Short-Duration Space Flight (DSO 629)
  + Assessment of Circadian Shifting in Astronauts by Bright Light (DSO 484)
  + Individual Susceptibility to Postflight Orthostatic Hypotension (DSO 496)
  + Midodrine as a Countermeasure Against Postflight Orthostatic Hypotension (DSO 503S)
  + Visual-Vestibular Integration (DSO 604)
  + Interaction of the Space Shuttle Launch and Entry Suit and Sustained Weightlessness on Egress Locomotion (DSO 331)
  + In-Flight Evaluation of the Telemedicine Instrumentation Pack (TMIP) (DSO 334)
  + Effects of Microgravity on Cell Mediated Immunity and Reactivation of Latent Viral Infections (DSO 497)
  + Effect of Space Flight on Bone, Muscle, and Immune Function (DSO 206)
  + Effects of Short Duration Space Flight on Type 1 and 2 Cytokine Balance and Endocrine Regulation (DSO 501)
  + Leg Volume Changes (DSO 452)